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I think you might want your home's electrical system checked, and or getting surge protectors for your more expensive electronic hardware.
I am in agreement with Tyncale on this.
TOO many needed support features are missing to make this system balanced and fair.
And given the game's current state, it'll be driving a bus over it.

Now I can understand that adding this could help in getting investors to join by showing work being done, but for remaining fragments of the player base this could drive away a good chunk of the remaining player base, thus making the game appear as a black hole to investors.
Yep, sounds like the Power Supply blew, as that sounds exactly like what happened to me more then 5 years ago, on my Pentium4 computer.
Paddy, you can use the Coal Road to PM Cal there.
Bringslite of Staalgard
Even without funding yet but a written "nod" that they are still willing to try, would be nice to see. I tell you, make it so we can loot Holdings when captured and I will be in high gear again! We are still playing in The Dominion with more than a 6 man party on more than a few nights a week. There is still great interest despite all my

I hate being that guy, but even with the writ, having heard ZERO news on whether PFO getting the defib or it's plug pulled, and is more worrying the longer it takes to get that news.
And all parties involved need to address the elephant in the room, Will PFO get its funding or not.

We as the paying gamers also now need to decide;
Do we give Newcorp as much time as needed (currently happening and is most worrying),
Give Newcorp a time limit (Like to New Years Eve on the decision of life or death, this will also light a fire under some folks to get stuff done or talk),
or we all decide on a date where we pull the plug on the game because we've heard nothing and no longer have faith in Newcorp saving PFO (this will also put pressure to talk and get things done).
I have to agree with Paddy.
If things are fine tell us.
If the ship is sinking tell us.

Cause right now more and more folks who are active are unsubscribing some or all their active account(s)
which in turn can cause both current and potential investors to back out or not back at all.
And with the waiting and no news those left will slowly but surely start unsubscribing more of their account(s).
This is the negative feedback loop that is a major worry for the future of this game.
Thanks for the update, Lisa. It does not look good in my eyes though: looks like we are back in the "hawking the game" stage which seems a step back from where we were a few months ago. smile

I still think that PFO has much more chance of becoming a true game then several other indy projects on the (near) horizon so I hope someone takes the plunge and puts money into it.

Come on, investors, here's your chance to get yourself invested(or at least connected) in the Pathfinder IP, that's not something that comes along every day!

Yeah, I feel as if this feedback loop is in play;
1) players wait for investors or news of investors
2) players get good news on potential investor(s), but need to wait so more
3) some players can't stand waiting anymore and leave
4) news of players leaving causes a investor(s) to abandon, or hesitate about going further
5) back to step 1
Now I can agree that making training and support the same is a bit too much, and think the support level should be 2 levels higher then training, this would give some leeway on settlement members should the need to lower the settlement level come.

Under the current system you could feasibly reintroduce support but make it so level 20 is available quite low (say a level 14 or 16 settlement) meaning higher levels are for crafting bonuses as now.

I'll point out that a level 18 settlement has a PVP window of 2 hours 15 Minutes compared to the level 20 settlement window of 3 hours, two levels nearly knock out a nearly a third of the PVP window, so yeah it must be tighter then giving level 20 support at settlement level 16 heck, even 18 is pushing it.

It could be either; a simple and tight delta equation of Support = level + 2 or a complex one that really bites into settlement lowering at higher levels with a look up table like below
- (No Delta)
- (Delta of 1)
- (Delta of 2)
Now this Table is what is should be, since the support delta scales more with the PVP window delta
Going back to part of the OP mentioning Universal Support

I do Think that Universal Support needs some tweaking, as the HRC-BHA fight showed a flaw in the current system that is a major combat exploit. In that a settlement can shrink their PVP window to an hour with no ill effects to that settlement's citizens and it's combat effectiveness. Deciding to lower your settlement level to shrink your PVP window in a major fight should be a hard choice; shorter defence window with weakened skills and gear or longer window with better skills and gear support.

Now I can agree that making training and support the same is a bit too much, and think the support level should be 2 levels higher then training, this would give some leeway on settlement members should the need to lower the settlement level come.

But this lowering of support should also effect the refiners and crafters in that they loose access to recipes they can not support, so that the refiners/crafters just don't move to refine/craft in another settlement with better crafting time. This recipe loss should also pause or cancel any item currently in a refiner/crafter's queue where the recipe is no longer supported.
So if a settlement was in a giant T3 item making frenzy, the choice to lower the settlement level would be much harder since all the T3 items in the queue would be paused or canceled, and means two weeks of fighting using settlement level 10 is two weeks without T3 support or crafting of T3 by all settlement members, unless they hopped to another settlement.

I also think that if any company of a settlement is in a feud that ALL the settlement's companies are LOCKED to the settlement, so company's can't hop around to avoid support lose if the settlement decides to lower it's level.
Lisa Stevens
Patience is a virtue.

That is true since Patience is more then one virtue aspect; endure, and forgive to name two of them.