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All posts created by Azure_Zero

Sucks that one bandit based PVP encounter soured your milk.
but if you take names when attacks you can keep them on a blacklist / KOS list.
And inform your allies so they in-turn become the hunted.

And what is your settlement?
as it could be the location of where it is.
i.e. if your settlement is near the EBA/NC border zone, expect PVP and ganking.
I did a tower fight before and enjoyed the shrine for the defender being nearby.
I think the defender should have an edge in the tower fight.
I think the next set of deities should be crowd forged.
Yep, Grip traded with Both Alkaid and Ovan.
Grip is fair in his trades.
Welcome, Zendore.

If you have questions ask around folks will answer your questions.
And be sure to check out the Settlement and Companies subforums for a gaming group that fits your playstyle.
But you should also pay attention to the geography and political landscape when picking a settlement or company.
i.e. In the Western Side of the Map in the Highroad Covenant Alliance* we Are far from the PK/PVP lines in the game. So you can enjoy the PVE content with out getting PKed and robbed of your stuff. We also have local materials that can be made into finished products.

*High Road Convenant Alliance is made of the settlements, Talonguard, Tavernhold and Stoneroot Glade

AZ, Talonguard
In game name?

I have not yet the skill for silvered ingot … iron ore and copper ore?

Items to trade for silver bar +1:
Silvered Iron ingot +2 Recipe (I'll toss in some silvered iron ingots)
Iron Ore
Copper Ore
If you can get your hands on a silvered Iron ingot +2 recipe or some iron/copper
Currently looking for silver bar +1 recipe

I have one in Talonguard
We were all within say 40ft of each other.