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All posts created by Azure_Zero

I might have a few crystal recipes I could trade away,

And I can make steel wire +2.
Cal, it sounds good and all but most will ask GW to not put them(the Allegiant Gem Mining) near them(the settlement) as neighbours, as they are NAP violators who'll wreck the game for them.

I myself would not want them within 10 hexes of Talonguard.
That covers Terra Firma, Hammerforge, New Daggermark, Iron Guantlet, Deadman's Glen, Sunholm and Canis Castrum.
(not sure if the last two are active)
Talonguard is open for folks and looking for New recruits.
If your in Rathglen.

The Northern Golorian collation has a list of what they have and need should you join one of it's settlements.
I can start to image the nightmare that would be that database, if you did not go the way you went.
Yep that's the Case.

Are you with a Settlement, if so which one.
Then I might be able to help you.
Metal Armour and Metal weapons are also going to be used a lot by a Cleric Fighter Settlement.

!Note with armoursmith 3 you can make up to 4* different armours with nothing but steelwire from the smelter.
* one of the Armours comes as a recipe (Quiet Iron Shirt)
I believe later they will be introducing creatures with DR.
And the DR will be weak against specific materials.

*DR = Damage Reduction
If your in a cleric/Fighter settlement, you'll likely focus more on iconographer (symbols, foci, Divine stuff), than artificer (want's staves, Arcane stuff) as the settlement will likely have more clerics and fighters than rogues and wizards.
Company: Twilight_Brigade
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Roles: Crafters, Refiners, Gathers, Merchants, Traders and Combatants
PVP: only if attacked, or allies attacked.

We are far from the PKing front lines where PVP happens, we have great allies to protect us from a PVP attack, and have two nearby monster hexes for PVE combat.

We will help those who want to learn and play the game in a safe area away from the PKing and PVP.
We give advice and allow you to experiment with what you want to do.
And most important we want you to have Fun.

Respect others as you want to be respected.

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