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All posts created by Azure_Zero

it should still be valid,
The big concern about this is it will hand a huge advantage to existing older settlements with big stockpiles of bulk and make it very hard for new settlements to get off the ground.

This suggested change will have two effects:
  • only big established groups with large stockpiles (dominion, BHA, AL, Keeprs etc) will be able to afford to take settlements above base level.
  • newer settlements will struggle to have any stockpiles to survive a siege at all

  • I understand the pressure from the bigger alliances to make this change as it lets them capitalise on their existing stockpiles and makes it easier to take out annoying smaller settlements but I am unsure it is good for the game at this point. Even the much more moderate change of removing influence from never-subbed free accounts will be risky neverlone killing off influence from every inactive account.

    I have to agree with Edam.
    It is too much of a great advantage to let the big groups keeping the profits of the unused accounts.
    To balance it and be fair to everyone you'd need to add to that script, the cleaning of ALL bulk resources in every Bank, Holding, and Character. That would make things fair for everyone.
    I have to agree, any updates on the missing outpost and holdings?
    Which one will be doing the Damage, the Engine, or the Camp?

    Cause if it is the camp and can see the cheese that will happen like we currently have with holdings and outposts.
    I think you might want your home's electrical system checked, and or getting surge protectors for your more expensive electronic hardware.
    I am in agreement with Tyncale on this.
    TOO many needed support features are missing to make this system balanced and fair.
    And given the game's current state, it'll be driving a bus over it.

    Now I can understand that adding this could help in getting investors to join by showing work being done, but for remaining fragments of the player base this could drive away a good chunk of the remaining player base, thus making the game appear as a black hole to investors.
    Yep, sounds like the Power Supply blew, as that sounds exactly like what happened to me more then 5 years ago, on my Pentium4 computer.
    Paddy, you can use the Coal Road to PM Cal there.
    Bringslite of Staalgard
    Even without funding yet but a written "nod" that they are still willing to try, would be nice to see. I tell you, make it so we can loot Holdings when captured and I will be in high gear again! We are still playing in The Dominion with more than a 6 man party on more than a few nights a week. There is still great interest despite all my

    I hate being that guy, but even with the writ, having heard ZERO news on whether PFO getting the defib or it's plug pulled, and is more worrying the longer it takes to get that news.
    And all parties involved need to address the elephant in the room, Will PFO get its funding or not.

    We as the paying gamers also now need to decide;
    Do we give Newcorp as much time as needed (currently happening and is most worrying),
    Give Newcorp a time limit (Like to New Years Eve on the decision of life or death, this will also light a fire under some folks to get stuff done or talk),
    or we all decide on a date where we pull the plug on the game because we've heard nothing and no longer have faith in Newcorp saving PFO (this will also put pressure to talk and get things done).
    I have to agree with Paddy.
    If things are fine tell us.
    If the ship is sinking tell us.

    Cause right now more and more folks who are active are unsubscribing some or all their active account(s)
    which in turn can cause both current and potential investors to back out or not back at all.
    And with the waiting and no news those left will slowly but surely start unsubscribing more of their account(s).
    This is the negative feedback loop that is a major worry for the future of this game.