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All posts created by Azure_Zero

The Highroad Covenant alliance has both North American and European players and are on the western side of the map where things are a bit more peaceful and give you time to learn things without getting PKed.
The Highroad covenant is made of Talonguard, TavernHold and Stoneroot Glade, and each is different, but we all work well together.

AZ Talonguard
I ran into it as well, make a basic +0 item (can't recall if it was pine or a yew), it'll be a common and thus pass.
I agree with Guurzak here.

The steep cliffs act as an wall for defence, which is why some of us chose those spots to begin with.
Welcome, rjordan.

I hope the game becomes what your looking for.
If you need a spot to relax and be away from most of the PKing/PVP you can come down the Talonguard.
Talonguard is a crafting town and in the Highroad Covenant Alliance (Stoneroot Glade and Tavernhold are our allies).
Talonguard is slowly growing, but you'll be able to get the training you want from us and our allies.

AZ, Talonguard.
Welcome KyleS,

If you need a hand most will give you one, as we all want this game to grow.
It's sad to see you go Bonny.

Best of luck out there.
Welcome Kelth.

And heck yes, Traveling traders will be a needed role in this game, when the trade routes get made.
Talonguard is starting to craft out product, and needs buyers and materials for new product.

Talonguard is in an area with, no to the rare PKing PVP players. You can also rank up your Freeholder feats for moving tradeable items.

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Alternatively, set the rep threshold at NPC settlements to +5000 or higher. Anyone who wants to PVP should be able to find a player settlement, or move to Rotter's.

I also agree with this.
Increase the rep threshold at NPC settlements to +5000 or higher.
That is very cheesy, Agreed to Rotter's hole with them.

Heck, move Rotter's Hole into the area with All the more Civil and respectful PVPers,
Let them learn what it's like to be prey the hard way.
There are some simple changes that could be made to stop the PKing in town and keep the banditry down for now;
Guards attack you, if you GO or ARE RED in town.
Guard Attack you, if Rep below +2500 (5000 rep difference)