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All posts created by Bob

Bob, Is the event starting on Thursday or Friday? Also when are the further details coming?
Just trying to get an idea in advance if possible since Thursday is just 2 days away.

We're still planning to start on Thursday. I've just now started testing the build out on Zog. Assuming all goes well, we'll deploy that build to Live on Wednesday, then kick off the event on Thursday.

We'll be focused on testing for much of today, but should be able to get the rest of the details pulled together and posted tomorrow.
Hmm, just tried it out and made it into the game. Some days we just have a lot of log files to process and the Daily Maintenance takes a bit longer than usual. It's admittedly a little surprising for it to go more than an hour these days, since we trimmed back the logs quite a bit in a previous update. We'll have to check them out and see if it's anything requiring fixing.
The escalation raiding holdings? That is something I missed. Do those happens on a schedule? That is perhaps something I join in, helping the defence, dropping slowing arrows from safe distance…

Yup, this was added at the same time as raids. Every PvP day where the outposts are vulnerable, there's a chance that waves of invading monsters will try to raid the hex. If they do, that even breaks hex protection for the day. The highest chance for this to happen is when the hex has an escalation running in neighboring hex, in which case mobs from that escalation will attempt a raid. If not, there's a smaller chance that waves of the basic default mobs in that hex will attempt a raid. If the raid succeeds, the mobs steal that day's bulk resource production for that hex. If the outposts are already overrun, then there won't be a raid, because the holding is instead open to being captured.
I've only mentioned one prize qualification/rule so far (first to complete the sequence), but we do plan on giving out prizes for other forms of progress as well. We haven't worked out all the details yet, but wanted to get out the list of assigned hexes on the early side so settlement leaders could get back to us with any requested changes before things start. We're focused on getting the build put together that makes this all possible first (almost ready to deploy), then we'll work out the full prize rules and get them posted before the event starts.

In terms of larger alliances as opposed to settlements, our general plan is to leave it up to each alliance how much they want to cooperate within their alliance, or even with other alliances, and how to divide up the spoils from such cooperation.
Also, will the Monster Raid mechanics be turned off for this special event time period? It will be harsh my mellow if on top of trying to fight through this event, that this event's escalations are raiding our holdings at the same time.

Sorry, they won't be turned off. All the more reason to take these down quickly. At least you only have to worry about the raids on your PvP days.
I was wondering what the holiday extravaganza for this year was. Interesting prize. Can we get a hint of what the new escalation is?

Well, there's a pretty big hint in the name of this thread.
The Nhur Athemon Sequence will be launched in all standard monster hexes (not the home hexes or the two "tutorial" monster hexes in -12,18 and 0,3) at 10 AM Pacific (or shortly after Daily Maintenance) on Thursday, December 20. That sequence will run through all of the currently available escalations in ascending order of difficulty, with a ten minute delay between escalations, culminating in a new escalation that is both more difficult and more rewarding than all the previous escalations.

Each settlement has a nearby hex assigned to it, listed below. Prizes will be awarded for the first, second and third settlements to complete the sequence in their assigned hex:

  • First Place: Ownership of Marketstead, Keep Structure Kit +0/1, choice of 7 structure kit sets (no keep, at most 1 large and 2 mediums, 1 set at +0-5, 1 set at +0-4, 1 set at +0-3, 2 sets at +0-2, 2 sets at +0-1), 1 structure kit recipe for each chosen set, 1000 of each bulk resource, 10 gold coins, choice of 10 recipes (at most 2 Tier 3 and 3 Tier 2), and choice of 10 standard raw ingredients (100 each, at most 2 Tier 3 and 3 Tier 2, no Aeon Stones or Victory Markers or other specialty ingredients, the new enchanting raw ingredients are fine, gatherable or salvage items are fine).
  • Second Place: Choice of 5 structure kit sets (no keep, at most 1 large and 2 mediums, 1 set at +0-4, 1 set at +0-3, 1 set at +0-2, 2 sets at +0-1), 1 structure kit recipe for each chosen set, 500 of each bulk resource, 5 gold coins, choice of 7 recipes (at most 1 Tier 3 and 2 Tier 2), and choice of 7 standard raw ingredients (50 each, at most 1 Tier 3 and 2 Tier 2, see restrictions from First Place prize).
  • Third Place: Choice of 3 structure kit sets (no large/keep and at most 1 medium, 1 set at +0-3, 1 set at +0-2, 1 set at +0-1), 1 structure kit recipe for each chosen set, 250 of each bulk resource, 3 gold coins, choice of 5 recipes (at most 1 Tier 3 and 1 Tier 2), and choice of 5 standard raw ingredients (25 each, at most 1 Tier 3 and 1 Tier 2, see restrictions from First Place prize).

