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Is the fallow time between escalations going to be the standard fallow time or the 10 to 15 minutes like in the last Christmas events?

If a hex gets cleared of its sequence, does it go back to the non-event random repopulate of a escalation or will it remain at 'fallow' status until such time as all sequences are cleared or relaunched?
Hmmm. Is there a community award for the total number of event escalations cleared during the event timeframe?
Sounds interesting, even if I am not totally understanding the rewards. I look forward to a more detailed explanation of the events objectives and rewards because despite reading the post three times, I am still a little fuzzy on understanding this event. Sounds competitive yet you say this event is mainly cooperative. Also, I not seeing what the draw would be for someone less than level 17 crafter or refiner as it appears they are the only one who can actually make these things you indicated. What is in it for the others players who don't have those high level characters. A statue that takes great effort to make but does exactly what? Treasure boxes? Blessings that have half the drop rate of Aeon stones but can be traded for tokens which last 1 to 2 hours? Gah! Sorry, Bob. I am having a hard time connecting the dots but that could be just me.
Is coming across a character pulling a mule along and killing the character and mule to see whats in there a "random" gank?
Is coming across a character alone and killing her to see what is in backpack inventory a "random" gank?

Is it just the word "gank" that is the problem?

To your first question - yes
To your second question - yes

Modify the first and second question as follows.

Is coming across a character 'of a company that my company is feuding' pulling a mule along and killing the character and mule to see whats in there a "random" gank?
Answer - No

Is coming across a character alone of a company that my company is feuding and killing her to see what is in backpack inventory a "random" gank?
Answer - No

Why the difference - in your questions, the target is anyone, anywhere and therefore, meets the criteria of 'random'.
In my modifications of your questions, it isn't random. It is specific targeting and fully within the bounds of the feud system and therefore is not, by definition, random.

So, let's look at another situation.
Xyzzy has declared the swamp monster hex his territory. Most players know that. He has proclaimed in forum posts and more than a few times in General Chat.
Another player goes into the swamp monster hex and gets killed by Xyzzy. Was this a random gank? The answer is NO. Anyone who as spend some time in game knows about his claim. He has proclaimed it his territory and has proclaimed the consequences of going into there. So, someone getting killed by Xyzzy in the swamp is a known outcome of trespass into the territory he has proclaimed as his. So, not random. Expected.
You are missing a number of revenue opportunities. For example, the current rate of coal is 80 copper to 1 silver per piece. A moderate ranked gatherer can gather 100 coal per hour on average. That ia a gold per hour. A coal gusher is typically 300 to 500 coal depending on the gather level. A typical gusher is 30 to 45 minutes. That is 3 to 5 gold per hour. Check what people have for buy bids for and dedicate time to gathering can significantly increase your coin.

Help to top up a party doing Ninjas or Arstocrats, even if you just are T2 can net you 25 to 35 gold for a escalation.

Granted, that is best case but even T2 escalations can give you coin and salvage that makes it worth doing.
Azure, your idea has merit but…. and it is a big but… it may not work at all.

It is not the lack of real estate that drives people away from engaging in this game for longer than a cursory kicking of the tires.

Here is breakdown of the stuff I have heard in General in the past several weeks, in no particular order.

1. People are expecting a D2O MMO experience like Owlcat Games Kingmaker with a understood Pathfinder level 1 to 20 progression. They don't see that and leave.
2. Mechanics are too hard to understand. Keywords? What the hell is that? Why can't I train this feat? What do you mean by being gated? Why can't my longbow achievements be used for qualify for shortbow…. a bow is a bow? New players find understanding the game mechanics problematic. The tutorials don't cut it. Frustrated, they leave.
3. Why doesn't armor, weapons, etc drop from mobs? They do in tabletop.
4. New players run out of coin too fast and are asking how they can get more. More frustration.
5. Where are the quests? Tabletop players expect quests like they get in tabletop or by playing Owlcat's Kingmaker. The Find your Path tutorials they don't consider proper quests.
6. Where are the dungeons? Pathfinder had dungeons. This isn't Pathfinder without dungeons. How can you have a game without dungeons?
7. I am here. What am I supposed to do now?
8. Why do I have to join a settlement? Why am I being forced to join a settlement? I want to do my own thing.
9. The game seems incomplete.

There is a bunch more of a similar nature, basically around how difficult the game if for a solo player, how hard the game is too understand, the lack of entry level content for new players.

Only ONE person asked how can he get his own settlement.
Only ONE person commented the game seemed empty. I wasn't certain if he was referring to the lack of other players or the lack of content as maybe he expected to find quests or direction on what do from every NPC he bumped into in Thornkeep.

I wasn't on 24/7 for the last several weeks so obviously, I haven't heard every inquiry. But I noted enough in General that lack of expansion space and the lack of a player population was not high. It came down to basically two things - the game is very hard to understand the game mechanics and the lack of ready to serve content.

That is why the new player experience is failing to retain the new players. It is not - the map is too big, the world is empty or all the hexes have been claimed.

Your solution does not address the fundamental issues that reading General Chat over the last few weeks revealed. The new players are, in essence, telling us what is wrong with the game with their questions. We need to listen and learn what the real issues are so they feel the game is worth more than a night or two of poking around and finding the experience unrewarding.
And the independent settlements? We still have those. They don't get a say or a chance at this because the criteria for running for a settlement leader slot is alliances?
I play Division 2. Players enjoy what the community calls 'Loot Goblins' (there is no goblins in the game, just a colorful moniker) The Loot Goblin is a single top tier mob. He is well armored, hits hard, and runs like hell once he starts to lose. Kill him before he escapes and you get better than normal loot in quality and quantity.

So, make a unique 'goblin' for T1, T2 and T3 that can be found in the open world. Color them so the players know it is not a normal goblin. How tough to make them can be discussed. You want to make them tough but no impossibly so. Their loot drops are from a special loot table, not the standard ones, so the drops are guaranteed - maybe coin (like silver instead of normal copper for a T1 loot goblin, for example), some enchantment mats of the appropriate tier, a recipe or expendable of the appropriate tier. Maybe a special souvenir like what we have in the Home Sweet Home event, that can be collected and handed in for ever increasing rewards based on number turned in. Whatever. Just make it interesting so that players get excited if they come across one. And make them rare, to make encountering one something to talk about.
Wow. Nice idea, but who get to be settlement leaders of the 2 or 3 settlements? Because you risk turning this into a Game of Thrones without the White Walkers or Dragons.

Which of all the settlement leaders get to be King for the two or three settlements and the rest of the settlement leaders get told to sod off - thanks for jumping through all the hoops and stuff to become settlement leaders but go to the back of the bus now because of now you are under new management. Who decides this and how? Elections? The top two or three leaders of the most developed settlements are the leaders? Game of Thrones style? All hail Emperor Bob?

That is going to be a stumbling block. Only several settlement leaders remain, the rest get told 'thanks for playing but give up your driver seat and get to the back of the bus'.

And what if players don't like any of the royal rumps installed in the select few seats of power. What is their recourse? The current rules make the settlement leader near invincible. They can't be deposed - either Bob must remove them or they must step down. So, settlement leadership rules would have to be reworked perhaps. Because I don't see reducing all the settlement leaders down to two or three being without a whole lot of angst.
I predict this is going to be controversial and contentious. There will be supporters and detractors for this. Single character companies are not going to like this at all and there is quite a number of those.