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1) Subscription

2) No Character Wipes, unless there is a very big screw up.

3) Some buildings are personal buildings, others are buildings made by the settlement, we do not have a complete list.
3B) you can upgrade anytime, base camp is not required, it is a luxury item, and luxury items are no upgradable at this point.

4) I think there are plans for cosmetic items for sale with Real money.

5) Can not answer, due to not having that information.


Currently the PVP is not bad. Currently the PVP is sparse in the West and North of the map.
I can understand not wanting the PVP, and even though I'm not Pro-PVP, I did find the two tower fights I was in fun.
I'll take the Pine Pole +2, and the Cold Iron Ingot +3
For 8 Silver.
A fix found last night by me, is log in as another character in the account and do the search with it, then log out and go back to the original character and search again and it should work.
I don't think that hex had an escalation in it, since Talonguard has been keeping the nearby ones in check, and none of the escalations in the history of the area had hell knights in them.
While on a trip I ran across a HellKnight

Hell Kinght

But he has no functions.

what is his purpose?
Quijenoth Starkiller

I'm not saying dont PVP just make it fun for all. The most fun I have had in PFO so far was a 45 minute PVP session against Stoneroot Glade over a tower. 7-8 players where involved including Golgothans and yet at the end of the PVP window we shook hands and all walked away together, congratulating each other on a good fight. THATS FUN!

I was also in that fight, and even though I'm not pro-PVP. The fight was fun for everyone.
Talonguard's Freeholder and Expert trainers are missing their level 1 feats.
Yet have level 2 and up in the unavailable tab.

Edit: logged off and back on and they are back
Lisa Stevens
Mike agreed to write the blog. So expect something sometime once he can fit it into his schedule. smile


Domain keywords match to Expendables i.e Spells, not Orisons.

The Strength Domain's Encumbrance bonus does Not work, though the Heavy BAB does work.
Super sweet

I'll be asking Ryan on Linux.