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We've considered doing something along these lines to make it easier for players to share things between their own characters. Social Companies could potentially help with this if they had vaults, since you could create one for just your own characters. Of course, if you could have an indefinite number of vaults, then we'd have to rethink some of the vault UI, along with some other UIs that refer to various vaults. Adding one vault just for your own characters might be a little easier, but still not trivial. I've added a feature request to remind us to look into it.
If party members are standing in the 15m area when the kit goes down and a wagon or table spawns around them they can get stuck in the gusher item and cannot move. relogging does not fixit.

Is it possible to adding the mechanic that throw everyone out of the way when putting up a freehold to the gusher code ?

I'm surprised relogging doesn't fix it, because I thought you generally got dropped from a short height when logging back in. Could be multiple issues coming together here to make the problem even worse than it should be.

I'm not sure exactly what would push characters out of the way when putting up a freenhold, but I've added a comment to the bug to look into that and see if it can be duplicated here.
It was a bit unexpected. Could it be related to the "enemies-goes-underground-and-attacks-from-below" that so far only has happend to me when there is a slope involved. i.e perhaps it is the collider on the enemies that malfunctions?

It's certainly possible that's part of the problem. Fingers crossed there's just an oddity to the model, since that would be a lot easier to fix.
If a holding fails its upkeep payment, it is shutdown for the day. If it remains shut down for 7 more days, then it is scheduled for destruction the following day. Technically, it's supposed to be 7 total days instead of 7 more days, but that's a minor bug for another time.

As of EE 15.1 (deployed last May), the holding will make one last attempt at paying upkeep right before destroying itself. If it succeeds, it will reactivate and avoid destruction.

Some holdings don't get enough bulk resources from their outposts to pay upkeep every day, particularly when they get raided. However, as long as it gets paid once every 9 days, the holding won't get torn down.

I believe the holdings do still have guards during their PvP window even if they're shut down. At some point we should probably consider providing less guards, or weaker ones, when holdings are shut down, but we always want at least some guards there so that defending companies don't have to hang out by the holding during the entire PvP window. The guards basically act as a short delay before capture points are awarded, during which the defending company has a chance to notice the attack and send forces there.
That does sound suspiciously like a sync issue. If it happens again, file a support ticket in-game right afterward with that character and we'll check the auction logs from that time period and location when get a chance.
That's strange, they usually just pop up on top of things like that. I'll have to check the harvesting model and see if it has some weird collision boxes hiding on it.
Escalations aren't currently spreading. You can see their current strength in the Objectives Window, and the boss comes out when the strength hits 500. Killing a random escalation mob makes the strength go down based on how tough that mob was. Killing a named event mob doesn't immediately lower the strength, but when the event is completed, the strength goes down by roughly the amount similar mobs would represent plus a bonus for the overall difficulty of the event.

Moving events forward also gives you a small chance (based on difficulty) of getting an Aeon Stone. The events generally show counters representing your progress toward completing the event. New events keep getting generated, though they may be repeats of the previous ones. Some escalations have multiple stages, where the mobs get tougher as the stages progress, and in those cases the available events may be different at each stage.

All the lore for the escalations is in the Objectives Window (upper-right, represented by the up-arrow, may need to open it by clicking on the arrow icon if it's closed) , but is admittedly kept pretty short. It's also only available once you're fully inside the monster hex (check Current Hex on the map) and if an escalation is running.
We're a little behind schedule, but only a bit for such a huge feature. Cole is mostly done with the known code additions and starting to deal with a few things we discovered along the way (like some changes we need to get the Auction House to handle enchanted items properly). I'm making good progress on the spreadsheets, but definitely underestimated how many tiny details go into creating new items and recipes. Multiply those underestimates by the huge number of new items/recipes/enchantments and things quickly get overwhelming. Still, I'm hoping to get that finished up in about 1 more week. After that it's all testing. There's a lot of new content, but most of it falls into large groups that can be tested fairly quickly by spot-checking, so we're hoping not to spend too much time in that stage before deploying the build.
You are a Troll
Each Outpost has Worker Feats already assigned to it (if you look in Goblinary). Lumberjack has Forester & Local while Mining Outpost has Dungeoneering & Miner. I think they were suppose to jive with the Effort Bonus (which is also listed for each Outpost's level in Goblinary). I would like to see that system implemented.

Yup, the combined skills in those feats from everyone assigned to each outpost is supposed to be the basis for Effort, instead of the predetermined Effort number we're currently using, with Effort Bonus still added on top of that. We still plan on implementing it eventually, but once implemented, outposts really won't be very productive without a fair number of active characters assigned to them. Fortunately, the first few/best characters assigned will provide a significant portion of the Effort, through the magic of square roots, which definitely helps. Still, it will be a big shift.
If you give two days warning, you can capture the hex.

Small technical correction on this: You can try to capture the hex once your feud is at least 48 hours old, not counting the warning time. So, if you set a one-hour delay, you can start attempting to capture the hex in 49 hours, meaning you're effectively giving 49 hours warning.