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All posts created by Azure_Zero

If you can get your hands on a silvered Iron ingot +2 recipe or some iron/copper
Currently looking for silver bar +1 recipe

I have one in Talonguard
We were all within say 40ft of each other.
Fortitude Bonus 5 requires 11 Str or Con, and is prerequisite for Fighter 9. Is it intended that bowfighters be forced to crosstrain a melee attribute in order to level?

Cross train melee, Not true.
You could pick up Toughness (Con), Great Fortitude (Con), Miner (Con), which would help your archer.
If you read a bit more into it, the Divine weapon attack feats run off a weapon prof and it's attack bonus.
So Short Swords/Rapiers use Light attack bonus
Bows use ranged attack bonus
and Longswords/Greatswords/Polearms/Clubs us the Heavy attack bonus.

They never use the Divine attack bonus, but give a divine rank boost for there use.
Your settlement might not be supporting your HP feats anymore as the settlements dropped in level
Wait, Kurgress is not Listed.

Where is Kurgress on that list?
you have to run the patcher to update the game
I'd PM you, If I knew the URL code to get to your profile.
I'm with Doc,

The Big two need a halt to recruitment, or apply some freaking breaks.
The Small settlements work hard to get just one person to join, and the Big one comes eat up one or two of their members.

As their are feedback loops in effect and in play Avari (along with any other from the Big two), that you are not accounting for.

A small settlement loses players because of the settlement appearing not as active at they'd like, and weak.
The Big settlements gain players because they are constantly active and are strong.

A New Equation should be put in place where bigger settlements have a bigger upkeep, with the Upkeep being exponential.