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So i made a +3 Keen Avenger Dagger -
It states it provides +41 critical bonus and keyword keen.

My star slinger Attack is rank 6 - and has the Keen keyword..
But the dagger it self doesnt have the keen keyword on it - and the star slinger attack's keen keyword is not highlighted either.
Does this mean it isnt working? or the word wasnt added ?
Will send email to support as well - but figured i would ask here - first.

Yeah, the weapon keywords aren't working properly. We're just about finished with an update that will fix that and a few other issues.
Can't both things be done?

Well, we can't really convert abandoned settlements to NPC settlements without doing a lot of work, but we could theoretically declare some of them unclaimable for now (either just say that can't be taken over or, with a tiny bit more work, turn them into unclaimable hexes like the other unfinished settlements). That would remove them from contention and cut the total number of player settlements. However, that wouldn't really be all that different from just leaving them abandoned, except that you wouldn't have to worry about someone else claiming the settlement for a while.

What we're hoping is that the new rules will result in a small number of settlements being abandoned, and remaining abandoned, without the need to explicitly say they can't be taken over. If not, we can make further adjustments, possibly including ways for abandoned settlements to get declared off-limits. We'd generally prefer that any changes make player choices more interesting, rather than removing choices, but sometimes the latter is the best option.
You are a Troll
Because a *new group* would have ZERO chance of putting together the Siege equipment needed to *claim* an under-defended or underdeveloped settlement. Saying they could get help from another group just makes them beholden to that group, which is no fun.

True, a group composed entirely of new players couldn't immediately start taking over a settlement. I should have been clearer that "reasonable effort" included "after reasonable time developing skills and building up resources."

That said, it's always possible someone would sell them all the equipment needed, so they don't necessarily need all the crafting skills or to get unreimbursed help to put things together. It might take a while to pull together enough resources to trade/sell for everything, and to build up all the needed influence, but it could be done without becoming beholden to anyone. Of course, that assumes that someone would be willing to sell siege engines and the like, or at least holdings/outposts for taking over abandoned settlements.
IMO, unused/unwanted settlements should revert to NPC control and be held that way for a future LandRush contest as part of the Promo to OE.

We still have a bunch of unused settlement spaces that we can activate when needed. For now, it's actually good that a small number of settlements be either abandoned or under-developed/defended, since that means any group that just happens to join now has something they could claim with reasonable effort.
There should be an option for players to take currently abandoned/un-developed settlements and turn them into NPC towns and it should be relatively easy to do compared to capture and keep.

Converting them to actual NPC towns (with all their base structures and trainers) would be a fair amount of work, since they use different terrain, and then we'd have to reverse all that work to convert them back to player settlements at some point.

What we do plan on doing soon is switching to the new Settlement Warfare rules that were proposed a few months ago, which will basically require that settlements at least remain active in order to avoid being abandoned. It's not a very high bar, but it does mean at least holding a little territory and paying some upkeep, so some settlements may become abandoned after those rules become active. Abandoned settlements are fairly easy to acquire, but the new rules will make it much less worthwhile to do so unless you're able to develop and run it.
i have been pondering this, why was a "new" settlement chosen as a reward, I mean, to me, there aren't to few settlements around. Actually I think the game would gain by shrinking a bit, not diluting even more.
Is there some aspect I miss here?

Marketstead was an existing settlement, though undeveloped, so we weren't adding to the pool of player settlements. The former owners volunteered it as a reward for this year's event and we felt it was appropriate for the challenge involved. Certainly seems to have been a great motivator!
According to the Wiki:

Dark Shielding armor keywords: Alkaline, Death-Warded
Dark Shielding resistance bonuses: Acid and Sonic (should be negative?)

Contingency Protection armor keywords: Alkaline, Dampened
Contingency Protection resistance bonuses: Acid and Negative (should be sonic?)

Good catch, I'll get those fixed.
Hey Bob, since we are talking about loot drop rates, could you comment briefly on the magnitude of the effect of Knowledge skills on loot drops? I know it has been discussed before, but I have never really been able to grok if it is worth putting xp into those skills, say, instead of a combat skill that would let me kill the mobs faster for instance. If you get a 5% loot bonus per party member, then what is the loot drop bonus for the relevant knowledge skill per rank purchased? Alos, I assume it affects enchanting salvage drops too as they are now part of the normal loot table for that mob type? Thanks!

The loot bonus from knowledge skills is pretty signficant. Your bonus is basically RelevantKnowledgeSkill/600, so as your skill rises from 0-300, your bonus goes from 0-150%. Just taking into consideration standard loot drops (not event drops or achievements or influence or …smile, raising the right knowledge skill from 0 to 200 will double your loot, meaning that's worth the same as doubling your killing speed. Since each rank raises the knowledge skill by 10, each rank adds 5% to the total bonus, and is thus comparable to anything that increases your "killing speed bonus" by another 5%.

And yes, that bonus applies to the enchanting salvage drops as well. There is one slight trick though. The standard part of the loot drops you get from a specific mob use the knowledge skill related to that mob. The enchanting salvage part is attached to the escalation, and therefore uses the knowledge skill most closely associated with the escalation as a whole.
A fifth sequence was recently cleared, with 41 left to finish off! Here are all the completed sequence hexes:

  • Carpe Noctem 5-6
  • Aragon 2-3-2-3
  • Keeper's Pass 1-2
  • Alderwag 2-3
  • Unassigned (University Commons 5-6)

All the other standard monster hexes are still running sequences, with 4 of them still on Bloodbriar Goblin Raid (the only escalation that doesn't lose strength naturally).
So just to infer from your statement of "the likelihood of running into one of those escalations," does that mean that the escalations with a Home hex have a lower droprate for salvage?

Having a home hex does reduce the drop rate for enchanting salvage. It's not the only factor, so there are some escalations without home hexes that have lower drop rates than some escalations with home hexes, but overall it's fair to say that the escalations with home hexes tend to be on the lower end for drop rates.