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One more thing, and this is tangential to the friends list capability, but it would also be nice to see if settlement company members are online, perhaps by simply highlighting their name on the company roster. They would not be a ‘friend’ but at least you could whisper them to see if they’d like to team up.

We are indeed planning to extend things like online status and a commands UI to other places like company membership lists. Don't want to make any promises on exactly when we'll be able to get to that until we see how long it takes to get them on the friends lists first.
Great start Bob. My one immediate comment is that I would like to also see a ‘global friends’ option that allows you to friend and see a player regardless of which of the three characters they are playing. I may not always be on Maxen, but I’d want certain global friends to be able to reach me and ask if I’d like to group. (This is assuming I interpreted your post correctly that “Each character maintains separate lists…”)

You interpreted that correctly. We're hoping to work an Also Plays As concept into this eventually, but we probably won't be able to get to that before we need to move on to Enchanting. For now, your best bet will be making liberal use of export and import to synch your friends up between accounts.
Here are our initial thoughts for this:

Friends Lists help you keep track of other characters you'd like to interact with regularly in-game, along with providing tools to make those interactions easier to initiate. Each character maintains separate lists for Friends (you both agreed to be friends) and Admirers (characters who asked you to be friends). These lists can be managed by clicking on the new Friends Lists icon at the top of the screen.

On the Friends tab (default), a list of characters you've friended is displayed, along with their online status, settlement membership, company membership and company rank. Clicking on a character will bring up a pull-down menu with multiple choices, including Unfriend (remove each other from Friends), Whisper (opens Chat with whisper command and username prefilled) and Invite (sends invitation to join party). There are also buttons for Add Friend (brings up a new window for entering a character name and sending a friend request to that character), Export (creates a file listing all current friends) and Import (reads a file of character names and tries to friend them as appropriate).

On the Admirers tab, a list of characters who've asked to friend you but you haven't yet reciprocated is displayed, along with whether they're new to the list since the last time it was displayed. Their settlement membership, company membership and company rank are also shown. Clicking on a character will bring up a pull-down menu with multiple choices, including Friend (moves them to Friends and adds you to their Friends), Decline (removes them from Admirers), Whisper and Invite.

Pull-down menus will be added to the top bar where the name of a selected character is shown and to the UI showing party members. These menus will include commands for Friend, Unfriend, Accept Friend, Decline Friend, Invite, Trade and/or Whisper, as appropriate. Friend status will also be added to those UIs so you can tell if you're already friends with each character.

If a character receiving a new friend request is online at the time, they'll get an immediate alert through which they can either accept or decline the request. If a character logs on and has new friend requests since the last time the Admirers list was viewed, then they'll get an alert that links them directly to the Admirers list or can be dismissed.

If a character being friended is online at the time, they'll get an immediate alert that links them directly to the Friends list or can be dismissed. If a character logs on and has new friends since the last time the Friends list was viewed, then they'll get a similar alert.

Friends Lists can also be managed using the following chat commands:
  • /Friend <optional CharacterName>: Sends friend request to CharacterName if specified, or else to currently selected character. Accepts friend request if that person is already an Admirer.
  • /Unfriend <optional CharacterName>: Unfriends CharacterName if specified, or else currently selected character. Declines friend request if that person is already an Admirer. Will also withdraw an outstanding friend request.
  • /AcceptFriend <optional CharacterName>: Accepts friend request of CharacterName if specified, or else of currently selected character.
  • /DeclineFriend <optional CharacterName>: Declines friend request of CharacterName if specified, or else of currently selected character.
  • /ExportFriends <optional FilePath>: Exports the list of friend names to the specified file, or else to a default file.
  • /ImportFriends <optional FilePath>: Imports the list of friend names from the specified file, or else from a default file.


Edit 1: Fixed copy/paste typo saying /DeclineFriend accepted a friend request, when it in fact declines the request. Also, /DeclineFriend won't withdraw an active friend request from you to another person, though /Unfriend will.
A lot of our design decisions about character customization, skill advancement, and combat stem from our focus on making a sandbox territorial-control game, as opposed to a story-/adventure-/quest-driven theme park game. That focus was in turn driven by our goal of producing Pathfinder Online with a much smaller budget than is required by even the smallest of theme park MMOs. We do intend to eventually add more of those content-driven elements, but that's not our initial focus.

That said, it's always interesting to hear where people feel there are various tweaks we could implement that would make the game more appealing to certain audiences without taking away from the features that make Pathfinder Online unique. Most larger changes are very difficult for us to do right now with our small development team, but smaller tweaks can sometimes be fit into our plans more easily.
There are a few other NPC settlements that could be the place to go for this and since Rotter's hole was and is the only NPC settlement folks can go if their rep is tanked.
So Rathglen, Ossian's Crossing, Marchmont, and Kindleburn would make better choices for it instead of Rotter's Hole and since Marchmont and Rathglen are the only two NPC settlements that are reasonably in the centre of the map, they would make better choices for folks wanting to see it.

It depends on what the purpose is for placing the +5 Keeps out in the world. If it's just so people can get a look at them and see what it feels like to run around in them, then I could place them in any or all of the NPC settlements, at least temporarily. Alternatively, I could just make sure there are a bunch of them on Zog at the player settlements, which is probably already the case. If not, that's extremely easy to fix.

If the purpose is to have some battles around them with your Live characters, then Rotter's Hole makes a lot of sense because it's low security and has no NPC guards that would get involved.

I don't think that I would really worry about NPC and Mobs as they don't chase far into Sett hexes anyway. Now if there are or were plans for that to be different some time in the future (totally awesome in the right cases) that would matter more.

The settlement guards are the main NPCs to worry about around settlement walls. We tended to put them at all the gates, so they were right there to start popping over the walls. Of course, they rarely got triggered, so it wasn't a huge problem, at least no worse than what happens if they get triggered near structures inside the settlement. If that was the only issue, we probably would have left them in. I think there were also some performance issues with that many models, and some other visual anomalies we still needed to work on. All solvable, but we felt it wasn't worth the time until walls really made a gameplay difference.
Oh, and before we added Line of Sight, you could just fire through the walls anyway. Now at least that part would largely be taken care of, though again, NPCs and mobs would just run right over them while players would have to respect them. Not exactly fair.
We had walls for settlements early on, and even had walls at a lot of the encounters. Unfortunately, the NPCs just bouncing over them all the time was not a good look, so we removed them until we have a chance to do some significant work on the pathfinding AI. It was also one of those things where walls around the settlements looked pretty cool, but forced everyone to enter and exit through the gates. That's pretty cool when it's also serving an important defensive purpose, but when it's just making it harder to enter and exit, it's much less appealing. So again, we didn't really worry about prioritizing walls until attacking settlements directly became more of a thing, and thus forcing attackers to break through the walls/gates and enter through those chokepoints became important.
Garric Orcsbane
Zog might be a good place as well.

We usually have Zog running the exact same build as Live, and all the NPC settlement structures are effectively part of the build. We certainly could make a special build as an experiment, particularly if we look into it further and decide we really don't want to do something like this on Live, but it would probably be more work overall to make that special build than it would be to just make the change as part of an upcoming build, then roll it back as part of a later one, since builds always have a fair amount of overhead.
What about Rotter's Hole?

That could work, particularly since there aren't any guards or mobile NPCs to cause problems. I'll file a feature request to look into it when I have a chance.