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All posts created by Azure_Zero

The achievements for Visiting settlements is not working
True, the type of Escalation could be a factor.
But I think it would be a minor one.
Now Backpacks are something that is needed the moment they flip the encumbrance switch
Not if the start point of each group is a badlands hex and the 6 surrounding hexes has 100% escalation
When I load up PFO and login, character armour textures are broken.

When I load in the game world, It's fine for a while

Then it goes to the Broken TextureMap

And it does not matter the Graphic Settings.
Why not make a few groups and make it a minor contest (and everyone has to be syncronized on a start).

Like which group;
cleans out the Badlands hex the Quickest.
cleans out the Most Escalation Hexes.
has the Best Player to cleared Hex ratio.

Now we could setup a few rules to make it a fair contest, but it would require everyone to agree to them.
Ryan Dancey
The types of achievements stack. So if you have Arcane 3, you have 6 Arcane Points.

Yes, it needs to be displayed somewhere on the character sheet.

Agreed, Very much so.
Seems folks are dumping a number of items for a Copper,

BUT, you can not BUY an item where quantity:X>1 for 1 Copper
So code fix in the AH sell menu would be;
if(Quantity < Price (in copper, both Init and Min price))
{Allow posting Item}
{Force Correct/Deny post item}
Why not target a Badlands Hex like the one between TalonGuard and TavernHold
Chance Wyvernspur
Here's something the devs could do to make it better for gather/crafters and gather/craft/combat types
Is allow local crafting buildings in a Settlement access to the Local Bank/vault.

So we don't have to keep loading and unloading our materials from the Bank to craft something or go out gathering materials

That seems reasonable to me.

I'm glad someone likes the idea