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I do get the idea of Max influence needing to be calculated, but I don't think it'll ever work and it'll kill some of the smaller active settlements since they WON'T be able to keep their DI and Bulk Up for the levels their players are used to, or want to have, and we don't ever really seem to retain ANY new players that hop in.

Some settlements only have a few active and dedicated players who are also casual players in a mid to high teens supporting level settlement with a number of buildings running at +2 or better, so congrats, your bring in a broken system and it'll be killing off some actually active settlements and not just the one's in a settlement collectors collection.

also that formula still favors settlement collectors since they only need a holding to keep there absolute minimum of DI and bulk for a settlement running at a low level.

If holdings need to be cleared, why not do a timer on the holdings counting the days since the Holding vault was accessed, if the count exceeds say a year then tear it down.
This game is built on PVP and the rule, "You have What You Hold."
Now I play more casually then I used to, but every week I still watch my PVP window(s), and do the weekly holding management for two settlements, so why are you killing off the dedicated casual player settlements?

We have the PVP system for clearing and claiming hexes, and what this'll do it make feuding even harder to do since the influence you earn for getting a feud ready is now being eaten for holding upkeep,
[sarcasm]what a great idea giving another hit to the feud system that needs more nerfing and butchering[/sarcasm]
Some Cathedrals only cover two temples smile

Aside from that - the only minor issue is that the expert training doubles up with the Guild house. I think this is the first time that a double up within large has occurred.

In some ways a different third trainer, like for instance the library discussed earlier, might have worked better however its a minor point and not a huge issue.

That is not the Only one that is doubled up, Skirmisher is in the Guild and Garrison.
Finished doing a major round of Upgrades to Talonguard over the Past 2 weeks, Upgraded both the Armoursmith and Smelter to +4, and upgraded the Cooperative to +3.

I am working on Upgrading Corbenik a bit more.

  • Medium Combat Alchemist Attack Structure: Combat Alchemist Attack Trainer (similar to a Skirmisher or Dreadnaught Trainer)
  • Medium Combat Alchemist General Structure: Combat Alchemist General Trainer (similar to a Fighter College or Rogue Trainer)
  • Large Combat Alchemist+ Structure: Combat Alchemist General and Attack Trainers, Expert Trainer

Good to hear things are more of less in place for the trainers,
But this does make the large a bit lack luster compared to the other Large class buildings,
as all do cover 3-4 Medium buildings, with The Guild holding two half-classes to make it viable.
So as it stands the Combat Alchemist large is currently sitting at about 2.5 trainers worth, with the guild sitting at a full 3 trainers worth, as Freeholder and Expert are more like half-classes

FYI, the Large structure is just being given three trainers for now to keep it in line with the majority of Larges that currently only cover for 2-3 Mediums (Guild House is the outlier at 4 Mediums), and to leave room for including any future roles that match it well (just as several other Larges are slated to take on additional roles when they become available). We explored adding in some non-role capabilities, but ultimately decided to keep Role trainers/capabilities on M/L structures and the more profession trainers/capabilities on S/M structures, mostly for consistency.

The Cathedral is 4 mediums actually, it's just that there is a lot of overlap, as the Cathedral is actually; 1 seminary, and 3 temples.
So it seems like there are only two medium buildings in the one large at first glance.
Did Middenheim call in some Ninjas?
Bob, are there any final decisions on what trainers will be included in the new Combat Alchemist structures, particularly the new Large settlement structure.
I would like to decide on other buildings for Cauchemar but am somewhat waiting to know what will be in that new large building.

I agree I'd like to know the final decision, as right now I recall the Large one is; Two for Combat Alchemist trainers(attacks, and features), Skirmisher, and Expert.

For Me I'd like to know the Combat Alchemist Holding's information; Bulk requirements, DI generation, etc.

And I'd like to know a timeline for these new buildings coming into the game, though I'd enjoy it if we could keep the traveling combat alchemist at the keeps up to a year after these get put in, since no one group has a giant stock of formulas to get to +3 or +4 combat alchemist buildings, and most settlements/groups already have every spot in the settlement filled with no where to put in the new buildings, so Combat alchemist could be a rare to train class for about the first year or so after the buildings are available to be put into settlements.

Heck we still have stuff for classes that aren't even in the game yet
(i.e. Ghostwood for Druid/Ranger, Dragonskin armours for the Barbarians and Sorcerers, etc)
I did say I was willing to be a Linux tester.

As the engine is converted over I'd still recommend changing the rendering core from DirectX to OpenGL just to help keep some WINE compatibility until Goblinworks does a Native Linux version.
Yeah I'll miss the Mumble, all the Keepside chats were done there.
Yes, Thank you for looking at going for the Unity Upgrade, and I hope Goblinworks does put in some effort for Native Linux support.
I like the Idea

But I'll add I would like to have custom guard load outs as well,
and I think a max of 4 different load outs (one for each armour type (cloth,light, medium, heavy)) should be good so the spawning guards aren't as predictable.
The loadouts equipment customisation wise would cover just; a Weapon (+ ammo container if needed), and maybe one other item to help customise their look.
Feat wise the loadouts customisation wise include; Class feature, armour, reactives (2), defensives(3), and a few attack feats for the weapon.
But the feat customisation would be based on the settlement's level, so settlement under level 12 can't choose trapsense as a defensive feat for the guards since a level 12 rogue is the min level to get it.
And if the settlement level dips below a feats min level it gets bumped out of the feats the guards have.

Now the armour feat would set the armour the guards will use when they spawn, but I would not mind it if at a later time we could add a equip armour slot to each load out so they could have a enchanted armour put in (but capped at TX+3 armours)