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All posts created by Azure_Zero

Q: What if my character has a substantial amount of influence but is NOT part of any company by server downtime on April 2nd? She then decides to join a company a week later. Does she loose all her influence accumulated since the beginning of EE if not in a company on April 2?

Yep, the influence is lost.
It mentioned in the fireside chat with Tork.

If you want you can Join one of Talonguard's companies
What exactly does the symbol ^ mean in the calculation of Influence? Tried to find it but either its something really compliacted or it simply means + but thats not it I think.

The ^ means "to the exponent of."
An Example is 2^4 = 16.
Glad we got some sweet questions
I'll be able to be there, though likely without a mic.
I agree it would be great.
But it would also cause some discrimination against those that played the first month and then left, in that they get kicked out as the Influence formula really likes smaller companies, that are active.
Super sweet
We should prepare a list of questions that will yield maximum information.
It is likely a server-side script, and requires access to data that is only on the server side.
so you can not use that script on the client side even if you wanted to.
Using the Same Logic you could have Half-monks as a voting option as well.

This is due to the fact that monks don't just fight unarmed, as they also have weapons.
And some of it's other features are already in the game like the ranger (i.e. Evasion).
Added a few required things and a note of the linux version used for making this guide
I hope this gets a sticky, so folks can easily find it later.