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All posts created by Azure_Zero

Agreed, I think a 10000% increase in XP rate would be nice to test some stuff.
Sweet, Looks like New Year's Eve could be quite the party.

Provided EE goes live BEFORE New Years Eve
I guess they have not finished moving?
The server is going through maintance, it'll be up in about half an hour.
Gotcha, busy weekend before Christmas and New Years.

Hope to have some Devs do the New Year's Eve PFO marathon I'm trying to get going.
Alpha 16 is out,

But Blog in not up yet.
Nice, I would like to know the detailed info & release notes asap
Servers back up
(1:22 PM EST)
About two weeks til New Years Eve.

So time to start the planning based on current count.

I'll take a vote on where we start to be fair (these are the only options):
Marchmont (Neutral Settlement, Centre Geo and player base wise)
Rathglen (Neutral Settlement, closest of the votable near an Escalation people seem to want to farm)
Emerald Lodge (South of Centre, but has good tower Count for those buying or making stuff there for the event)
Ok, Looks like the server is down now.
(12:50 PM EST)

They could be doing an update?