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Yeah which French are you talking about, as there are two of them; France French and Quebec French,
and they tend to argue as to which is the true French language at times even though they had the same what 17th Century French root as both likely have evolved since their divergence.
I am hoping to be able to manage the billing/activation day of my accounts/characters within the next few updates…

I've got a feature request in our database to look into this. Might not be too hard to add something, but things do get a little more complicated with the per-character switch. We'd might still need a failsafe that would purchase more months if we noticed you were out of credits 5 days before a character was going to be deactivated, just in case someone activated more characters after their preferred billing date and the system hadn't purchased enough to cover that. And of course, there'd always be the chance that our billing script didn't run on your preferred date and instead ran a day or two later, but we'd get you as close to that day as we could.

It could set so if they miss the activation date by 5 days it'll just bill them then and there that day and add half of the missed days in EXP.
If they are over the 5 days then they have to wait until activation day.

I'll be keeping my character's set as they are until I have the ability to control activation day for all characters on a account.
I am hoping to be able to manage the billing/activation day of my accounts/characters within the next few updates…
Currently awaiting the new patch…
and Goblinworks account management webpage…
I'd like to see Kurgress as one of the starting deities as two of his domains are already in the game; Strength and Travel.
Looks good sans the Chill Touch buff

Did find a minor typo in the Spellcrafter Structure section
Settlements can no place Spellcrafter Structures, …
guessing you mean
Settlements can now place Spellcrafter Structures, …
A question to ask them is did they switch the training to a new character, or was it left alone.
Could you fix the Test server so that subbed accounts act as subbed accounts on the Test Server?
Then Why not do it half way, change the current original 50% and the proposed 100% to 75% and this way the scale can be seen on which way it should be tipped.
If just Right Leave as is.
If found to be OP then lower it to 62.5% or back to 50%
If too weak then raise it to 87.5%

This Compromise will have both groups on the tank mage happy and Bob can then see where the Combo is in OPness, and this also fixes the issue that tends to happen with the balance fixes in that things get swung to extremes.

But other balance issue still need addressing; Heavy Weapons, Longbows, tokens, consumables.
A big ones that needs fixing is the Feuding/raiding/Capture system and closing loops holes that get used when feuds are on.

And one thing I would like is being able to track influence down to the nearest 10th of a whole number so I can see my progress in getting influence better.
You are a Troll

Wow, that's some great forum warrioring Ms Waffle, especially for someone who got here only 3 posts ago.

Cheese Wiz DC Mage Tanks are a favorite of the IC, of which you are likely now one of, given your forceful, albeit misinformed, defense of them. I have seen them work their sickly artificial yellow spreadableness in the mixed group GoL escalations to great effect (before the nerf) where they could easily stand toe-to-toe with Ogre Legends even if Matrons were flinging fire at them due to their MUCH better resistances in Cloth Armor - something *traditional* tanks can only dream about, which is why you never see any of them at all in high level escalations where the threat of high non-physical damage exists. Post nerf they could still be used, but it was riskier and required more skill. How about we give Heavy Melee fighters a spammable attack that bestows upon them all of the resistances of Cloth Armor on every hit? Then they could march to war with the Cheesey Goodness of the DC Wiz and the yummily nourishing Wonder-bread and Bologna rogue feature star slingers. What fun!

That Cheese Tank Mage combo was very powerful, And I was a witness to it in many high end escalations, the Cheese Tank Mage was next to invincible never needing to retreat.

If that Combo Comes back, then I want Heavy blades and LongBows attacks to do 3-5x their current damage with half their cooldown time, Minor cure and the Channel Utilities to have 1 sec cool downs and requiring set cleric levels for each level, and rogue sneak attack reactives give double their current amount, so every class has something broken and unbalanced about them, but every class is now balanced in how broken they can be.