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Boots & Gloves?

Looks like Stephen hadn't gotten to the Boots and Gloves yet. There's a note in the design docs that he was considering having them add effects that were triggered when using associated utilities, but he clearly didn't have a chance to work through all that. I'll have to put some thought into it, see what makes the most sense.
Will there be a limit (besides Enchantment Points) on how much of a certain bonus (from enchanting) that a character can stack? i.e. can I stack up a bunch of fire resist or attack bonus?

Good point. There will be a new Enchanted channel, and most of these effects will be applied there and thus won't stack with each other. The only exceptions listed so far are the Encumbrance bonuses, which are intended to stack. On the other hand, only Packs and Pouches can get those bonuses, so you can only equip 2 at a time.
Also, will certain items be limited to only one possible "bonus type"?

Each item will have a list of Enchant Groups, and each enchantment can only be applied to certain Enchant Groups. For example, a Lavish Ring is considered Finger 3 and Ring 3 (the 3 being its tier), while a Silvered Iron Dagger is considered Weapon 1, Dagger 1 and Martial Weapon 1. The ring could be enchanted to a Superior Ring of Protection (Base Defense Bonus) and the dagger to a Thundering Silvered Dagger (adds Sonic damage). However, you can't make a Superior Silvered Dagger of Protection or a Thundering Ring.

Which items are allowed to receive a particular enchantment can range from general (weapons) to specific (shortbows), and in-between (ranged weapons). There won't be coded restrictions, but the initial list tends to group things as follows:

  • Attack Bonuses: Belts, Rings
  • Encumbrance Bonuses: Pouches, Packs
  • Recovery/Regeneration Bonuses: Neck, Rings
  • Resistance Bonuses: Armor, Neck, Rings
  • Profession/Knowledge Bonuses: Hats or Circlets(some use one, some use the other, none use both), Rings
  • Stealth Bonuses: Hats, Cloaks, Rings
  • Damage Bonuses: Weapons
  • Critical Resistance or Hit Point Bonuses: Helms, Rings
  • Defense Bonuses: Helms, Rings, Cloaks

I've simplified things there a bit, but that should give you an overall idea of how the enchantments are spread across different items.
Hi Bob,

So I am getting that some enchants will give bonuses to "skills" (such as those listed on the character sheet) and some will give bonuses to scores like "resistances", "defense bonuses?" and "attack bonuses" (such as those also listed on the character sheet).

Is that correct or not? Will there be some bonuses/scores from those that can't be improved via enchanting?

That's basically correct. Stephen worked up a preliminary list of enchantments that's pretty comprehensive, but I haven't done a full audit to see if there's anything it doesn't cover. In general, the kinds of bonuses provided are pretty similar to those provided by various feats, and a large number of those appear to be covered. The only exception I've noticed so far is that I don't see any that offer a bonus to Power. Of course, there's nothing preventing us from adding more

Once I've reworked the enchantments spreadsheet based on changes we're already planning, I'll post it so you can all see the specific enchantments we're planning to do first. I'm not sure we'll release all the planned enchantments at once, since some may require more work/testing and can be added later as they become functional. My priority is to get the ones that improve refining and crafting skills out first, since we want those out well before +4 and +5 structures are required. They're also some of the most straight-forward to implement and test. Fortunately, once those are working, a bunch of others are similar enough that they'll follow quickly after, hopefully in the initial release. Others may take a bit more time.
What I am unclear on is what the advantage of enchanting a a +4/+5 item versus a +3 item actually is. Do we actually get +4/+5 keywords ?

The keywords would be added regardless of the plus, so there's no big benefit there when enchanting a +4/+5 item. Instead, the benefit comes from the effect, usually a stat boost, where the formula for how much of an effect you get would generally be (ItemPlus x A) + B. For example, a Costume Ring +0 enchanted into a Lesser Costume Ring of Precision +0, assuming A is 1 and B is 3, would provide a bonus to Base Attack of 3. At +3, the bonus would be 6, at +4 the bonus would be 7, and at +5 the bonus would be 8. The biggest bump comes at +0, since B is more than A, and then there are diminishing returns after that, but there are still improvements all the way to +5.

For armor and weapons, the bulk of the upgrade advantage comes before enchanting, purely from the keywords, but enchanting at +4 and +5 does still give you a better result than enchanting a +3. Also, since armor and weapons are likely to add keywords as well, I'd likely reduce their B values in that formula since the keyword is already giving a big boost at +0 that doesn't increase at higher pluses. That would make the effects side feel less like it has diminishing returns, at least in a direct sense, though overall they'd still be diminishing since the keyword side wouldn't be improving.
Here are our initial thoughts on Enchanting. This is still very much in flux, but wanted to get our early thoughts out there so we can more easily make adjustments based on your feedback.

Enchanting recipes (which will require ranks in Spellcrafting and will be added to the standard recipe loot drops) will use a single item from their Valid Enchant Groups as their first ingredient, and the result will be an enchanted version of that specific item. The first ingredient will not count as part of the standard calculation for the final plus of the output, but the final plus of the output must match the plus of the item being enchanted.

Enchanting recipes will use up to 3 other ingredients. The first of those ingredients will be one or more crystals, like those used in the recipes for various charges. The other ingredients will be refined largely from rare raw materials obtained through a mix of gathering (each raw material restricted to a single small area of the map, no gushers allowed) and looting (each item restricted to a single escalation). The final plus of the enchantment will be calculated in the standard way but based purely on those 1-3 additional ingredients, and again must match the plus of the item being enchanted.

