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All posts created by Azure_Zero

aussiedwarf, I'll chat with you on mumble when I can.
Looking for an Engineer to make a Rogue/Thieves Guild House.

I have the refined materials made. just need an engineer to make the Rogue/Thieves Guild House,
unless someone wants to trade the recipe to the HRC?
I only Account for two in Talonguard….
Also Interested com11235 AT
Duffy Swiftshadow
Unfortunately that list is fairly out of date at this point, even for some of the settlements that are still around.

I have to Whole heartly agree, that list is REALLY out of date….
If your doing a L4G to do stuff with post it in general chat in game and people should reply.
Though a number of us are in the American time zone, followed by European time zone, and then the Australian time zone.
Keepside Chat File
For the most part, Sweet.
Let's try to get back on topic of Keepside chat,

we can put the newcomer experience and how to improve it into another thread.

I realize that many man-hours have gone into actually creating the (immense)landscape, the roads, placing the bridges, trees and camps, and painting the ground, but a new player simply sees an unfinished, generic world in a barely alpha-state.

I think this is still one of the main reasons why people discard it.

I can agree that this did take a lot of man-hours and it looks sub-par in parts, but the current graphics are more of a place-holder until the final version. And while I can agree that graphics can be the hook or repellent of a game, just remember awesome graphics alone can not make up for horrible game play (there are certain AAA titles that are examples of this).