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These are the Preliminary Release Notes for Early Enrollment v16.2. We deployed a Final Candidate for EE 16.2 to the Test Server on Thursday, January 31, and plan to deploy that build to Live during Daily Maintenance on Thursday, February 7, assuming that it performs well during final testing.

What Is In This Release

This release fixes a few issues with enchanting, including a general issue with weapon enchantment keywords not working and some specific enchantments that weren’t working properly. Fixes were also made to the way escalation event encounters are cleaned up after an event is completed. As always, multiple smaller improvements were also made to various systems in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes

  • Weapon enchantments get the full benefits of their keywords.
  • Lesser/Greater/Superior Critical Resistance provides Critical Resistance instead of Improved Critical.
  • Dark Shielding provides Negative Resistance instead of Sonic Resistance.
  • Contingency Protection provides Sonic Resistance instead of Negative Resistance.
  • Descriptions for enchantments that provide multiple keywords were cleaned up to be more readable.

  • After an event ends, all remaining event encounters will disappear as soon as they’re out of sight, or after 5 minutes, whichever happens sooner.
  • The minimum delay between events increased to 6 minutes to ensure that all encountersfrom a previous completed event are gone before a new event starts.
  • Bloodbriar Goblin Raid has more standard strength drops.
  • Questgivers for kill quests state which prerequisites are missing when right-clicked on.

  • Enchanting salvage drops are spread more evenly, particularly between tiers.
  • Tian Xia enemies drop Black Pearls as salvage.
  • Mordant Spire loot bonuses are based on Geography instead of Local.
  • Necromancers and cultists drop robes instead of clothes as salvage.
  • Paueliel Log is spelled correctly.
  • A warning is shown in the Crafting Window if insufficient Azoth is applied.

  • Shield attacks require Shield Expert achievement at same points other attacks require similar achievements.
  • Nature is no longer available at any trainers, since there currently aren’t enemies that base their loot bonuses on Nature.

  • War Wizard structures face the correct direction in player settlements.
  • Deleted leaders are removed from companies even if they’re the last remaining leader.

  • Editing pass on the help text to fix spacing issues and minor typos.
  • Item Confirm Window says OK instead of Ok.
An intriguing idea, so I've added a feature request to our database to look into it at some point. The downside is that there are at least two big technical hurdles to making such a change:

  1. We currently attach recipes to buildings based on the skill required to learn those recipes, so we'd have to code up a way to have some recipes override that. Feasible, but a fair amount of work. Could open up some other interesting possibilities as well, so worth considering.
  2. In Thornkeep, we've currently moved all the crafting buildings to one hex so they can all access the bank. The library is currently in another hex, so it would have to be moved while Thornkeep still operates under that restriction. However, that's something we'd like to fix eventually, so that we can move the crafting buildings back to the other hex and take some of the pressure off of that single hex. Once that's done, it makes this change a bit easier, but that's going to be a major undertaking.
The odd thing about Enchanting salvage: Regular salvage has always been an alternate to materials that could be gathered. Enchanting salvage seems to be unique to itself in recipes.

Do I have that right?

Yup, the idea was to provide new salvage items that make it worthwhile to tackle every escalation. Since enchanting is an advanced, high-end aspect of the crafting system, we felt much more comfortable attaching specific ingredients to specific escalations without providing alternative sources for those stocks.
Hmm, everything's up now, but they were slow coming up a couple days ago as well. In both cases they recovered on their own without any intervention, which is good, and there are some things outside our control that can slow the process down. Nonetheless, we'll take a look at the logs and see if there's anything here we can control to keep the likelihood of this happening to a minimum.
Stilachio Thrax
Bob, when do you think you and Lisa will have an updated roadmap? Inquiring minds want to know…

We don't have an ETA yet, but we are working on it and want to have it ready soon.
You have and it is much appreciated that you listen to us and consider our "blatherings". Most of us realize that we are pushing for a trip to Betelgeuse while you are trying to get us to the moon! I hope this kind of speculation can be taken with a grain of salt and realize that most of us know any such work undertaken would be far, far in the future. Not meaning to create undue pressure. smile

No worries! Always like to hear what you're all thinking, and to talk through the possibilities for the future, though I do often have to cut my participation in such discussions short for things we're not likely to get to soon. Still like seeing all the ideas though, and do want to chime in enough to help you all understand the direction we're headed and the work involved.
Dang it why did I open my big mouth. I like the 20m charge it was the 15m range that I disliked. I should have known that would backfire on me smile

Well, that's also a possibility. Adjusting the charge distance is a more straight-forward change, since theoretically the 20m charge isn't getting fully utilized anyway, so I'd just be rebalancing the numbers to match the attack's general functionality. Increasing the actual range alters the nature of the attack in a more fundamental way, so I'd need to do more research on why the range was originally reduced to make sure I wasn't just reintroducing some problem that the reduced range was intended to fix.

Also, increasing the range would probably count as making the attack better according to our balance algorithm, which in turn would call for having it do less damage or less other effects. There's almost always a trade-off of some kind involved.
Great ideas!

Settlements are the pinnacle of player achievement. At least they are supposed to be… Even though every single one around was placed "gratis" at game start. They are complex and expensive and highly customizable. They were conceived for very large groups. They were supposed to be for MULTIPLE COMPANIES.

The next step down is the "Holding". Getting better with time, admittedly, but the entire system feels kinda limited. With any sort of large influx of new players, something between those two (Settlements, Holdings) seems like a no brainer. The Multiple company, 300+ player, mandate was a great idea but you have a whole sector of players types that want to be KINGS on their own hills. Not all new players are driven this way but I can confidently say that many, many are and they WILL BE.

A more complicated and rewarding "Manor House Holding" would be an attractive and intriguing middle, player option.

We've regularly discussed ways that holdings and other mechanisms could provide support to companies or individual characters. There are some balance considerations to work through, and certainly a fair amount of code to write, but generally it's a direction we'd like to move in when we get a chance.
As things should be player driven as far as possible in this game (by design choice) why not allow shut-down settlements to be raided (with a long wait between attempts). The raid would steal a building kit and perhaps some plunder from the settlement vault.

We'd like to do something with battles in settlement hexes eventually, but that's going to take some code work. For now, the levers we can easily manipulate are the settlement warfare rules and the upkeep/DI costs. The costs are just in spreadsheets, so as long as we're not changing the way they function, increases and decreases are easily made, though they need to be deployed in an update. The settlement warfare rules are just a policy, so they can be changed at any time without requiring any code or content changes, at least as long as they only reference things that already work in-game.
So it has bugged me for a bit, but is it intentional that the Axe attack "Shear" has a range of 15m yet it has a 20m charge effect? It just seems odd to charge at a target and stop 5m behind them. I would think it should have a 20m range right?

It looks like the range was reduced at some point without also reducing the charge distance, though that's based on a very cursory glance at that spreadsheet's history. I'll do a little more digging and consider reducing the charge distance to something more appropriate.