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All posts created by Azure_Zero

Welcome, Arienna.

If you have questions ask around folks will answer your questions.
And be sure to check out the Settlement and Companies subforums for a gaming group that fits your playstyle.
But you should also pay attention to the geography and political landscape when picking a settlement or company.
i.e. In the Western Side of the Map in the Highroad Covenant Alliance* we have 0 to 5 PVPing PKers moving around in the area in a week at most at the moment. So you can enjoy the PVE content with out getting PKed and robbed of your stuff.

*High Road Convenant Alliance is made of the settlements, Talonguard, Tavernhold and Stoneroot Glade

AZ, Talonguard
I take this as Karma for picking to be the evil empire.
And being PK heavy.
My first choice would be "better rewards for win boss kills", but that wasn't one of the options.
Of the presented choices, I'd ask for more events.

I agree with Guurzak, the boss should drop something nice for the whole party that kills it dead.
From the list: Adding Phases.
Yes it's there, at bottom of main forum
It'll be a while yet for them to go in.
Read it, and somewhat sad that you can't play while inactive.
the Devs have stated numerious times "THERE WILL BE NO EXP FROM KILLING MOBS."

For your equipment issue, place an order at a crafting settlement for your equipment needs as their are a number of them who would be happy to do business.
Expert and Freeholder (NPC classes) are Crafter and NPC settlements only.

For Gemcutter, it should be next to the Smelter.