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All posts created by Azure_Zero

For me the only graphic glitch is most clothes my character wears, has a corrupted Texture Map after a minute.
And something the devs should do to make it better for almost everyone.
Is allow local crafting buildings in a Settlement access to the Local Bank/vault.

So we don't have to keep loading and unloading our materials/salvage from the Bank to craft something or go out gathering materials.
If we go a group up it should be near the center of the current map.
Like between Golgatha and Auroral, The Emerald Spire.

As I'm currently in Talonguard, and some are in ThornKeep, Some in Brighthaven, etc.

Center of the map is fair to everyone.

On a somewhat separate note, the way that finished crafted items pop into your inventory when done is a bad idea with encumbrance. This will leave characters suddenly stranded out in the world as their finished plate mail drops into their inventory and since they can't drop it they may be forced to delete the new item. It makes much more sense to leave the item in a Finished state in the crafting queue to be picked up later, only accessible from the structure it was queued up in.

Why not drop the item off into the Local Bank, and Local being where the Crafting of item was made initially.
WOW, that is different
Who wants to bet the next patch has encumbrance turned on.
The difference between a Ripping Chains Escalation and a Goblin Ghouls Escalation is very significant.

I have not encountered the ghoul one, but have encountered; Broken, Ripping, Bone Dancer, and I think one other type of escalation.
It would be nice to hear from GW on if they will restart Adventure Time.
Along with giving out a few more alpha invites
Now given that escalations are different, and with sub-versions.

We should organise them into a readable form and idea of what category it is.