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Depending on difficulty to implement and an update of the roadmap to OE, I would like to see an enhancement of the personal Vault that will tell me what I have stored in vaults in other settlements. If not specifically what is in vault, at least where I have items stored. I think it's reasonable to expect that my characters would remember where they've stored items. Obviously their driver has a difficult time remembering to update spreadsheets…

This is definitely something we want to look into, but it will be a little tricky to implement.
Added that settlements won't automatically pay weekly upkeep if already shut down for insufficient DI. We didn't want to waste a settlement's resources if it was just going to be shut down anyway. Fortunately, settlements can pay their upkeep manually at any time as of EE 15, though they probably shouldn't do so until the DI situation is resolved.
These are the Preliminary Release Notes for Early Enrollment v15.1. We deployed a Final Candidate for EE 15.1 to the Test Server on Thursday, May 17. We plan to deploy EE 15.1 to Live during Daily Maintenance on Monday, May 21, assuming that it performs well during testing.

What Is In This Release

This release adds Settlement and Company Messages so Settlement and Company Leaders can set messages seen by all members whenever they log in, or immediately if they’re already logged in. New Guild Codexes were also added, made from any combination of Rogue, Expert or Freeholder Expendables, allowing the Guild House Structure Kits to be made without depending on only Rogue Expendables. As always, multiple other improvements were made to various systems in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience, particularly where features added in EE 15 needed some polish or bug fixes.

Full Release Notes

Settlement/Company Messages:
  • Settlement and Company Leaders can set messages that are shown to all members each time they log in during the message's duration. They’re also shown to all members logged in at the time the message is set. The messages are displayed in all the chat tabs and an alert is also displayed above the chat window.
  • The UI for setting these messages is available from the Company Window by clicking Edit and then selecting the appropriate UI from the pull-down menu. The message duration can be set from 1 to 72 hours.
  • The chat commands /SetSettlementMotd, /RefreshSettlementMotd, /SetCompanyMotd , and /RefreshCompanyMotd can also be used to manage these messages. Refreshing the message extends the message’s duration by its original duration, or makes the previous message active again for its original duration. Refreshing doesn’t post the message to users who are currently logged in, since its primary intent was for extending the duration of messages that those members should have already seen.

  • The recipe for Guild House Structure Kits now calls for Guild Codex Collections, which are refined from Guild Codexes, which are crafted from Rogue, Expert and Freeholder Expandables in any combination. For the next month, anyone who has excess Rogue Codexes or Rogue Codex Collections can arrange for a trade to the Guild equivalents by contacting
  • Shops at Crafting Studios are not limited by the settlement’s Auction House tier/upgrade restrictions.
  • Settlements that are shut down for insufficient DI will re-activate immediately if enough structures are downgraded or torn down.
  • Settlements won't automatically pay weekly upkeep if already shut down for insufficient DI. Upkeep can be paid manually at any time, but probably shouldn't be done until the DI situation is resolved.
  • Holdings scheduled for destruction that day will first try to pay their upkeep. If they succeed, they will be reactivated instead and avoid destruction.
  • Taxes are collected properly at new holdings that don’t yet have their vaults initialized.
  • Outposts no longer remain overrun for an extended time if they are captured on the final day of the 3-day PvP window.
  • Training taxes are rounded up. They may be a little too aggressive about rounding up in some cases where the tax rate should have resulted in an exact coin cost that didn’t need rounding, which we’re working on fixing.
  • Settlement and Company Leaders can use the chat command /GetHousingInfo to log out information on all their buildings and structures.
  • Town criers don’t appear if their settlement is shut down.
  • Outposts display a model when being torn down.
  • Multiple visual anomalies were fixed on various structures and upgrades.

  • The Bonedancer Standards for the Boot Camp event are easier to right-click and destroy.
  • Multiple props had their collision models lined up better with their visual models.
  • More typos fixed in Finding Your Path.

  • Fixed an edge case where ammo containers could be overloaded.
  • Guards at NPC settlements were moved inside the settlement hex so they’d avoid teaming up with outpost or holding guards from the neighboring hex.

  • Gaps removed from the Allies list on the Company Window.
  • Message in Upkeep Management Window when upkeep is paid but settlement remains shutdown for insufficient DI was clarified.
  • Auction House warnings for tier/upgrade restrictions on sales and bids were combined into one warning, and unneeded warnings about durability restrictions on items that don’t take durability damage were removed.
  • Removed the unnecessary chat command usage message that appeared in the chat window whenever the company statement was edited.
  • Removed “null” text from the end of outpost resource generation warnings when the outpost is upgraded above the holding.

Edit 1: Added that settlements won't automatically pay weekly upkeep if already shut down for insufficient DI.
Regular mobs DO go after each other in escalations, once in a while.

Most of the time, this is because the mobs from each encounter form their own teams, and then one of the mobs from team X does an AoE that catches one of the mobs from team Y. At that point, the current rules do call for them to aggro on each other, since we don't have anything coded in to handle cases where we'd like mobs from the same escalation (or of the same type, or from the same tribe, or some similar concept) to treat each other as friendly.

There are also some edge cases where mobs from the same encounter get left out of the initial team formation and wind up on different teams. Fortunately, those are pretty rare.
So possibly something like a player character is friendly with one group of guards (say the holding group) then attacks a Thornguard from the other group (either deliberately or with an accidental AoE) causing the two groups to be in opposing aggro camps.

