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All posts created by Azure_Zero

harneloot is right in that settlements would welcome a dedicated harvester, refiner or crafter.
Example, Talonguard is a crafter town that will give you room to experiment with what you want to do,
My crafter has been looking at each refine and craft job and finding what will fit him best.
The absence of a lot of alchemists makes the herb market skewed, a lot of plant nodes get harvested because we need so much adhesives for weapon production … and the by-products are of less use…

Not just weapons, but armour as well given certain T1 armours need weak vanish.
I might have a arcane spell for trade.
Sweet find, Cal
Server is down at this time every day.
@ OP
I've bought and sold stuff at AH, yes it's not that friendly, but it is working.

Note: this is the Rathglen AH.
This I have to really agree with.
I do 3D art work, though an not the best at it.
I mainly do it for character renders, and in-game scenes.

I've sent an E-mail covering something about Talonguard.
I think they need to change their node placement system as well.

As it appears to be doing a top->down collision placement, hence the ones in trees and on top of mobs?
Why don't they just use the freaking height map used for the terrain to get proper node placement.

they could also move the model's base pivot up some so it does not reveal the empty base as much.