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It's the Temple trainer
Welcome to PFO,
And Greetings from Talonguard and the HighRoad Covenant.
As above,
I blame Murphy's Law and it's gremlin minions for it.
This is all given that these 32bit users even have 4GB of RAM. Some might not even realize they don't.

And then there's the case of users that can't run a 64bit operating system due to some ridiculously outdated processor.

Now that is true, BUT in order to run PFO, they still need a CPU that is at a minimum, an intel Core 2 Duo, which is 64-bit OS supporting.
They need a minimum of 4GB of RAM in the system, and a discrete graphics card is recommended and should be newer than 2007.

Ryan should be post the Minimum system requirements for EE PFO so some folks can check if they can run it in the first place before they get it.
I'm still waiting for Encumbrance bonus in the Strength Domain to be working properly.

I have not tried Strength yet, I use travel Domain for hauling.

What are the issues with Strength ?

Strength domain is suppose to give an Encumbrance bonus, but it does not.
I'll be putting up a Guide for WinXP and other 32-bit windows users to make the system a dual boot one with their previous windows OS and 64-bit Zorin Linux.
which should allow for not only more memory for the game, but also enough memory and processing power for mumble or other voice chat software.

As I proved and wrote the guide for Linux installion and Running of PFO.

Though this guide will require me to create a VM to record it, and setting up the VM correctly for this guide to work is the hard part.
Updated Links
You made a mistake, the HRC is Talonguard, StonerootGlade and Tavernhold.
double post
Avari is Right try playing with an active group and see if it changes your perspective.
You can Try a HRC settlement (Talonguard, Stoneroot Glade, Tavernhold) as we are very active.