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Baron Malthius
I am announcing that after many months of absence I am taking my final leave from PFO. I have had many memorable moments during my time here but I am afraid that I am not going to be returning to this game any longer. My life is going in a different direction now and I can no longer continue in this game. I have not logged into this game much at all up to this point and there is little reason to continue further. The latest news concerning the state of the game and funding has also given me even less incentive to continue. Might I come to regret this in the future? That is entirely possible, however I feel that it is time to move on for me, and I wish everyone else the best of luck. I do hope this game someday returns to form and perhaps I may even start again if the game truly takes off. I will post details of what characters are currently on each of my three accounts later on this evening. Unfortunately I am still at work right now so it will have to wait until I get home. I have one DT account and two non-DT accounts, although I will be willing to sell them at a discount. Simply email me with an offer or to ask for more details on the account.

Finally, I also wish to apologize to my comrades in the League for my extended absence and I sincerely hope that no one in the League takes this personally. I would still be more than happy to play with you all in other games and stay in touch. I have at the very least made the appropriate arrangements to have someone else from the League take over leadership of my company and have demoted myself from my company leadership accordingly.

All questions and offers shall be directed to and in addition I can be messaged on the Paizo forums as well under this name.
Baron Malthius
It was always my understanding that the logging capabilities that are currently in place (at one point I was told there were none at all) are woefully inadequate to say the least. I think before they can even write any code to change this they would need to overhaul their logging functionality and add additional analytics and that will take quite some time.

There is really no other way to not only figure out the exact impact (and thus produce a solution that goes with the developers intentions but is still fair) but also to keep track of any future related issues. Not to mention, additional logging and analytics will help with tracking many other aspects of the game, especially during EE where we are all essentially beta testers.

In addition to user interface and of course social aspects, I do think refactoring/adding to logging and analytics capabilities should be at the top of the priority list. It is a lot of overhead I understand but it would make a lot of these issues a lot more manageable and in addition any new issues can be traced and looked at with greater efficiency.

As for my feelings on the topic of alts themselves. The question in my mind anyways is not so much a matter of if but when. You see, at this present moment the issue here is that there are simply not enough players to make up for the deficit that removing all of these alts from the influence calculations would create. Considering the vast prevalence of one or two man companies where all of the characters and alts are run by a single player or two, this could lead to a potential catastrophe for the game.

Timing is key. When the player base has expanded to where it gets closer to what the original design had in mind or greater, then this should be rectified. At that point there will be that critical mass that we have all been waiting for and therefore any pretense of needing to do this is no longer valid.

The problem right now is with the population so horrendously low, new companies are at a huge disadvantage if they don't get a few alts in just to begin accumulating influence at all. Since influence is tied to pretty much any potentially meaningful activity and there are no other ways for a company to participate with any other resource, anyone who doesn't artificially increase their cap for whatever reason (mostly due to a sense of honor for the most part) will be crippling themselves unless they are already a big enough group or have the support of one where they do not have to worry about such things.

If people want to make a new company and start building up to someday making an impact, there is no incentive not to conduct this practice and many downsides to following what the devs prefer people not to do. The solution for now is create more incentives and more ways for a new group or an aspiring new player group to have an impact on the game without having to resort to such things.

That and less things should be tied directly to influence, which is something I have stated in grave detail concerning settlement warfare in the past so I won't go into those details again for now.
Baron Malthius
My apologies for being so blunt here but is this still relevant to anything currently happening in this game? There is no more EBA or War of Towers, and the main war itself that was the backdrop for all of this is over. Is there anything still worth discussing at all?
Baron Malthius
Well I would say then by that standard nobody currently playing PFO is a normal gamer. This includes you Midnight and it also includes myself. Although, don't you think classifying everyone as either rich and privileged or unemployed/disabled is merely creating egregious stereotypes? The wisdom of putting so much money and time into a subscription based beta is of course a legitimate question. The assumption that all of us adhere to only one of two lifestyles is baseless and not productive.

There is a line I would personally draw instead between being "entitled" (which seems to mean very different things depending on the person) and simply wanting to make sure the time and money spent have not been a complete waste. In the latter camp it is simply a matter of wanting to see a decent game that does reasonably well, has a decent population, and reaches its potential as we were told it would. It does in my opinion require us to adapt and remain patient and flexible since there are things that can and will change.

