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I for one support allowing those that spent the Time, Effort, and Resources to capture a settlement the right to choose what that settlement is as those that did so, did it based on what was written.
It was that we COULD change the settlement type after capture, just as if you were an original settlement owner. If you Deny it to those that did a settlement capture then to be equal to EVERY settlement, EVERY settlement should revert to the settlement type it was during EE 1.0, or even better they are randomised.

If folks look at the Map see the distribution of classes in a geographical region both within and outside of Powerblocks?
There are large voids of class(es) in some areas, add in that Cleric training will get a restriction later and then it gets even worse for clerics in certain areas.
And when Alliances get online and can block off training to those outside their alliance, the options for training in an area get really small, to the point you may even need to go about a quarter of the map for training, that is NOT fun.
Also the building kit drop rates and RNG have been the biggest suck for those trying to customise their settlement, as you can guess the odds for folks who do get the rare settlement drop and it is either; a duplicate they have or one they don't need or want (and some of these are un-trade-able since NO ONE wants them).

Now should we be able to Cheery pick the building, NO. The settlement will have most of what it wants, and can learn to be resourceful with what is given or trade for what is needed to perfect the settlement to it's owner's will.

Rant Mode OFF
This would be a major boon for the game

Also, the fact that you disliked that nerf just tells me we both do not like it if our DPS gets lowered substantially. And since Azure Zero also seems to think dps suffered, could we roll back this update?

Not quite, Tyncale.
I said the system was good, just that the dps numbers need a LITTLE increasing, not going back to what it was.
Since we have 7 settlement layouts and do enjoy a number of them, though I then ask what are the contour lines of each one to get an idea of the 3D terrain.

I've been using the combo's a lot and they do spice up the combat from the "I'll just spam this, since I want easy mode."
As Ryan said "Hard is Fun." Though I can agree that the damage values are a bit too low with combo's (bonus damage should be increased about 10%-20% when executing a combo).

@Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
If you want Ranged Rooting removed, You need to give something else up, as this world has the Merchant's Law of "Give AND Take."
So if you Want Rooting removed you'd need to sacrifice something like; DPS, Range, and or Quick Cool downs (making each attack have say a 15 sec cool down). And this sacrifice would only be removed when Ammo gets in as that is WHY rooting is present in the first place.

And the "Kiting is Fun" is also "I want easy mode" since the A.I. is No where near advanced enough yet to counter Kiting tactics.
Fireside Chat Audio File
So a question regarding the current EE 8 mechanics.

If you have a holding type "X" and some upgraded outposts and you want to change the holding to type "Y" but keep the same outposts what is the procedure ?

Upgrading Holding/Outpost from 0/X to 1/X you go to tool box and upgrade
Upgrading Holding/Outpost from 0/0 to N/N you need kit of N in inventory, click tool box and upgrade

Changing Holding X to Holding Y requires teardown of all outposts and holding.
Keepside Recording 1
Keepside Recording 2
Duffy Swiftshadow
I'll be working late tonight (have to patch a customer off hours), can I get a volunteer to make a recording and stick it somewhere that I can get at it? Thanks!

I'll see if I can get to the chat early and start the recording.
… Also…Quarry at +0 used to eat 2 Ore per day, now it is eating Trade Goods. Why was that change made? It doesn't make any sense.

Nope, Quarrys ate trade goods when they were first out.
I'll ask that we return to the topic, WITHOUT any; EBA, EoX, and or settlement baiting or flaming.

umm which thread did you think you were in?

The topic is:

Whither Forever War?

It's my thread and discussion of history and justifications is apropos in determining what the future may hold for the war.

WE can do that without the trash talk and slandering.

In the words of the great comedian Jon Stewart:

"Have you met us"? smile

Do you want an investor interested in helping the game get it's final push, with a constructive and civil community or turned off by it's toxicity?