In addition, we'll check every settlement's progress right after Daily Maintenance on Monday, January 7 and award prizes based on how far each settlement gets through the sequence in their assigned hex. Any settlement that completes the sequence by that date will receive a free copy of a new recipe for a spellcrafting structure we'll be adding soon, along with a +0 kit for that structure. We'll be moving enchanting off the iconographer and artificer buildings sometime after that structure becomes available, so that will be a very useful building to have, though spellcrafting will remain on the spellwright structure as well. In addition, every sequence escalation completed by that date will count as 1 point toward your choice of recipes (Tier 3 recipes cost 10 points, Tier 2 recipes cost 3 points, Tier 1 recipes cost 1 point).

For all prizes, final decisions on the reasonableness of any choices will be at Paizo's discretion. If you have any questions about what might be considered reasonable or unreasonable, particularly if there are things you think might meet the descriptions above but seem overly valuable compared to what was likely intended, please ask those questions now.

Finally, when together you manage to complete every Nhur Athemon Sequence across the map, you'll unlock the new escalation as part of the standard rotation, though at a slightly lower frequency than any of the other high-level escalations. That means clearing it from both the assigned and unassigned monster hexes, 46 sequences in all.

Here are the hexes assigned to each settlement:

  • Alderwag: -13,-6
  • Aragon: -2,2
  • Blackwood Glade: -2,14
  • Brighthaven: 6,13
  • Caer Coedwig: -11,-4
  • Callambea: -10,0
  • Canis Castrum: -14,11
  • Carpe Noctem: -1,4
  • Concordia: -4,5
  • Corbenik: -15,4
  • Dun Baile: -11,4
  • Emerald Lodge: -5,10
  • Forgeholm: 3,-2
  • Fort Ouroboros: -18,20
  • Golgotha: -5,7
  • Greystone Keep: -7,19
  • Hammerfall: -2,11
  • High Road: -20,1
  • Hope's End: -11,14
  • Keeper's Pass: 2,13
  • Mediash: -7,-3
  • Middenheim: -16,8
  • Oak Knoll: -12,9
  • Ozem's Vigil: -10,-7
  • Phaeros: 1,18
  • Staalgard: -1,-3
  • Succinct Prime: -17,14
  • Sunholm: -20,10
  • Sylva: -5,14
  • Talonguard: -21,4
  • Tavernhold: -20,-7
  • University Commons: 5,-1
  • Veggr Tor: -14,1

Settlement leaders, contact if you'd like to select a different unassigned hex, or to trade with another interested settlement, and we'll see what we can work out.

Happy adventuring!

Edit 1: Updated Hangman's Hollow to Oak Knoll.
Edit 2: Added the actual rules and prizes.
I've added two tabs to the end of the public spreadsheet, Enchanting Salvage and Enchanting Raw, listing the new salvage and gatherable raw materials for enchanting. For each item, I've listed the item name, tier, and the 1-2 stocks the item matches. I'll get the standard salvage and raw material items listed at some point, but those are a little trickier for me to filter down to just the items in-game. Don't want to give away too many secrets yet.
Kenton Stone
I cannot find any item in the auction house list either Raw Gathered or Salvage listed as Serrated Ore. I even checked the test server. I am wondering if this was omitted from the game?

Serrated ore is the stock name. The actual salvaged item is Bag of Shiny Stuff.
Trying to track down where serrated ore is found.. no luck as of yet.. until I do.. will offer 20t2 magnetized ore(t2 salvage).. for 20 serrated ore(t1 gathered???.. thinking it is gathered because the recipe has a salvaged component.. and am working under the impression refining enchantments use 1 salvaged component and 1 gathered, but that may be incorrect).

The enchantment refining recipes use either enchanting salvage or enchanting gathered, but not both. The enchanting recipes themselves use at least one thing refined from enchanting salvage and one thing refined from enchanting gathered. That means Serrated Ore is the stock on a salvage item.

Updated: Edited to reflect that Serrated Ore is a stock name, not the name of the actual item.