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All posts created by Bob

This used happen to me a lot leaving settlement until it dawned on me the settlement hexes are actually a fair bit bigger than the raised builtup area.

Would it be simpler to just stop nodes spawning near hex boundaries?

That's an option. Right now, the nodes just spawn at any of the spots that uneven encounters can spawn at, and we didn't want to keep those too far from the border. If we did, then there'd basically be safe lanes along all the hex borders. Still, we could probably put a quick check on the node spawns to only consider uneven spots a certain distance from the borders. It probably wouldn't completely prevent the issue, since there are some weird cases where you can legitimately manage to get pretty far into a hex before switching servers, but it would certainly cut down on them.
I just found the Lesser Blivious Recovery Recipe … is the Oblivious debuff really so bad it is worth creating a magical item to speed up the recovery?

There are enchantments available to increase recovery from pretty much every debuff. How useful they are really depends on how often you're getting hit with those debuffs. If you know you're going up against enemies that apply it liberally, then it's probably worth equipping. If not, there's a good chance something else is a better choice. It's kind of that way for all the more specific enchantments. If you can adjust your equipment according to the enemies your facing, then the right mix of very specific enchantments will give you the best results. If you're not quite sure what you'll be running up against, then a mix of more generally applicable enchantments is probably a better choice.

And of course that's just one of the many variables that goes into choosing enchantments. Boosting strengths, balancing weaknesses, equipment limits, enchantment price, durability considerations, all play into which choice is best for you in any given situation.
One small error - Greater is actually for T2s - I realized I don't have a T3 recipe - guessing they're Superior or something.

Correct, Lesser is T1, Greater is T2, and Superior is T3.
But I have also had it like Schedim stated where I am in the hex and the node is in the hex (cause I am inside border by at least 15-30m) but the animation starts and abruptly stops with no error and no pop-up window and no pop-up error text. All I have needed to do is tap W or S to move slightly and then can collect the node like normal.
I can try to submit a ticket in game the next time that happens if that would help @Bob?

The tricky part here is that you can be pretty far into the hex before we actually move you to that hex's server. That's to keep characters from bouncing repeatedly between servers if they're running along the border. There's basically a buffer zone where it's not always easy to tell which hex server you're on. As a player, the easiest way to be sure you've actually been transferred to the new hex is to check Current Hex on the map and see if your character is just a bit outside the centered hex. My suspicion is that you were almost outside that buffer zone, and moving just slightly got you past the buffer and transferred to the new hex. I can double-check if you submit a ticket, but be sure to submit the ticket while you're still unable to gather so I can see which hex you're technically in while the problem is occurring. If you file a separate one once you are able to gather at that same node, then I can check even more easily by just seeing if the two tickets say you're in two different, neighboring hexes.
Did a quick check of the locations on those support tickets. All of them were filed just outside the current hex, so I'm pretty sure this is a hex border issue. I'll file a bug report to look into it. In the short-run, we can probably at least provide better messaging. Long-run, we'd like to find a solution that lets you gather at hex borders properly, but that will be a little tricky.

Meanwhile, you should be able to get around the issue by going further into the hex the node is actually in, until Current Hex shows that you've been switched over to that hex. Return to the node and you should be able to gather from it.
During testing, sometimes I wouldn't get the gathering pop-up after the animation, and I'd have to remind myself to scroll down in the chat window to see if I got a gusher, or I could check the mini-map to see if I suddenly had a gusher selected. We probably need a more obvious notification, likely in the form of a pop-up, since that's what everyone's expecting to get and therefore where everyone's looking.

Hex borders can definitely also be a problem, though I thought that usually resulted in a message that there wasn't anything available to gather at your current gathering rank. Since there were some changes to the gathering logic, mainly to prevent gushers of the new enchanting mats, it's certainly possible that message isn't showing up properly in those circumstances.

If you check your map right after having this problem, you can see how likely it is that the hex border is causing the problem. If you click on Current Hex, you'll be centered on the hex the game officially considers you to be in. If your character is outside that hex's borders, then you're technically in hex A interacting with a node in hex B. We do a lot of fancy footwork to handle combat between entities in hex A and hex B, but we don't yet do any of that for nodes. If this issue is only happening under those circumstances, then we know where to look. I'll also be able to check this for any support tickets filed in-game, since the ticket includes which hex you're technically in and your exact location, so I can pretty easily check to see if you're outside the current hex borders.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the enchanting recipes ported over today. I'll take care of that on Monday.
These only seem to apply once you train a new freehold skill…

Oh, I should mention that there is one aspect here that does require training a specific Expert or Freeholder skill: Levels 1, 9 and 17 each require the appropriate rank of that role's Implement Proficiency. That's something you might not have picked up along the way if you're planning to focus on the implement from one of the combat roles, but is pretty central to the way role advancement works.
New Expert and Freeholder role achievements.

These only seem to apply once you train a new freehold skill, at which point your high level character instantly jumps to level 10 freeholder or some such.

This may be problematic for characters on level 20 of a few craft skills that are now doing combat training.

Fortunately, those achievements get checked whenever you learn any new feat, regardless of whether it's related to that role. Pick up the new Enchantment Points 1 for just 1 XP and you'll be all set.
The Enchantments tab on the public spreadsheet is now fully updated. There aren't actually very many changes there since it was originally posted, but just to be sure, all the data there is now drawn from the EE 16 internal spreadsheets.

Information about which types of items each enchantment can be applied to is in the enchanting recipes, which I'll be getting to next.