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All posts created by Azure_Zero

If we get enough folks on board we might be able to Destroy a Monster Hex that's at full strength, and given the time, pull it off along with the surrounding hexes.

AND that would be quite the achievement, since NO ONE has destroyed a monster hex escalation that's at full power.
It'll depend on a few factors,
Like how many folks are interested, and where they are.

If it's a lot of folks (more than a single hex will allow) then It'll be broken into groups.

Link to Adventure Time with Bonny
Hey For New Years Eve Let's have a PFO marathon (8-24 hours),

I am curious as to how many would like to see or particitate in such an event.
Nope, The Steal the weapons was, on, but a previous purifing graves task was left from last night.
Refer image

A hex NE of Ozem Vigil has a incorrect escalation Subtype: Asks for stealing back weapons, when Graves are to be purified.

Also I recommend Putting ANY NPC we have to talk to near the middle of the hex so they are easier to find.
I agree smarter upgradable Mobs would be a Boon,
but given the limited time, money, and resources, I can see this being put off until a good piece after OE.

I also think some Escalation, or Normal, AI Mobs should be moving around patrolling an area, so it shakes things up some.
If you want a DT account that BAD
You can browse here and try to find one.
There are a few here.
Oh, must of missed that information from somewhere.
There is NO Sneak Attack.

Goblinworks has stated that Stealth will NOT allow you to get Melee range to anyone.
So no Assasin's Creed type sneak attack, as they know it is game breaking and a grief tool