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All posts created by Azure_Zero

Talonguard is at the start going to be a crafting settlement, then moving towards wizard/fighter settlement.
true, GW does not want to call this a beta.
but we are in the development stage of the game (2 year out of the 5 year development).
So expect some bugs and systems being in their early stages, or not there until they are done.

Once you set two characters to train XP on an account with Destiny's Twin you can't make any XP changes without losing the Destiny's Twin perk

If this is a BETA, you should expect some bugs, they are working so this is not true.
Right now they are likely using a TEMPORARY system or ALPHA version of DT system currently for DT.
Some of the stuff is out of date, or has a broken link.
For the Auction house
When will you turn are the 0-entry filter so we don't have to go through every entry in the AH to see if it is there.

Now from what I've heard,
DT's will have a shared bank in each settlement, is it true, and if so approxinmately when will it be turned on.

Also when does GW plan to make it so that crafter/gather's don't have to be worried about being weighed down in the field by refined/finsihed items popping into their inventory when it's finished.
That has been on the fix list for GW for a while.

If you are crafting and have to leave town,
Run a clock, and time it so you get back before it finsihes, or stay in town until it finishes crafting.
A good sword or holy spell does wonders in killing undead.
These are the early versions of the models, and they will be upgraded later.

And I agree they should allow for avatar edits when they update the models.
I got the same, the second character did not get the Back dated XP
That is a fair point