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It doesn't hurt to raise these kinds of discussions, and sometimes it can turn out the suggestion is easier to implement than one would initially think, or that there's an easier way of achieving the spirit of the suggestion. It's also not always clear where the tradeoffs have to be, since that depends on how much of the work Cole needs to do and how much I need to do.

In this particular case, in theory there's a way to do this with what we call Treasure Boxes, which are basically items that contain other items. Examples are the Class Packs and New Player Packs, and now the Claim Tickets as well. Like the Class Packs, those can be set up to give you a choice of what's actually in the Treasure Box. Further, these can be set up to roll on a loot table instead of giving out guaranteed results.

Assuming that all works as expected when dropped as mob loot, it's possible that I could do all the work myself, so we wouldn't be trading off for other programming tasks. Then again, we'd still be trading off for other designer/non-programmer tasks, since I could spend that time doing things like fleshing out the events in some of the escalations, or adding more feats, or designing/testing the more programmer-heavy tasks. There's always a tradeoff of some kind.

At the very least, it would make a lot of sense to add some of the enchanting salvage to the boss drops, and that would be pretty easy to do. Adding the choice part is definitely a little more complicated, even assuming the Treasure Boxes would do the trick, but has some interesting possibilities. I'll put in a feature request to look into either method (or both) when I get a chance.
EE 16.2 is live, and the public spreadsheets now reflect the following changes:

  • Weapon enchantments get the full benefits of their keywords.
  • Lesser/Greater/Superior Critical Resistance provides Critical Resistance instead of Improved Critical.
  • Dark Shielding provides Negative Resistance instead of Sonic Resistance.
  • Contingency Protection provides Sonic Resistance instead of Negative Resistance.
  • Descriptions for enchantments providing multiple keywords are more readable.
  • Paueliel Log is spelled correctly (was actually already correct on the spreadsheets, in-game spelling is now correct as well).
  • Shield attacks require Shield Expert achievement at same points other attacks require similar achievements.
It's another icy day in paradise, so I'm pushing the release date for 16.2 back another day.
Today's a snow day for Paizo, so I won't be able to do the final testing on this build until tomorrow. It's held up great so far and I don't anticipate any problems, but better safe than sorry, so I've pushed back the expected Live deployment date to Wednesday, February 6.
Today's extended downtime brought to you in part by Seattle Snowmageddon 2019! We planned to do some extra maintenance this morning, but then we weren't able to make it into the office, and blah blah blah. End result, longer delay than expected, and we'll need to delay things a bit again tomorrow to take another stab at that extra maintenance.
We want to update to the latest stable version of Unity, whatever that is at the time we undertake this effort. We don't have an exact estimate for the time involved, or a detailed plan for how to fit it in with our other goals, but it's certainly going to involve months of coding time.
Slash doesn't apply a lot of bleed, so it could very well just be a sliver on the health bar. Oblivious looks like the only thing that should cause Slash to light up, so it certainly sounds like it's working properly.
The refining achievements are based on the plus value of the recipe being used, not on the plus value of the result, so crits won't help you on this. Fortunately, there are several Common T1/+1 recipes you can learn at rank 3, assuming you can get your hands on the recipe.

Also, if you use a recipe with a higher plus value, you automatically get all the lower achievements, so you can just use a +3 recipe and get all the +0-3 achievements with one refining project. Steel Ingot +3 is learnable at Smelter 3, so that would work.
Okay, things are restarting now, probably just a few more minutes and then all the map servers will be up. Sorry about the hassle, and thanks for your patience.
Things do seem to be consistently slow the last several days. We've got some ideas of things to try, but as long as things are just being a little slow, it's better to try those things on Monday morning when we're in the office for the day, rather than on the weekend.