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All posts created by Azure_Zero

I would hope you find a settlement/company you'd like to be a part of.
Also check if they are part of the NAP (Non-Agression Pact), as this offers some protection to the settlement your in, but also puts a minor restriction in place for PVPers.
Welcome to PFO, TizianEnel.

I hope you enjoy the game, even though it is in it's early stages.

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Bid currently is not working
Put the mouse in the mini-map hover over yourself, and you'll get coordinates.
They are in relation to ThornKeep
I'm at Talonguard
and ready to trade.
Just take Great fort, for two levels to get the con up.
Talonguard is preparing for a PVE hunt event later.
I'll let you know in game the time and place.

I'm a philosophical anarchist, yet I signed up for this experiment.

we all signed up for this experiment,
and are getting expected and also interesting results.
You have to hunt monsters, and have a raised knowledge skill of that monster type to get good odds of getting better drops.
If you have a list I'll look it over and see if there is one I'm looking for.

Mostly looking for any spear, Solder scale, pine pole +X, or Yew staves +X, hide sheets +2/3