Azoth will eventually be allowed eventually be allowed to increase the upgrade of the enchantment from 1 plus below the item being enchanted to the required matching plus, but that won't be part of the initial implementation.

The enchanted item will be renamed based on its enchantment (e.g. a Fine Circlet +3 could be enchanted to a Lesser Iconographer's Fine Circlet +3). It will continue to do everything it did before being enchanted, and will also gain some kind of effect for the character equipping it. The strength of that effect will be based on the plus of the enchanted item (e.g. at +2, a Lesser Iconographer's Fine Circlet might grant 9 bonus points to your Iconographer skill, while at +3 it might grant 10 bonus points). These effects will sometimes have limited maximums based on a character's capabilities prior to enchantments, so that characters can't take too much advantage of tiers and pluses that aren't really appropriate for their current level of advancement (particularly for crafting/refining enchantments that can be easily traded out when starting related projects).

Each enchantment might also add a keyword to the item, which could be taken advantage of by any feats that check that item's keywords (e.g. attack feats would notice weapon enchantment keywords, armor feats would notice armor enchantment keywords, utility feats would notice miscellaneous gear enchantment keywords), and eventually by magic item feats (when they're added).

Enchanted Items will each be worth (ItemTier-1)*6 + ItemPlus + 1 Enchantment Points, and characters won't be able to equip items that would bring their total Enchantment Points above their Maximum Enchantment Points. Characters will be able to increase their Maximum Enchantment Points by training ranks of the new Enchantment Points feat, which will be largely gated by Role Level. Characters could choose to wear just a few very powerful enchanted items, but because enchantments will generally have diminishing marginal returns, they'll usually be better off wearing a greater number of lower tiered/plused items.

Edit 1: The original plan was to allow enchantments to be upgraded up to the upgrade value of the item being enchanted, but the actual implementation requires that enchantments match the upgrade value of the item being enchanted.
@Bob Can't you tie the Help Channel into the General Chat Channel?

Not without a new build, but I'm sure we could do something. I'll add a bug report to look into better ways to deal with the Help Channel, or possibly to remove it for the time-being. This is clearly another area where the intuitive expectation is that posting in a Help Channel is likely to get an instant response, so if we're going to have that channel then we need to give everyone a better idea what to expect when posting there.
Hi Pinpric,

My apologies for not getting back to you more quickly. Judging by the timestamp on your post here, you may not have received the email I sent you in response to your in-game support ticket (assuming I'm doing my time-based math properly). Unfortunately, email can be a bit fickle and it's hard for me to know for sure whether my messages are received or blocked somewhere along the way (email can be very fickle). Admittedly, the response still wasn't sent as quickly as would have been ideal, which is sadly often the case as I try to balance between production work and customer support.

We haven't done a great job of setting expectations for new players on several fronts, and particularly on how quickly you all can expect to hear back from us on support issues. That's something high on our list for those vague "polish" items on the roadmap, but it's getting pretty clear that we need to tackle it soon.

In terms of providing better educational information in-game and elsewhere, that's something we've been working on over time, and I completely understand that new players would expect us to be further along after the amount of time we've been in development. Unfortunately, we had to cut down to a very small development team (myself and Cole) while we were in the middle of multiple features. As a result, the last couple years have been a balancing act of trying to improve the experience for new players while also working through a list of essential unfinished features and high-priority bugs. Again though, that's something we need to do a better job of setting expectations, since that's not necessarily obvious to new players. All of that is something I'm looking to move higher on the priority list.

I'm also sorry to hear that several of the links you ran into were obsolete. It's always tricky for us to make sure that links remain up-to-date, and that's especially true for links in forum posts. However, if anyone points out specific problems, I'll be happy to edit/remove/caveat those links, as appropriate. Fortunately, that kind of thing is easy to fix when pointed out.
It's not so much that we consider those items to be refined goods as that we allow crafting recipes to use pretty much any item as an ingredient, whether it was crafted or refined. Since those items in particular are crafted, they'd be problematic to add to the refining sheet because they use refined goods as ingredients, where all the refining recipes use stocks instead of specific items.

The real trick is that you need to check the recipes on all the refining and crafting pages when walking back through the recipe ingredients. In some cases, this means cycling through multiple times.

I do feel bad about breaking any queries when adding columns to the spreadsheets, and it's something I worry about each time something new needs to be added. In theory I could always add new columns at the end, which would be kindest to those using queries. However, that makes it harder for me to keep things updated (because it means I need to copy and paste more columns out of order) and harder to read for those not doing queries. A very annoying catch-22. There are some other issues that make keeping the public spreadsheet updated a bit tricky, so at some point I need to devote some time to making that simpler. I'll add some comments to my task list for that to think about better ways to support both those querying the spreadsheets and those reading them directly.
While Cole's working on the Friends Lists, I've started looking more deeply into the enchanting system. I've still got a lot to wrap my head around before I can say too much about it, but we're leaning toward a system where Spellcrafters use recipes to take an existing item and convert it into an enchanted item (e.g. converting an Exquisite Circlet into a Superior Jeweler's Exquisite Circlet that grants a bonus to Jeweler). Hopefully I'll have some more detailed ideas to post on that soon, but it's taking a fair amount of research to nail down enough to open up the conversation.

We've also started discussing the roadmap beyond enchanting, but aren't ready to go into any detail on that yet. Partially, we need to get enchanting nailed down before we can devote too much time to what comes next.