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All posts created by Azure_Zero

For now I think a simple solution for crafting to deem a town a crafting town it must support over 75% of the sum total refining and crafting facilties.
Auction House

Lab (Alchemist, Engineer)
Cooperative (Bowyer, Leatherworker)
Spellwright (Artificer, Iconographer)
Workhouse (Freeholder)
Workshop (Expert)
Boutique (Jeweler, Tailor)

Small (10)
Apothecary (Apothecary)
Geologist (Gemcutter)
Sawmill (Sawyer)
Smeltmill (Smelter)
Tannery (Tanner)
Loom (Weaver)
Arcanist's Workshop (Sage)
Weaponmaster (Weaponsmith)
Armorer (Armorsmith)

All Gathering, Refining, and Crafting along with Expert, Freeholder and Cleric support.
Read EE 11.0 release notes, crafting time is now tied to settlement level.
Can't find the various threads, but the following maps are out of date; I hope that EE11 and any post-thanksgiving "we got investors" news can encourage their creators to update them again. smile

Unofficial Pathfinder Online Atlas

PFO Political Map

Elevation Map

Aussies Map is up to date and EE11 ready
Your Welcome
Keepside Chat Audio File
I'll likely be able to attend and record it,
and if Hoff's not around, I don't mind hosting again.
Welcome back Thod, and I can understand the disappearance quite a lot.
Glad you enjoy Talonguard's Auction House, Schedim.

I can imagine T3 being kept in house in each; powerblock, settlement and or company thus not being remotely on sale in an Auction house.

If your looking for something (T1 or T2) ask on the CoalRoad or in the mumble.
And that is a question they will answer in detail when the time comes, right now we have to live with the good vague answer.
I've also noticed activity sliding down a bit more….. Problem is that, that is a re-enforcing negative feedback loop given the map size and low population.

Heck we should ALL be on ONE Voice comm system, for now, so we CAN interact with WHO IS ONLINE in a more effective communication method.