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All posts created by Azure_Zero

I have to agree with Atheory on most of his points.

1) I agree that stability and bugs should be ironed out first before new features come it,
Though I would like it if they added a race or class every 3 months, and it should not cause many problems.

2) Now I can understand wanting to be a non-settlement company or solo-player, but at the same time we need players to attach themselves to a settlement. So I'm in between here.

3) I mostly agree. Remove most of the NPC settlements, keep ThornKeep and (Marchmont or Rathglen), and keep the AH limited to Crafting and the two NPC towns mentioned. Keeping the AH like this, will keep players moving around to sell their wares.

4) Agreed, a formula should be made, such that bigger companies would need to make a choice; recruit, or keep their level.
But it should also limit the number of towers anyone can hold (say 12) to help force the hard choice.
Example equation:
Settlement_Level = 6 + ( N_Towers / (round_up( (Total_Settlement_Pop) / 50 )));
Ryan if you want I could run some more tests,
but would need to know what info your looking for.
Thank you Lisa.
As I believe this will help every player and make sure everyone is heard.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
One of the most important things here is missing, if I remember correctly. Azure is not a Linx wizard, just a basic user trying it out, so this is not some voodoo-driven process. I think you just started this the other day, didn't you?

Yep, I'm a linux newbie (though I do have some minor experience with it)
I just did the test today, and got the game up in less than an hour.

Though I should write a basic guide

The only part that needs fixing for the Linux user-base is fixing the patcher to run in the PlayOnLinux.
If you get that working you will really get the Linux community's interest.

Now it would be best to have an in house linux testing machine,
I have made dual boot machines of Windows/Zorin, and it is easy, but you do need to do a few things done to get it to work, and if you need help on it, I can give a hand.

The Core Version of Zorin is free and the Ultimate version is 10 euros.

If your wondering why I used Zorin for the test, it is because I'm moving over to linux and it is the best version of linux for a windows user, as it is the only version of Linux that is close enough to windows that I don't get overwhelmed with the changes, or need to load things
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Congrats, Azure! Nice work.

Thanks Cal.
This is fantastic - one of my players is going to try out this soon, and hopefully this will bring them into the game. smile

I hope this test's results will bring in more folks as well.

But again this was with Zorin 9 Ultimate, so I can't say what packages were used with PlayOnLinux and the Wine
The frame rates in town where very good (given the hardware and graphic settings), but since the town was empty I can't say how it would handle a load of players.
And this was on a old Core 2 Duo (3.0GHz), with a Geforce 9800GTX+.

And Ryan I did a quick Linux test and Yes, PFO runs on Linux, though the patcher does not.
I decided to do some testing to see if PFO can be run in the Linux OS, and it turns out to be a Yes.
But the patcher is the only part that does not work.

PFO PlayOnLinux
PFO Running

Now this test was done using Zorin 9 Ultimate, which is a fully preloaded version of linux so I can not tell you what packages were used when PFO was running.
Furthermore I did not need to configure anything for the PlayOnLinux install or PFO install in PlayOnLinux, the only setting I did to ensure good work off the back was setting the OS environment to Win7 and 64-bit virtual drive.