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All posts created by Bob

Hmm, that is bizarre. Tested out the Manor you mentioned and couldn't get the Holding Management option to show up either. I've started experimenting on Zog, and it looks like freshly placed Manors have the Holding Management option available at all upgrades (which is what I did most of my original testing with), but some of the older Manors I tried out wouldn't offer the option, even at lower upgrades. My suspicion is that something happens to at least some Manors (and likely Hermitages) over time to put them in a state where they don't offer the option, possibly even just going through Daily Maintenance. I'll work with Cole to get this figured out and let you all know if we figure out a workaround, or if we'll need another update.

As a minimal workaround for the moment, I'd suggest that any new Manors or Hermitages only be placed if you can upgrade them as much as you intend to right away.
Reviewing the sheets that were updated - and looking at the holding tab ..
Think the last entry is an error -
Manor is on the list twice .. line 81-86 and then again 111 to 116

2nd entry should be Hermitage - from the cost and bonuses etc ..

You are correct. The joys of copy/paste/edit, always manage to miss something. All fixed now.
Just a thought. How about something in the enchantment system that allows some piece of equipment or clothing that gives the Astral keyword so Greater Force Missile can realize its full potential. Same for Hydraulic Push. I think is a wonderful use of the enchantment system that missing keywords or keywords without a purpose now can be given purpose once the enchantment system comes into the game.

It's a possibility. The most likely candidate would be to allow enchanting of implements, since it would be pretty obvious that any keywords on an implement would apply to expendables. We already intend to let weapons add keywords that apply to combat feats, so this would just be a variant of that.

Our initial plans don't include the ability to enchant implements. In part, they're not as high a priority because they already have advantages all the way up to +5, and we'd like to cover all the equipment that doesn't currently offer any advantages at higher pluses first. I'll add a feature request to look at including implements when we have a chance.
FYI, I just now edited the public spreadsheet to incorporate all the changes in 15.2.
We rolled out a small update today to fix this bug. You'll no longer need extra coin to see otherwise trainable feats on the Available list.
We've got a build up on Zog that fixes this issue. We're going to let it run over the weekend to put it through some Daily Maintenance cycles, then plan on deploying to Live on Tuesday if all goes well.
We've tracked down the issue. At the time the application decides whether to put the feat/rank on the Available or Unavailable list, it's calculating the coin cost incorrectly. Then, when showing the coin charges on the actual list and on the tooltip, it's calculating everything correctly. This was a side-effect of the changes made to get taxes rounding properly, which would explain why it just started with EE 15.2.

We'll get this fixed, but in the meantime, the workaround is to have extra money available. Roughly double the amount required will do the trick. To be exact, instead of just needing BaseCost + Surcharge + Tax, you need 2*BaseCost + 2*Surcharge + Tax. You will, however, only be charged the correct amount, as the extra money is just required to get the feat listed under Available.
If this happens again to anyone, please send the output_log file from that session (found in the Pathfinder_Data folder) to
I've had another similar report, and have to admit I'm stumped. Tried adding just enough prerequisites to my GM character to make the other feat available at the reported settlement, even joined the same company and gave myself the same rank, but didn't run into the same problem. Can't think of anything in EE 15.2 that would have caused this either. Cole and I will have to take a closer look at the code and at the official spreadsheets to see if we can figure out some probable causes. Meanwhile, those of you having problems keep posting, and we'll see if a pattern develops.
Nope, Rotter's Hole is still an NPC town. I just traded out the Keep model from the +0 version that's standard for NPC towns to the +5 version (tall castle) so anyone wanting to try out fights around one could do so without any guards present. Other than that Rotter's Hole is exactly the same as before.