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All posts created by Azure_Zero

Will there be a Keepside chat this Wednesday?

or should I Host it again this week, if we have a Dev who'd like to answer questions?
That would be in the Thornkeep area, the NE of the Map
Where would you be in PFO?
so you can get a party or something going.

While we are on the subject, let's talk about silver and especially Meteoric Iron Ore. Man do we need some use for both of those. At least some MORE uses. Meteoric Iron is worth less than regular.

You don't know how true that is, silver can at least also be made into silver bars for; iconographer, jeweler, and artificer.
Meteoric Iron, just gets made into ingots as NO ONE will be making Blended Iron blanks, since there is no need for ammo.
You could even say Cold iron, Silvered iron, Silvered steel and Blended iron blanks are WORTHLESS recipes, since NO ONE is making ammo. But that would be a different story if we could use those blanks in stuff like scale mail armour recipes (of same tier), or even get a wire version for them to make varients.
As things stand now, Lodestone is the T2 mineral for smelters with Gold following in close second place, but Meteoric iron is a mineral that gets avoided since it only has ONE darn use and for one darn craft.
Schedim, Talonguard does have an AH and is in an interesting area for resources, since we are in highlands that are near plains and forest, so getting varied essences and mats is easy.
I can agree with Quijenoth in that there should be pockets of other resources in a region as it'll help in crafting.
And I can also agree that if everything was given on a silver plater things would get dull fast.

This game needs a spice to liven it up.

….. but the downside is that inevitably all the best stuff will mysteriously spawn near Brighthaven and my settlement will get the t3 equivalent of COPPER. smile

I hope not, if it does, then I'll start questioning decisions about placement of things.
Your Welcome Bob

Keepside Chat
If Hoffman's not around due to RL, I could try hosting for Tonight.

We'll need questions for the masses
(Let's try to keep Settlement building questions to a minimum since they were asked about for the past 3 firesides)
Things have slowed down in each powerblock so don't be expecting constant 24/7 activity in each town.
Talonguard currently is the most active in the HRC as folks are busy refining and crafting items from it's many facilities.