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All posts created by Azure_Zero

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Not a mac user, though I've used a unix OS.
Odds are there is a config file somewhere in either your user account, or a system folder.
Placement of inns isn't a problem, it's an emergent effect working nearly as intended. If there is a problem it's that none of the other holdings do anything (and possibly that inns don't have a way to profit from outside use or limit who can use it).

I have to agree with Decius on this to a good degree.
The Inn holding is freaking great next to a monster/home hex since you don't need to travel far to recharge.
But All the inns I've seen are +0, most likely due to the fact the power recharge rate is unchanged, and should have a +2 added on for each + on active on the holding.

While the Class type holdings are near useless since most groups have their training in settlement, and not using a holding to swap out for another building. But when the new settlement upkeep costs come in, folks might be going with higher + Class type holdings since their upkeep is cheaper and can help give feats that are needed, but since it caps at level 15, it might be a pain (if the equation was +0 starts at 10, and every + was two levels then folks would use them more)
i.e 10(+0), 12,(+1), 14(+2), 16(+3), 18(+4), 20(+5)

Now Crafting type holdings are the most useless of them all for one major reason; They are not connected to a bank in the settlement. Add in that +0 Crafting holdings have NO crafting queue, and the quality rating is poor from +1 to +5. To make if worth people's while to put up and use crafting type holdings, the Queue MUST be available at even +0, and the crafting quality should be 100 at +0 (effectively settlement level 12). The Crafting quality equation for holdings should be (100+(2.8*(+Val))^2),
or (100(+0), 107.84(+1), 131.36(+3), 170.56(+3), 225.44 (+4), 296(+5)).
This would make them useful and with a way of making the higher + values worth it.
Function, programming and systems are incomplete, currently it's just a place holder.
I think equipment durability is fine as is, it just the good drops that always seem to disappear on the first death since you got it and are holding it.
One thing that should be done is removal of the annoying and useless T1 tokens from all T2 Escalations (and it's mobs even if an entity is white).
Since T1 Tokens are useless once we hit T2 or T3, and have no way of reducing the giant stock piles we do have (without throwing them out). I'd be fine with either removal of T1 tokens from all T2 and higher mobs or allow a crafter to convert them to Better tokens.

The other thing that should be done is a slight modification to the on death item destruction, since the RNG seems to happily target the best stuff (leaving the junk behind). (For all intents let's assume a d100, and a roll of 25 and under destroys items)
If an item is T1 it gets it's normal roll, (25% chance of loss)
if the item is T2 it gets a minor resistance to destruction (say +5 on the roll), (20% chance chance of loss)
if the item is T3 it gets a major resistance to destruction (say +10 on the roll) (15% chance chance of loss).

This would go well with that fact that T2 is better and should be more durable than T1, as well as T3 being better then T2.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Also, the means of getting influence sucks on a basic level, and that's the number one problem. Ya gotta crank out really boring grinds with really generic mobs that look and feel dull and hollow, the achievement metrics feel arbitrary, and ya gotta do it a crap ton of times before it even matters. There are some sprinkles of gathering and crafting achievements but clearly the way to do it is kill more boring mobs in boring escalations. I find it dreadful enough that the best way to get currency and high level loot is a soul deadening farming process of trying to make a special mob grow in an escalation like a farmer grows crops. Having to go into most other escalations where I have found only a few of them enjoyable at all with a lot less of a reward feels worse.

Agreed, they need more interesting ways of giving influence, but given the current dev team it would not be possible to add in mini-games.

But I think the influence gain rate is more for stopping non-stop feuding, i.e. Forever war.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
If this was the idea then first off make it so companies can exist and progress to T3 somehow without having to be part of a settlement. Give some kind of alt progression with some different pros and cons. Cause dude if companies are supposed to be guilds then I ain't seeing it. All my play experience here says companies don't mean nothing since the settlement is what matters. The settlement is all, the settlement is the only thing that matters.


The settlement requirement decision was made as one of the countermeasures for griefers and as a side effect hurts the bandit play style.

Looks at what happened to Zycor's griefing in Thornkeep (and other areas) after he was kicked out of each settlement he was in, he had a much harder time griefing since his power was capped with no way to use the better T2 gear and stuck with T1 gear. He became content to be hunted by his own hand, and weakened by his own hand as well.
Throw in an extra 1 GB ram, make the windows changes Bob talks about and then throw in a cheap discrete card and the game will be playable though not brilliant.

Throw in an extra 1Gb ram, upgrade to Win10 64 bit (tricky to do as it needs a wipe and reinstall but it is free) and throw in mid range discrete card and the game will play quite well.

I would not Recommend touching Win 10 (even if it is free), since it has broken a number of applications and games. That and Win 10 has many other reasons to not be touched, even with a 1000ft pole.

It is the only way I am aware of to upgrade from a 32 bit OS to a 64 bit OS without buying a new OS.

Ever hear of Linux, It's free and there are 64-bit versions, so Win 10 is not the only free 64-bit OS out there.

PFO did work on Linux for a good while until the method of patching changed.