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All posts created by Azure_Zero

I can agree with Quijenoth in that there should be pockets of other resources in a region as it'll help in crafting.
And I can also agree that if everything was given on a silver plater things would get dull fast.

This game needs a spice to liven it up.

….. but the downside is that inevitably all the best stuff will mysteriously spawn near Brighthaven and my settlement will get the t3 equivalent of COPPER. smile

I hope not, if it does, then I'll start questioning decisions about placement of things.
Your Welcome Bob

Keepside Chat
If Hoffman's not around due to RL, I could try hosting for Tonight.

We'll need questions for the masses
(Let's try to keep Settlement building questions to a minimum since they were asked about for the past 3 firesides)
Things have slowed down in each powerblock so don't be expecting constant 24/7 activity in each town.
Talonguard currently is the most active in the HRC as folks are busy refining and crafting items from it's many facilities.
The HRC is active as are the FH, AL, and fractured EBA.
Nope, it is even for none-masterwork items
you need an item in the slot the utility is tied to.
Will there be a Fireside Chat this week, and if so Who?
Any ideas why Golarion Mumble is telling me "Wrong certificate or password"? I never had a password before…

I think it was due to the Mumble server having your IP address registered, and the change of address caused a mismatch and denied entry.