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All posts created by Azure_Zero

"Rogue Kit Proficiency 2" requires a level 8 settlement
(it could be a level 9 settlement)
I'm a KS backer of Geo Buff level, and an Early alpha invite gave me a good heads up about the game's systems as I interacted with them.
Nodes seem fine around and between Talonguard to Rathglen
Thanks for the heads up, Ryan.

Any chance you'll add a escalation randomiser for monster hexes, so each settlement doesn't have the same old escalations at their door,
provided the current escalations were cleared out.
Glad you enjoy our community.

If your near Rathglen,
I can give you armour and weapons to use.
You might not be meeting a requirement to get the feat,

Will power is at seminary or Temple,

and at a points it requires a certain level of divine achievements (using focus (spells), killing undead.)
Don't cha mean The Three Stooges Goblins.
"12?! All you bring me is TWELVE skulls, when I needed FORTY?! **** this, I'm going home."

Same here, though I can see my pin on the mini-map, after I place it
Lee Hammock
Azure, are you going into the settlement's keep? The achievement's only check within the walls of the keep.

Seems to be working now, did not work more than a week ago