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All posts created by Balcathor

Ok. So the raw gathered materials need a level 17 or higher gatherer. And all recipes need a 20th level refiner/crafter to make the statue components. And drops for blessing materials is 50% the rate of Aeon stones. So the burning question I will ask for all those people who neither have a 17th level or higher gatherer or a 20th level refiner or crafter is this - why benefit is it to them to participate?

The real active settlements have the 17th plus gatherers and the 20th level refiners/crafter. The settlements like Cauchemar do not. The settlement with active players will vacuum up the escalations, leaving the not so active settlements wondering why they even bother playing this game.

This event benefits elite players who are able to log in 15+ hours a week. Their settlements have the manpower, the required class levels, etc. to make a statue of Pharasma, giving them even more power over the lesser settlement.

Why should anyone not from a group like the bandits or Nightstalkers even bother logging in during this event?
I understand the Druid is quite a ways off and not a character option anytime soon.

If one were to develop a character now with an eye to being a druid when it was available, what should one focus on to minimize XP lost to feats and features that absolutely are of no use to a Druid?

I see in Goblinary in the recipe section about druid/archdruid greatclub and longbow. I assume those would be fine to work one. Any other weapons?

Any cleric domains? Or are druids going to be a cat of a different stripe in regards to how divine magic works?

Anything else about intentions for druids would be appreciated.