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Playing on Zog - got a T2 gusher of Forest Drake Eggshell

Good find. I tested that restriction a bit when it went in, but hadn't done a major test of it yet in this build, so maybe it broke since then. Or maybe there's an edge case I missed. We'll track it down and fix it once we're back in the office on Tuesday (Paizo takes Monday off for Veteran's Day).
Dose this Update fix the Wright armour feat Typo that stops the Regen of it from working?

Yup, that's in the build on Zog.
Goblinville, Ogreville and Wolfdale have fully-stocked Settlement vaults. I can provide some specific items on request, like particular enchanted items anyone would like to try out, but in limited varieties. It's easy for me to create a lot of one item (I get to specify quantity), and generating large piles of the basics is pretty easy (I made special loot boxes loaded with pre-defined items), but individual items is a slower, manual process. In theory I could create a treasure box with a variety of enchanted items in it, but the matrix of possible item/enchantment combinations gets very large, very fast. Might try doing a treasure box with a scattered sample of enchanted items in the next build, but it would have to be a pretty small subset of what's possible.
Oh, as I add a bunch more stuff to the vaults, they're going to get extremely slow. Let me know if they actually cause any crashes, but so far they've always loaded up eventually. I do however strongly suggest selecting both category and sub-category while in your relatively empty Personal vault, then switching to the Settlement vault. It'll still be slow, but not as bad.
It's not quite done yet, but for those interested in taking a look, we've got a preliminary version of EE 16 up on the test servers. I don't have any nicely-written release notes either, but here are some of the bigger additions you can check out:

  • You can Enchant items. They still let you enchant lower-plus versions of the enchantment than the plus of the item being enchanted, which is a bit confusing but will be fixed shortly. They also currently have zero crafting times, which is kind of handy for testing, but not great for seeing how that will ultimately compare to other crafting times. That will be fixed shortly as well.
  • You can learn new Enchanting recipes, as well as Refining recipes for the required refined items. I'll put a bunch of those in settlement vaults shortly, along with a bunch of the refined items.
  • You can gather the new raw materials for Enchanting in the monster hexes. You need to be at levels 3, 10 and 17 to gather the T1, T2 and T3 mats. Again, I'll put some in the vaults shortly.
  • The new salvage mats aren't currently dropping from the escalations, but I'll put a bunch of them in the vaults.
  • You can see enchanted items in the auction houses, but you still wind up purchasing the cheapest item regardless of enchantment. You can also get a look at how we're setting up the UI for specifying enchantments on bids, but you can't currently specify the actual enchantment. That's already mostly working on our latest internal build, but I think we'll need a little more polish on this before we ship.
  • You can earn achievements for Spellcrafting (Enchanting or Aeon Stones), which are now required for training higher levels of Spellcraft.
  • You can earn Expert and Freeholder role achievements.
  • You can equip enchanted items and get their benefits, up to your maximum Enchantment Points. You can also train the Enchantment Points feat to earn more Enchantment Points.
  • Claim Tickets will give you the appropriate enchanted items.

I'll start stocking up the vaults now, and let me know if you run into anything you need like achievements or particular items, or just have any questions about what you're seeing. It's the end of the day here, and a busy weekend for me, so I can't promise to get things to you immediately, but I should be able to get on occasionally and provide things, or arrange times to meet up in game. Just post here or write to And, of course, if you see anything that doesn't seem to be working properly that I didn't mention above, let me know so we can start looking into fixes.
You are a Troll
There is absolutely no way for new players to know anything about the game or how why or where to spend xp on (or NOT to spend xp on) - where is the information? Where is the manual? Heck, you can't even SEE the attacks you have purchased without the correct weapon equipped and active!

Goblinary is the only saving grace in this regard, and it not even being maintained any more. This needs to change way before any new marketing push for new players or cash shop xp purchase options.
I'll bet Paizo agrees with you.

You're not wrong.
Lisa Stevens
I assume there will be some shenanigans with the Spellwrigth levels already bought when the Enchantments systems drops? We need to rebuy them with the normal Achievement gating?

Bob can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that bought feats stay bought and won't have to be gated.


Correct, you keep any feat ranks you've learned even if you don't meet any new prerequisites. We only check the prerequisites when you try to train them.

There will be some other changes for Spellcraft. There's a new Spellcraft achievement which is earned just like any crafting achievement and similarly acts as a prerequisite for ranks in Spellcraft. The Spellcraft ranks required for the Aeon Stone recipes will also be going up to match the values of their results, and Aeon Stones are generally considered to be T2/3. They'll now range from 7-19 instead of 1-9. They were previously artificially low because there wasn't much other reason to learn Spellcraft, so we didn't want to require high levels in it just to learn the few recipes available. There will now be a ridiculous number of Spellcraft recipes available (258 new ones, plus the 27 Aeon Stone recipes), spread out across all ranks, so that's no longer necessary. You won't technically forget a learned recipe, but you can lose access to it since we do check the recipe's rank against your rank when making the list of available recipes at a crafting facility (this can also happen if you lose support, though that didn't generally affect these much since they maxed out at 9).
Might be of no consequence but… Why are there Role achievements for Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, and Wizard but Nothing for Freeholder and Expert? smile

Funny enough, those are going in when Enchanting goes in. They'll be required as role prerequisites for the Implement Proficiency matching each role, and they'll be allowed to meet role prerequisites for the new Enchantment Points feat which lets you wear more enchanted items (each rank of the feat will require that you've reached the matching level in at least one role).
Any updates on enchantments? How's it going Bob? smile

Sorry about the lack of updates, things have been a bit hectic here as we try to get things ready before Thanksgiving week kicks in.

After a couple days beating the build process into submission, we put our first build up on the internal game servers today. We still have a few small issues that need finishing/fixing, but the build is doing well so far and we hope to have a Final Candidate shortly. That said, I'm only starting to test out all the systems, so I can't give a solid prediction of how many issues I'll find that need fixing before we can deploy to Live. On the positive side, most of the bigger changes were looked at a few times as they were going in, so I'm optimistic that most of the things we'll find that require fixing will be relatively small.

If tonight's build looks solid enough when we load it up tomorrow morning (builds take a long time, so we tend to make them overnight after we put in our latest changes), we may try to put it on Zog (the test servers) toward the end of the day, even if it's not a Final Candidate. It'd be good to start hearing feedback, but we need to make sure it's ready for that feedback to be meaningful. If not, we'll try again Monday.
I assume the holding bonus disappears when it shuts down ?

I don't believe that's currently the case, but it would make sense. I've filed a bug report to change that when we get a chance.

Whilst I understand the logic behind the outposts still functioning even when shutdown (afterall the outposts do not need bulk) and the way a shutdown holding can eventually build enough bulk to fire up again for a day and then shutdown again … it does seem a little odd there is no outpost production penalty for a shutdown holding.

There is also a potential for exploiting. If you could be bothered emptying a +5 holding every day and just let it fire up once a week you could save up to 46 bulk a day (1200 odd a month) for holdings without bulk bonuses and up to 36 a day for holdings that give bonuses. I very much doubt anyone could currently be bothered actually doing this but its an exploit nevertheless.

How hard would it be to reduce the production of outposts by say 50% when the managing holding is shutdown?

It's possible, and probably not too difficult technically, but I'd want to run through a bunch of balance calculations first to make sure the percentage reduction felt right. Cutting off the bonuses just seems fair and like it's a small enough reduction that it can't really cause much problem, but larger reductions would need more thought. I've filed a separate bug to consider it.