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Something that doesn't require coding would be getting these forums some actual avatars.
Here is a thought:

Expand the map by about 3 hexes all around.

make it an area blocked to holdings and outposts with no settlements.

Make it low security for open PvP.

Make the random mobs harder (ninjas etc) .

Make the gathered hexes much better than the existing map (perhaps even dropping the amount of stuff in existing hexes to compensate) .

I don't think making the map bigger will help with the game any. If anything the map needs to shrink, a lot.
So how about instead you pop all settlements and Holdings within say 6 hexes of the border and then block all holdings and outposts within that 6 hexes to the border, that 6 hex border is Low sec only, only T3 mobs and they get stronger and more powerful you are to the map border, with all monster hexes in that area only giving T2 and T3 stuff, and the regular hexes only have T2 mats and a lot of it.
And everyone who lost something gets compensated for it.
If you or Cole know at this stage, it might be interesting to read about what this upgrade will do for the game play, look, your increased coding flexibility and new opportunities, etc…

All this tech talk is wonderful but useless to a complete tech idiot like myself. smile

What makes this upgrade worth hanging on for?

If this has already been posted maybe someone can help a guy with a link or post title?

I'll put it as simple as possible;
current engine is over 10 years old,
it's hard to work with,
can't accept art/content from other Computer based Pathfinder games,
platform restricted,
graphics system is old and can't do pretty things and is slow.

new engine is current
new engine will be easier to work with,
new engine can accept art/content from other Computer based Pathfinder games,
new platforms for the game to run on,
graphics system current can do many pretty things and run faster then current engine.
I wonder what'll be happening to the Mac support since Apple is gonna start using ARM CPUs instead of x86_x64 CPUs?
Haven't done a ton of research on this yet, but it looks like the Macs with ARM CPUs will continue to support most apps built for x86_x64 CPUs for a while. Won't run quite as well as they could, I'm sure, but probably better than running on an older Mac.

This kind of thing is also why we need to update to the latest version of Unity, and then stay up-to-date as we go, since we let Unity handle all these build issues for the game client. Definitely not going to get an ARM build out of our current Unity version.

Apps as in iPhone apps or as in Desktop applications,
since from what I'm hearing a lot of desktop software will not be running on it out the door on the new ARM processors.
I wonder what'll be happening to the Mac support since Apple is gonna start using ARM CPUs instead of x86_x64 CPUs?
Actually Paddy, they sound closer then you think.

They are the same but both go through different methods of how systems interact kinda like connecting to the internet.
As the build points seem to be like influence, which we use for holdings which give bulk+DI which is used to pay upkeep on settlement upgrades.
@ Paddy
That does sound, bad, but the question more asked was "how easy is it to run a settlement in GV?"
if the only chore is to defend your settlement that in some ways an easier chore then what is in PFO at the moment.
The new players are, in essence, telling us what is wrong with the game with their questions. We need to listen and learn what the real issues are so they feel the game is worth more than a night or two of poking around and finding the experience unrewarding.
The issues raise in this and other posts that new players run into are great points, and are generally things we're aware of and hoping to work on. Still, it's always helpful to hear which issues are being raised at a particular moment in time, because those tend to be the issues we should prioritize in the short-term. Hopefully it also means that some issues that aren't being raised as often have been fixed, or at least made better, by past updates.

We're planning to try to tackle some of these new-player issues in coming months where we can do so with content-only changes, even if sometimes that just means tempering player's expectations through better communication/documentation when they get started, while others will have to wait until we have more coding bandwidth.

One of the more common new player questions is "when do I get my own settlement" .

It is kind of irrational that people would think in an MMO with potentially tens of thousands of players, that all 30,000 of them can get their own settlement, BUT it does seem to be a common new player aspiration.

That expectation probably comes out of playing tabletop and things like kingmaker where you actually are a special snowflake and do get to dominate the known world eventually. or maybe they spend too much time playing Animal Crossing, who knows.

As for renaming - Golarion Online has been suggested in the past and would likely work.

Thing is at the moment, leaders with multiple settlements can't even give away a settlement with a reasonable number (8+) of holdings to a new player, as after about a month the settlement is back to the original leader the as the new leader has left the game, as I said earlier.
And a likely part of the reason we can't keep new settlement owners is the freaking chores we need to do to keep them running.
Even with all my holdings being so close to Talonguard and Corbenik, it still takes me about 3+ hours each weekend to empty and restock my holdings.
If the only chore a settlement owner had was to watch their territory, you can bet being a settlement owner would be way more appealing and settlements would really be something to fight over.
In fact I think Gloria Victis has better player retention because it is simpler and less of a chore to run a settlement.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Being a level 2 Wizard is also accessible to all players.

At the cost of being a very out of the way investment that will set back becoming T3 for a very long time. Multiclassing is only something worth trying once you get mid to high T3 as I had learned the hard way.

… what? Level 1 Spellbook proficiency, 99xp. Level 1 Spellbook Expendable (Speed), 108xp. Done, 2 hours' worth of xp.

Ah, I misread what you meant.

I thought you meant the level 2 or 3 version of said spell for some reason. Course it don't last nearly as long but still.

It works on the free INV tutorial staff and costs about 10 or so power so who cares if it only lasts half a hex smile

An INV staff and a day and a bit XP invested in 4 levels of travel domain (needs Holy Symbol Implement Proficiency 1, Focus Weapon Proficiency 1, Divine Attack Bonus 1, Power 1) has been the standard way most people get characters around the map quickly for years.

… waits for someone to bounce in and say its overpowered and should be nerfed like energetic field was …

actually Travel Domain was nerfed early on in Early Enrollement.
Is there influence associated with posting and buying from the Auction House? That is a whole category of daily player activity worthy of being registered, imo. The merchant role is real!
There is not. With a new achievement and a bit of code to support it, there could be, though we'd need to make sure that sales too cheap to trigger at least the minimum sales fee don't count. Need to make sure there's some kind of guaranteed cost to prevent self-purchases purely for influence gain.

Could you add influence gainers to the very un-fun Chores that settlement leaders have to spend a lot of time on, like moving bulk around, and watching the PVP window?