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All posts created by Azure_Zero

That has been on the fix list for GW for a while.

If you are crafting and have to leave town,
Run a clock, and time it so you get back before it finsihes, or stay in town until it finishes crafting.
A good sword or holy spell does wonders in killing undead.
These are the early versions of the models, and they will be upgraded later.

And I agree they should allow for avatar edits when they update the models.
I got the same, the second character did not get the Back dated XP
That is a fair point
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Everything will be new again. It would be pretty sad to take on any escalation near 100% with all first level characters and T1 gear.

Don't you mean, first level characters with +0 Tier 1 gear?
Hello, I am asking if you guys wipe the characters out of the game when official release is made?

Yes, there is the EE wipe. After that no more wipes.
So everyone's EE character, when at OE launches are still there.
I hope that a number of escalations will be reset for EE.
We'll use the TS server that is used in Adventure time with Bonny
Boss, I can't come in on Friday, I had way too much EE for New Year's Eve and Day!
[very legitimate excuse, every boss will accept it, won't they?] smile

I wish, that were true.