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All posts created by Azure_Zero

There are some simple changes that could be made to stop the PKing in town and keep the banditry down for now;
Guards attack you, if you GO or ARE RED in town.
Guard Attack you, if Rep below +2500 (5000 rep difference)
Hi, Erisea

Stoneroot Glade has a number of active UK players.
and are on the more peaceful western side of the map, with fewer PKs and PVPers about.

They are allied to Talonguard and Tavernhold in the Highroad Covenant.

I hope you stop by any one of them and join us.

AZ, Talonguard

Yes, the source hex also called the "Lion" hex.
Now, the hex with the ruined castle is also Call a "Monster Home" hex, that escalation just stays in that hex.

Completing a escalation quest should drop it about 2-3%, but am not completely sure, due to lag of the update.

Me and a group got a Bone Dancer escalation from 56% to 0% over 5 hours.
There is about a 5 minute lag max on the updated %

Now the Boss ONLY appears when the Escalation strength is between 1 and 500 and it's the Source of the escalation.
You HAVE to look for him, and not kill anything while doing so, or risk ending the escalation.

As last night it took us a while to find him, before we squished him.
There are some areas where the PVP and PKing will be rare, like the West.
since we are far from the Northern Coalition's war front.

If Terra Firma comes active they will be a oceanic settlement you could join.
The Novitate's Scale looks really weird after i equipped it.
For a brief second it looks ok, but then changes to this mixed up look.

novitate's scale

It applies to soldier scale as well.
Hello Liehild.

As Deianira Sunstorm said, your far from the only casual player.

If you want an area with none to few PKs around, where you can enjoy PVE content, the Western side is a good start.
Talonguard is relaxing with it's crafting, trading, and a some PVE escalation events nearby.
Stoneroot Glade and Tavernhold are good friendly companies that are allied to Talonguard.

Ozem's Vigil is also a nice spot to relax some.

AZ, Talonguard Leader.
The Highroad covenant alliance, is more PVE focused and I hope you join us.

Highroad covenant settlements are Talonguard*, Stoneroot, and Tavernhold.
I would hope you find a settlement/company you'd like to be a part of.
Also check if they are part of the NAP (Non-Agression Pact), as this offers some protection to the settlement your in, but also puts a minor restriction in place for PVPers.