This is where I personally would draw the line. Rigid, unreasoning adherence to keeping things as they are at this moment in time or believing that we have a right to directly tell the developers what to do as if we are their managers are views that I find ludicrous. Unwillingness or inability to accept changes during this incomplete beta phase, unwillingness to keep a somewhat open mind, and (if the features do make for a better quality and more successful game) unwillingness to adapt are telltale signs of entitlement behavior. Paying subscriptions do not grant us shares in GW stock, investing time in the game does not grant us partial ownership of the company, and investment in this beta does not make us inherehtly superior (out of game anyway) to any future customers. While I am sure GW values our opinions and listens to our input, we are still at the end of the day only customers.
Baron Malthius
The other issue that is always a problem for anyone outside the US timezone with all the political deals and dividing of spoils and escalation killing being done by the groups that are busy during US hours.

A lot of these systems could see the map being locked down by the US based groups with those settlements that are primarily in other timezones left high and dry.

I think there are advantages and disadvantages outside the US.

Would one of those be a chance at a SANE political system?

Define "sane"?
Baron Malthius
Quijenoth Starkiller
My issue with survival games is the freedom given to groups of players to dominate those games. This is especially evident in my experience of ARK where one tribe can permanently lock out resources and destroy most opposition with little effort (Gigantosaurus is the biggest culprit).

This does highlight a concern of mine about the open pvp hexes. I honestly think ruins hexes should be open pvp too and ruin hexes made more unique and interesting too. The reason is so that, with more ground to cover there is less of a chance of this very thing happening in PFO. Just having Monster and T3 hexes open I do not think will be enough to prevent big groups from locking all the open pvp hexes down.

So I say open up those hexes too in addition to monster and T3 hexes.
Baron Malthius
As far as Settlement battles go, I have advocated for a different currency for Holding and Settlement warfare entirely. I do think it is necessary to remove Influence from the equation except as a high cost entry or opt in fee in case there are no ways to produce war resources by different means. Keep influence for making holdings and building up DI and stuff, and of course to build holdings that can produce war resources. It doesn't have to be through holdings and even the exact implementation details can vary if it was done that way. However, the main concept of a new currency at the Settlement level to go to war with would help greatly. Make it something that can also be hindered or destroyed as well, forcing settlements to have to rebuild for a while before going back out.

Again, the implementation details can differ, but the spirit needs to be the same no matter how they do it. It is something that requires some kind of war infrastructure to be built and maintained (done by the companies), some type of war resource that can be generated and spent instead of influence. Leave some of the ability for a company or settlement to rebuild by either rebuilding war infrastructure or using the old fashioned feud system to try and take one but make the cost to do the latter higher and only if they do not already have the war resource. Feuding should be an exceptional situation and last resort to get back in the Settlement warfare game. Also, not doing war resources does not mean you will be safe from other factions declaring war. War resources gives you the ability to attack primarily. You will of course be able to defend and counterattack for the duration of the battle (determined by the amount of war resources spent). Still, if you want to play at the Settlement level, even if you decide to go pacifist and not build any resources for war will not and should not make you immune to attack.

Influence is a primarily PvE and building resource, and should be primarily used to support that and using it for PvP opt in is a secondary or tertiary purpose. War resources exist to be built for PvP (and can be raided as well to counteract stockpiling), and this should be the primary currency for PvP at the Settlement level instead of Influence.
Baron Malthius
I'd add another tier to your statement Midnight…

Faction level PvP - I do think this needs to be separate from Settlement Tier battles. There can be some points where they intersect, but honestly they need to remain two separate components of the game IMO. The reason is twofold:

1) You can have different types of players in game that wouldn't necessarily be suited to belonging to settlements (bandits and various other groups). They can still get the support they need for training stuff, and there should be some advantages and disadvantages of choosing either Settlements, Factions, or (if the devs decide to go this route) both.

2) Keeping the Faction system running in parallel with the Settlement system and allowing them both as separate but viable ways to play the game ensures that neither one will get absorbed into the other. It would be a horrible tragedy if say Factions got subsumed into the Settlement warfare and politics for example. People who may just wanna battle for things with some other faction without having to deal with that stuff can and should be able to do so by being in a Faction. Settlements should not be able to feud/declare war on Factions and Vice Versa.

So in this way players are generating content at different levels of play and new players can then determine their own level of participation in them.

In a way, Factions will be sort of like the new form of NPC Settlements (or instead you could think of Settlements and Alliances as player defined Factions). There is actual support for needs beyond just Tier 1, advancement in a Faction instead of a Settlement can have different pros and cons. Most importantly, it is good for players who may not necessarily want to play the Settlement game. It gives a whole different type of involvement.
Baron Malthius
This is all Soooo deep that it really looks quite shallow.

So meta smile
Baron Malthius
Caldeathe Baequiannia
I also didn't say they haven't been active since April. I said I haven't seen them post anything that would give away any animosity (since April).

I thought that's what I said, but who knows maybe not.

Of course, that's even more difficult to verify, but I guess I can't have everything. Oh well.