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All posts created by Azure_Zero

Ulf Stonepate
You'll need to be a member of a settlement that has at least 6 towers to train an armor feat to level 8.

How manny would be needed for armor feat 7? My settlement has enough towers to train to level 10 in a role, that enough to get to armor feat 7? I've tried both Freevale and Auroral and the feat is not available. My settlement is Aragon.

Aragon has 3 towers so you can get level 7 armour,
the but you need a 12 in a stat to get the level 7 armour feat.
I have received submissions from Forgeholm, Tavernholm and Emerald Lodge- thank you all very much!

As to the rest of yall, you get 2 days (48 hours) to pull yourselves together give me something or forever be forgotten in the Unofficial PFO Guide. Chop chop!

"Each settlement gets a maximum of 200 words to describe their selves in an interesting, intriguing, and preferably RP-friendly way. While I have a preset idea of the order in which settlements will be listed, the quality of your submission for your settlement will influence where it falls in the final ordering. Be sure to include things like play style, alignment, and classes/roles you welcome."

I could have one done Thursday Evening,
as my Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are crazy busy.
Desna or Iomedae would be our first picks,
I think the Rule is;
Smaller buildings can go in larger plots,
but bigger buildings can not go into a group of smaller plots.
Talonguard: Either; None or (Kurgress,Shelyn,Desna and or Iomedae).
Is Abierzen even in charge of Forgeholm? I've had so little to do with that part of the map that I don't even know.

Nope, Abierzen is a member of the Founding company, but it's either Fannis Goldbraid or Gorim GoldHammer who is in charge of Forgeholm.
Sent one to the Email address.
I can understand it, Cal.