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All posts created by Azure_Zero

The HRC is keeping multiple escalations in check and building its holding and outposts.
That and we are smaller than, EBA, or Xeilias.
Because I am working on making a Guide for the Win-XP users (both a written and video guide).
One that gives instruction on how to make the system dual boot to Win-XP or 64-bit Zorin Linux
(which has a guide on installing and running PFO, made by me).

Which is less recruit and more a support guide, but is a boon for Win-XP users in that they get all the RAM and can run, say, Mumble at the same time.
Would writing/making guides count?
I can agree with Guurzak on this,
but at the same time I do agree we need new players.
Dungeoneering is correct.

Do I get a prize… smile
I think the Duergar will go under Dungeoneering,
since Dungeoneering has no monsters tied to it and it fits
You can not log in during Server maintenance.

From 12:00 to 13:00 EST the server is down for maintenance.
Nope, it's Elementals
Is there technical difficulty?
as it is 2:43 Pacific now and no twitch feed.

Edit: sorry it was my flash blocker stopping the feed.
Level 7 crafting/refining is crap,
Level 8 and or 9 starts to give the good stuff.