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All posts created by Azure_Zero

There is NO Sneak Attack.

Goblinworks has stated that Stealth will NOT allow you to get Melee range to anyone.
So no Assasin's Creed type sneak attack, as they know it is game breaking and a grief tool
If you want a DT account that BAD
You can browse here and try to find one.
There are a few here.
Ryan Talking about DTs

You could say it would be rubbish of us to give in and make Destiny's Twin available again. But you have to admit (and you clearly get it) that a lot of people are going to come to this game over the next decade and FREAK OUT at the fact that they can't get a DT account. I can almost guarantee you that the pressure on Goblinworks to break that pledge is going to be ENORMOUS. We knew that when we offered Destiny's Twin. It's going to be a source of irritation in our community forever. We think the upside was worth it but only time will tell.
Destiny's Twin is not on the Daily Deals List.

KS Daily Deals

All packages in the Goblin Works store are upholding their part to the Letter, with NO mention of Destiny's Twin in any of them.
Destiny's Twin is a Kickstarter Exclusive perk, you CAN NOT get it anymore.
You can only get Destiny's Twin from someone selling their KS backer account.

Even Ryan, has told ALL Kickstarter Backers that Destiny's Twin will be Exclusive to Kickstart backers only, and that they will NOT change that.
"Rogue Kit Proficiency 2" requires a level 8 settlement
(it could be a level 9 settlement)
I'm a KS backer of Geo Buff level, and an Early alpha invite gave me a good heads up about the game's systems as I interacted with them.
Nodes seem fine around and between Talonguard to Rathglen
Thanks for the heads up, Ryan.

Any chance you'll add a escalation randomiser for monster hexes, so each settlement doesn't have the same old escalations at their door,
provided the current escalations were cleared out.
Glad you enjoy our community.

If your near Rathglen,
I can give you armour and weapons to use.