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Plz could the 10 second logout notification have a prior 1 minute warning that the servers are to be closed down.

today I was merrily running for hours on a grand tour when i got the 10 second notification - during which the screen shuts down so there is no time at all to run off to somewhere safe.

Adding in a warning that Daily Maintenance will be starting soon is high on our list of feature requests and is hopefully something we can get to soon.

On a purely technical point, the 10 second timer you're seeing isn't telling you that the servers will shut down in 10 seconds, or that you'll be logged out in 10 seconds, it's telling you that the application on your PC will shut down in 10 seconds. That timer starts because the application just noticed that it's no longer connected to the server, and since there's nothing for the application to do when it's not connected to the server, it's going to shut down. However, the application doesn't really know for sure why it was disconnected from the server. Daily Maintenance is probably the most common reason, but it can also be a bad internet connection, or servers going down unexpectedly (fortunately very rare), or a variety of other possibilities.

We found that having the application simply shut down immediately led players to believe that they'd crashed, so we threw in the timer so the application could display a text message briefly making clear that wasn't what happened. Sounds like we should take another look at the text to make things a little clearer.
Question : is Azoth still used in crafting (my guess at its purpose from googling it) or actually traded or useful for anything?

Azoth can be used to improve your crafting and refining results. It doesn't yet work for enchanting, but we do plan to add that at some point.

Crafting: Azoth can be used to raise the output of a crafting project to the next plus. It can’t be applied unless the project is already at least 10% of the way to the next plus, and the amount of Azoth required depends on the value/quantity of the crafting output and the percentage remaining to reach the next plus. The option to add Azoth is displayed once the crafting project has all its ingredients added, and is reset if the ingredients change.

Refining: Azoth can be used to raise the likelihood of getting additional plusses on a refining project, increasing the odds of getting one additional plus by 10 percentage points and of getting 2 additional plusses by 1 percentage point. The option to add Azoth is displayed once the refining project has all its ingredients added.
The game is still under construction, hence the Early Enrollment status and all the rough edges. We've been down to a small development team of Cole (programmer) and myself (everything else) for the last couple years, but we've still made quite a bit of progress, and you can get a feel for the pace of that progress by looking back over our blog posts during that time.

We've got more improvements planned, and are putting the final touches on a new roadmap to let everyone know what's coming in the next few updates. Some of the bigger changes we've got in mind are directly targeted at increasing the player population, so keep an eye out for announcements on that front.

Meanwhile, we do have a good number of regular players, but you're better off finding a company/settlement whose playstyles and playtimes are a good match for your own than depending on chance meetings in-game. The Recruitment forum is a great place to post if you're looking for like-minded players to adventure with.
Yup, that's exactly what would happen if, a split second after each time you clicked on the text field to activate it, the system registered a press of the esc key or a mouse/touchscreen/touchpad click outside the text field. It's doubtful that you're intentionally pressing a key or clicking, but there could be some weird glitch causing the system to fake one.

Although your cursor is off-set in the recording, it doesn't move after the initial click, so it seems unlikely that you're somehow moving away from the text field and then getting a false mouse-click away from the text field. The fact that the cursor stays up makes a touchscreen click less likely, though the cursor being off-set means the recording doesn't really reflect what you're seeing, so maybe it's visible on the recording but not on the actual screen until you move it again.

All that said, there could be something completely different causing the issue, even if the results are identical. As a first step, shut down your machine, restart it, and then run Pathfinder Online before running anything else. Do you get the same result?
That's a new one. Based on the visual reference you provided, it looks like the Pathfinder Online window is still in focus, so it doesn't seem like some other application is trying to take the focus for itself.

It almost seems like the application is getting ghost mouse clicks or key presses.

The esc key for example would close a text field or drop down menu on both the login and character creation screens. On the other hand, if that key's just stuck down, then it doesn't seem to cause any issues, which means it would have to actually be on some kind of special repeat function to act like it's being repeatedly pressed instead of just stuck down.

Clicking somewhere else in the window would also have similar results. However, when I click in a text field, the cursor stays over the text field, so any additional clicks don't close the text field unless I move the cursor away first. However, I do notice that if I tap somewhere else in the window with my touchscreen, then the text field closes and my cursor disappears, so a glitchy touchscreen is a possibility, assuming you have a touchscreen.

Overall though, those kinds of things should be affecting other apps, and not just Pathfinder Online, so I'm a bit stumped. As such, if none of the above strikes a chord with you, I'd probably fall back on the classic customer support standby: Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Just learn any other feat from any trainer and the tutorial will move on to the next stage.
Whenever I have to set things up in terms of probability (2 mobs, each has 50% chance of being a captain and 50% chance of being a regular bandit) instead of certainty (2 mobs, 1 is a captain and 1 is a regular bandit), things get iffy. Over time, the average difficult is the same, but each instance can vary wildly. Worst case, this particular hex can launch 1 captain during wave 5, 2 during waves 6-8, and 3 during waves 9-10. Best case, it can result in no captains at all. However, it's pretty likely to launch something in between those two extremes.

Of course, captains are pretty tough for brand new players, and those hexes aren't very far away from Thornkeep, so there's definitely an argument for keeping them from getting too tough. That said, gushers are ultimately meant to require multiple defenders (except when you're distinctly overpowered relative to the mob level), and a relatively small group of new-ish players can probably handle a few captains, along with their entourage of recruits.
Ideally, the waves in those hexes would be balanced somewhere between those of the No-Captain hex closest to Thornkeep and the bandit-heavy NPC road hexes. Looks like we're close to meeting that goal, but need to do some more tweaking to get things just right. The tricky part is going to be that I need to depend a bit on probability to make things work here, and there may not be quite enough difference between the difficulty of No-Captain hex waves and road hex waves, or for that matter wilderness/monster hex waves, to get the dice on my side. That means I'll probably have to look at making the Thornkeep hexes easier and/or making the other hexes harder to make more room in the middle. In the long-run, my thoughts lean toward eventually making the waves harder overall, the question is whether or not it's safe to start heading in that direction yet.

And again three more sequences were cleared since the last update, with 35 left to finish off! Here are the 11 completed sequence hexes:

  • Carpe Noctem 5-6
  • Aragon 2-3-2-3
  • Keeper's Pass 1-2
  • Alderwag 2-3
  • Unassigned (University Commons 5-6)
  • Callambea 4-5
  • Oak Knoll 4-5
  • Unassigned (Carpe Noctem 4-4-4)
  • Caer Coedwig 2-3
  • Hammerfall 1-2
  • University Commons 1-1
Can you exclude the "problematic categories" (Premium) from even having a Tier tab?

It would add some complexity/time to the work, since the sorting UI is currently identical for every tab. On the other hand, it could let us add more sorting categories to specific tabs, like Variety or Skill, that could make sorting even more useful. Certainly something we'll consider.