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All posts created by Azure_Zero

I'll ask that we return to the topic, WITHOUT any; EBA, EoX, and or settlement baiting or flaming.

umm which thread did you think you were in?

The topic is:

Whither Forever War?

It's my thread and discussion of history and justifications is apropos in determining what the future may hold for the war.

WE can do that without the trash talk and slandering.
I'll ask that we return to the topic, WITHOUT any; EBA, EoX, and or settlement baiting or flaming.

(I frankly would like to see a return to the design goals that a large company attacking a small company costs more, but this might be too hard at this stage.)

For that to work, you'll need company locking to stop the company hopping.
So in effect when feuded; No One Leaves and No One Enters.
Respec tokens and accelerated exp tokens would be a cash cow imo.

to few programmers at the moment for this, and it goes against the commandment of "NO RESPECS."
Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
The store needs some cheap, much sought after or lower prices on existing items to spark some new revenue. Preferrably things that don;t require additional coding to do.

1. Character Name Change

2. Second or third character training at lower cost than whole new subscription.

3. Small Holding / Base Camps 1/2 price

4. Subscription packages: 1 month = 12.00 per month; 3 months = 10.00 per month; 6 month = 8.00 per month. I doubt anyone following today's news will be looking at the 1 year package anyway.

I'd add to the store

Race Change.
Appearance Change.
I'm also staying in.
Lisa is doing a Keep side today, and answers will be found.
Super sweet….
Though, I wonder If I'll make it on time….
It's sad to see you, selling your accounts Nightdrifter.
This is starting to look bad……
Hope it does not last to long.