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All posts created by Azure_Zero

I'd PM you, If I knew the URL code to get to your profile.
I'm with Doc,

The Big two need a halt to recruitment, or apply some freaking breaks.
The Small settlements work hard to get just one person to join, and the Big one comes eat up one or two of their members.

As their are feedback loops in effect and in play Avari (along with any other from the Big two), that you are not accounting for.

A small settlement loses players because of the settlement appearing not as active at they'd like, and weak.
The Big settlements gain players because they are constantly active and are strong.

A New Equation should be put in place where bigger settlements have a bigger upkeep, with the Upkeep being exponential.
Erian El'ranelen of Keeper's Pass
Alright EBA people. Be it known that if you don't show up for this, Erian will declare himself the Barbarian King of the Southern Lands! Well, as soon as I fine some Basic Strips to get my greatclub crafted…

Come to Talonguard, and I can make you those strips.
And we can trade goods.
I Agree with Cheatle, a full list of planned Deities and Domains would be helpful for the various players who want to be a Cleric of a Specific diety.

I myself want to run a Cleric of Kurgress, the Strong Man, and currently the game does have 3 out of 5 of his domains in game already.

Kurgress domains
In-Game: Strength, Travel, Luck
Missing: Good, Community
@Stilachio Thrax
The half-life series kept redefining the FPS genre,
The first Half-life won "Game of the Year" from many editorials for 5 years, it's expansions added very nicely to the game's universe. It redefined FPS by redoing the way and style it told the game's story, later FPS games would adopt this style like Halo and Doom to name some big ones.

Half-life 2 is also great and redefined certain FPS traits again when it was released.
Even the Portal games are in the same Half-life Universe, if you look hard enough for the hints.
Have you thought of joining Talonguard as we'll be needing smelters for armoursmithing and weaponsmithing.
We do have local supplies of Coal and Iron, and I'll be finishing the order/pricing list for Talonguards goods.

We also have Weekly escalation hunts where anyone can join and reap the rewards of the hunt.
Deianira Sunstorm
Are there any plans to delete what remains of his posts? Or at least to clean up his last display name and signature? It's disconcerting to find them littering ongoing threads and doesn't give newer people a very good image of the community.

I have to agree, it adds a bad look.
Even more bad to the GW CEO.
The Can't connect to map-server -10.3 error should be fixed in the EE 4.1 build.

If you've gotten this error contact before today contact the support to to fix the character into normal space.
Now that would be awesome, if that happened.

Though for now, I say fix the patcher to run in PlayOnLinux.
As some of the 3PP software they use in game might take a very long time to make Linux compatible.

Hoping Ryan or some other GW dev chimes in here, about what could be done to make the game more linux friendly.