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All posts created by Azure_Zero

True, they guaranteed our XP.

But, I doubt they'd want to reboot as it'd wreck the economy that took a long time to build up along with other aspects that took time to get going.
And I can just see the resource stripping that'll happen from it.

A reboot will help give certain settlements a major advantage, over others in that things get wiped clean.
The EBA for example will have NO giant stock piles of Bulk goods when EoX starts being able to feud them again.
Small settlements with few active members will not be able to field as many holdings to keep their settlement going as it did before.
I have to agree With Quijenoth, in that point 4 has the potential of a double snowball effect
(strengthening one and weakening the other to the point of no chance of a comeback).

I'm pretty sure that's what Nihimon wants, considering all his usages of the "neutering" of Golgotha. …..


But I don't think Nihimon realises that it would be a Double edged sword, and has not considered that the sword point might just land on EBA settlements instead of EoX settlements.

Quijenoth Starkiller
4. Fix Settlement Support: Require a Settlement to have at least 6 Holdings in order to support Tier 2 Attacks, and at least 18 to support Tier 3 Attacks.
I can see the tears now (or should that be Tiers? smile ) how bad would it be if Phaeros lost their 6th holding only to be forced to defend the rest in T1 gear because they couldn't wear anything else!

I have to agree With Quijenoth, in that point 4 has the potential of a double snowball effect
(strengthening one and weakening the other to the point of no chance of a comeback).

Furthermore the point also seems to run counter to the infrastructure system for settlements, where infrastructure was to make up for the lower number of holdings at the cost of more resources at upkeep.

The Point also really tilts companies and settlements into going with more lower end (+0,+1) holdings and outposts to cover an area in more claimed hexes, making it so smaller companies will not have any hexes to claim or allow in making their own settlement.

Now If Point 4 were to the used, I'd highly recommend the equation (SUM(Holding +Values) + N*Holdings) and not Nihimon's equation of (N*Holdings), so even Higher end Holdings and outposts have value and offer an advantage (increase the chance you know where enemy will strike and Hex has better defenses)


Now For point 1, I have to agree with it

But I'd change it.
Anyone can join and be promoted to any rank in a company at any time.
But those of the rank of Officer and Leader will have these constant restrictions;
*Can not be Kicked,
*Can not just Leave,
*Have to wait a Whole day to be demoted ONE step (Leaders need 2 days to leave, Officers 1 day)


Now during a FEUD there CAN NOT be any demotions (of any rank)

The reason for the restrictions and Delays of Leaders and Officers demoting is because they are in a position of Authority and should not be allowed to leave so quickly under any reason.
No Tink,
The Tink meeting said "Stab Tink"

So who is the guest for WEN 8/19 and why no thread with his/her name? smile

Agreed, who is our mystery guest?
I believe your good, Tyncale.
As you only one step away from the deity.
the patch is 54.1MB.
decompresses to over 223MB
The idea sounds great Doc, but it's bad for settlements next to the Crusader road where they can not put in holdings or outposts, thus they are more vunerable to attack compared to those farther from the road.
And it not just one or two settlements, near the road either, it about is 15 settlements.
Quijenoth Starkiller

One of the interesting questions that came up was the dreaded Linux request and people where very happy to hear the answer was yes!


True, you can run it on linux and happy they got it working again on linux.
But without a no real guide or UI to get started or patch the game, since the patcher only release with no real instructions on how to execute it.
For your wish list a number are on the way, but some will not be coming in.

There will be no changing the landscape or roads as that is a computer generated mesh that gets hand refined by Mike, and takes a LONG time to get compiled.
You can add models to the world easily, but not edit them (i.e. the model's mesh).

Now I don't think they will give you or anyone the power to flag anyone so they are kill on site, characters will get flagged for; attacking, being in a feud (only between feuding parties), and or being high enough in a faction.