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All posts created by Azure_Zero

Could you make a step by step process of it, so I can add that to the Opening Post for new or beginner Linux users.
You'd need to partner up with someone who can cause distressed, or learn a weapon and weapon skill that can cause distressed.

As for Channel Positive vs Undead, tech not in yet, it'll heal them.
Yes, they are 1 unit of encumbrance each now
I can agree with a number of points made by both sides in this thread.
If it does come in, it does need a set of restrictions.

Common restrictions would be
*requires "destination" access permissions, <– No teleport attacks on hostile towns as you can't teleport into, feuds do an auto deny to that settlement or the whole alliance of settlements.

*can only take equiped gear, nothing else <– Not to break economy or hinder bandits

*Can only be used once every hour in that settlement you teleported from
/\– So you can teleport to say TK, check AH, if nothing to take back, teleport back (but can't teleport from TK for an hour), and hinders breaking the economy,

*All equiped gear on character that uses a teleport has each piece of gear locked (not removable) for 3 hours, until destroyed, or back in home settlement.
/\– To further weaken the economy hit, from folks selling their equiped wares every hour, but allow for a gear change.

you could add other restrictions like;
1) Can only be used in nation alliance and within a 8 to 10 hex maximum.
2) Can only Teleport to NPC towns, and your own Home settlement (or combined with option 1)
3) Can only Teleport to settlements within 6 hexes of the settlement
4) Upkeep is based on use of the circle (i.e. every 6 teleports consumes 1 of each bulk resource) rather than a flat rate
5) Has a chance of mis-teleporting you
6) Each Teleportation requires a mini-game to be done for the transfer (score low and get teleported somewhere other than target destination)
7) Each Teleportation requires Essence, and or other items for circle use.
8 ) Each Teleportation requires special crystals (from mobs and or craft (like sage)) for circle use, with quality determining max distance.

Option 1 and 2 limits the areas you can teleport to a lot.
Option 3 will mean if you want to get to one side to the other, you better not cheese off anyone in the chain or have a back-up chain.
Option 4 makes it so cost scales with settlement population.
Option 5 adds risk to the teleport.
Option 6 adds something new and a risk to teleportation.
Option 7 and 8 do an economy boost and give more of a the reason to go out and do gathering, refining, and PVE.
I'd recommend pulling out Grimtooth's Traps for idea, as they are both great and deadly, and a few humourous.
Here's My recording of it
There was not enough information to even get started in trying to run it.
As I tried with what I did know, and could not get the sucker to run.
That API will likely be available after OE, which is a good bit away….
It should be LIVE this Friday,
Unless we are notified that it has been pushed back.
The best way I can think of at the moment is a separate console only patcher, with a console based menu for; accepting eula, verifying game cache, patching game, and running the game.

I can make that menu in under 10 minutes in C++, though the functions of each item, I could not do in that 10 minutes.