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All posts created by Azure_Zero

Wait until the REAL settlement upkeep is in, we'll be running out of bulk quickly.
Yeah, I was online when that happened.
That feud was started over a taken/feuded hex that EoX had, that Fianna took (the Hex was needed for settlement capture), and then EoX went on a 4 day feud with Fianna taking hexes.

You do get a minor warning (a bit, a graphic icon (red crossed swords) that is not explained in tutorials) that the area could be hot for feud PVP.
It tends to be best to avoid a feuded area, if your not involved in the feud. As there can be crossfire, and other reasons that cause death of the un-involved character(s).

Each Powerblock and Settlement has different views on PVP, and differing reasons that could start a feud/attack with another.
Now feuds and PVP are not the only methods of conflict in this game, there are other ways of doing damage to another group without needing to feud them.
I'm kinda with Bringslite in wondering when we'll get the black/white list controls for the settlement
(this list could also apply to the Inns/Holdings/small holdings the settlement/company controls.)
Duffy is right in that we currently have a lot of band-aid fixes for things due to incomplete or missing systems, and more then just settlement capture rules, like real settlement upkeep, settlement building upgrades, settlement black/white lists, Current escalations not infecting hexes, etc.

Though I think we should be following the INTENT of these band-aids, like settlement capture, so old players/group are not profiting from a loop-hole in the band-aid, due to missing or incomplete systems, and also allow new players a chance at some of these systems, if they are limited in quantity like settlements.

We could even have a band-aid siege rules put in, but at this time it would be bad given the current population.
Who'll be Host since Hoffman's not been around for a good while?
I'll make a recording as usual as well.
NPC towns like Marchmont, Rathglen, Ossian's Crossing, Kindle Burn, and or Rotter's Hole will not always be around, as they have been planned for demolition since they are no longer really used and were placeholders for Thornkeep until they could get it up without problems and start spawning all the new players there.
One advantage not mentioned yet is you get MUCH tougher guards at higher plus.

That one is a well known part that is already in.

A thing you missed with these new changes is that Higher + crafting (and somewhat class type) holdings is that they become higher value targets in a feud/war.
For example a +5 crafting holding exceeds a settlement's crafting quality hence more likely to give crits and better crits, if you wanted to hinder them breaking gates and do some economic damage you could feud and take that holding reducing it by 1 (so +4, still good), if they take it back it it degrades again (so +3, it's OK, but it lost a lot of value), so if the feuded group wants that superior crafting ability back they have to spend the resources on making it again.
… but I don't think that a max level holding should ever be better than a max level settlement structure. Cheaper, sure.

that is to compensate for the needed transport of the raw mats to and the refined mats from the holding since they are not attached to the settlement bank and thus could be intercepted by bandits or those whom your in a feud with.
I've run the map and seen a number of holdings and a 99% of them are at +0 operation, with generally an inn holding next to a monster hex for power recovery.

The Inn holding is freaking great next to a monster/home hex since you don't need to travel far to recharge.
But All the inns I've seen are +0, most likely due to the fact the power recharge rate is unchanged, and should have a +4 added on for each + on active on the holding. (gives a reason to put up a higher operation cost)

While the Class type holdings (Shrine, Watchtower, Barracks etc) are near useless since most groups have their training in settlement, and not using a holding to swap out for another class building. But when the new settlement upkeep costs come in, folks might be going with higher + Class type holdings since their upkeep is cheaper and can help give feats that are needed, but since it caps at level 15, it might be a pain (if the equation was +0 starts at 9, and went non-linear it would push the holdings a bit more)
i.e 9(+0), 10,(+1), 11(+2), 13(+3), 15(+4), 20(+5).

Now Crafting type holdings (Farm, Mine, Quarry, etc) are the most useless of them all. For one major reason, They are not connected to a bank in the settlement and materials must be carried there. Add in that +0 Crafting holdings have NO crafting queue, and the quality rating is poor from +1 to +5. To make it worth people's while to put up and use crafting type holdings, the Queue MUST be available at even +0, and the crafting quality should be 100 at +0 (effectively settlement level 12). And the Crafting quality equation for holdings should be (100+(X*(+Val))^2) where X = 2.8,
or (100(+0), 107.84(+1), 131.36(+2), 170.56(+3), 225.44 (+4), 296(+5)).
This would make them useful and with a way of making the higher + values worth it.
But this still might not be enough to counter the settlement bank access, in that case I'd change X to 3.0
or (100.0(+0), 109.0(+1), 136.0(+2), 181.0(+3), 244.0(+4), 325(+5)).
With a Crafting Holding operating at +5 (with an X = 3.0) it would beat a settlement running at level 20 for refining and thus become more valuable and looked at to be used by settlements looking to get crits.

These changes would also in turn cause outposts attached to the holding to be better then +0, +1, + 2 or +3 forcing a need for +4 and +5 outposts, since a +5 Holding eats a lot of bulk goods (3 resources of 30 each day).
This set of minor changes would push the need to use both higher level holding and outposts.

So What do people think of these changes to holdings that I'm proposing.