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All posts created by Azure_Zero

@ Mark Kalmes,
Can you give the console command as an example of running it from Play on Linux, with and without the -eula Accept.
The paizo database might of underwent maintenance.
Blackfeather has been purchased.

I think all these maps should also state if a settlement is now super dead (no company), or dead(one company, unknown activity).

The Atlas and Duffy's map need some updating.

I'll be doing Tests on this and updating the Guide when I get a moment.
It would be very rude to login to an active feud, and sooner or later someone will.

The login screen needs a warning if your character is involved in an active feud.

That is a very good idea,

Though it should reference the character(s) that are in the Feud.
Now a question to ask is;
Should there be faction elements at not only the character level, but also at the company and settlement level?
They should have it that after the character has finished loading it sends the settlement company data, as company data hardly changes. We do like to review it at times, and if you want to reduce overhead and still give the data just send it once, or hourly.
understandable, I am just trying to think outside the box until you get the bug fixed…, what about putting a hard cooldown on each monster hex of 2-3 days before it can respawn anything? is this what the fallow time is attached to already or is it tied to the specific type of escalation that was recently killed in that spot?

That's kind of what the fallow system does. When an escalation is defeated, it tells the hex not to launch another escalation for a certain number of hours, that number being specified by the defeated escalation. That effectively puts a cooldown on the hex. Unfortunately, something about downtime is clearing or ignoring that cooldown.

You could do a bit of a hack,
at about say 10 minutes before server down, the server writes a file with the STR of escalation, Defeated flag and a Defeat time stamp.
when the server boots it reads the file and if defeated == false it sets STR based on the STR in the file, or if Defeated == true it reads the Defeat time stamp and does some calculations and sets how much time is left before it spawns an escalaton.
I hope that gets fixed

Due to the New installer Package setup, that RELIES on the solely on the Patcher,
PFO can no longer run on linux until further Notice.