Possibly, though there should be other restrictions to keep that from happening. It's very hard to tell whether this is an edge case where the rules we designed result in odd behavior, or whether this is just a particular circumstance in which things aren't quite operating as designed. Hopefully I'll be able to replicate it pretty easily when I get a chance to look into it further, but that depends on just how specific the circumstances are for making this happen.
Technically, when a guard gets triggered, they team up with any nearby guards that aren't already on a team. As a result, it's not too surprising that the guards from an outpost are team X and the guards from the holding are team Y. However, it is a little surprising that they start attacking each other. It doesn't look like they do any AoE attacks, so they can't accidentally hurt each other, and I don't think they should notice each other beyond that. I'll probably have to run some tests with some of our AI debugging turned on.
Speaking of the shop, what on earth do the various adventurer's cottage do ? Do you get a random buff when you buy it that is different for every cottage or do we just not know what the buffs are before we buy?

Here are the specific buffs for each cottage:

  • Cleric's Cottage (Divinely Inspired): History +30, Planes +30, Divine Attack Bonus +5, Negative Resistance +5, Holy Resistance +5, Psychic Resistance +5, Speed +5%
  • Wizard's Cottage (Arcanely Inspired): Arcana +30, Planes +30, Arcane Attack Bonus +5, Fire Resistance +5, Cold Resistance +5, Electric Resistance +5, Speed +5%
  • Fighter's Cottage (Martially Inspired): Dungeoneering +30, Geography +30, Heavy Melee Attack Bonus +5, Ranged Attack Bonus +5, Physical Resistance +5, Psychic Resistance +5, Force Resistance +5, Speed +5%
  • Rogue's Cottage (Roguishly Inspired): Local +30, Nature +30, Light Melee Attack Bonus +5, Ranged Attack Bonus +5, Physical Resistance +5, Acid Resistance +5, Sonic Resistance +5, Speed +5%
  • Miner's Cottage (Minerally Inspired): Miner +15, Base Attack Bonus +3, Base Defense Bonus +3, Speed +5%, Encumbrance +10
  • Forester's Cottage (Botanically Inspired): Forester +15, Base Attack Bonus +3, Base Defense Bonus +3, Speed +5%, Encumbrance +10
  • Dowser's Cottage (Essentially Inspired): Dowser +15, Base Attack Bonus +3, Base Defense Bonus +3, Speed +5%, Encumbrance +10
  • Scavenger's Cottage (Scavengingly Inspired): Scavenger +15, Base Attack Bonus +3, Base Defense Bonus +3, Speed +5%, Encumbrance +10

The store definitely needs some work, but sadly that's a little sideways and off to the right of where we're focused. The work we need to do is just on the Account Page you go to when you click My Account. That may extend to some of the sub-pages you link to from there.
We need to do some work on the Account Pages, so now's a good time for us to consider other fixes that would be easiest to do while we're already mucking around in there. If any of you have run into things that have bothered you on those pages, particularly things you found unintuitive or difficult to work with, post here or send email to so we can discuss the issues and look into solutions.
Something that might tie into your idea about spreading AHs out more, Buy Orders are essentially Contracts that are available to be picked and fulfilled. If they could be expanded to include "Kill X number of Ys, for reward Z"…and even more complex, You are already halfway there.

We certainly saw Buy Orders as a very small stepping stone towards Contracts. It's not clear how much code they could share as we added things like "Kill X" to them, or whether Auction Houses would be the best place for managing them, but there's definitely some potential with sharing concepts like setting aside some money for paying off the Contract and that kind of thing.

Players might find it more useful to have many more such "locations" around. You do need incentives. Why would I hire players from outside my group to kill 10 Ogres for me? example.

Location is going to be an interesting question when we do get to these. Will we want special buildings that can be placed out in the wilderness so characters can collect their rewards more easily? Is part of the point driving characters to settlements, so we want them to collect their rewards there? Definitely going to take some thought.

In terms of incentives, one of the main things we intended originally was that settlements would very much want to keep their nearby hexes cleared of escalations. We had multiple things in mind, like cutting into bulk resource production in infected hexes, monsters attacking buildings or even settlements, and just generally having bad things happen to settlements if nearby escalations remained unchecked. Sometimes settlements would find themselves needing a little help and would offer up bounties for helping battle specific escalations, or even just to reward their own members when they choose doing what the settlement needs over doing what they personally need.

Not directly "PFRPG" except in the way of readily available side quests and tasks for players…

This is one of the trickier parts of this discussion. Making the game more "Pathfinder" doesn't necessarily mean directly bringing over something from the tabletop experience. If you feel that one of the essential experiences in tabletop is the feeling of side quests and player tasks, then contracts and bounties can be a way for us get some of that feeling that works well for a sandbox MMO.

However, there are plenty of things that would make Pathfinder Online a better game, but aren't necessarily about making the game more "Pathfinder," or at least not obviously so. At first glance, adding water to the game doesn't have an obvious connection to how "Pathfinder" the game feels, unless your tabletop games spend a lot of time figuring out how to cross rivers and streams. On the other hand, if a huge portion of the draw is the flavor of the River Kingdoms, and if it's too difficult to reconcile that with empty streams, then it does become important. Then again, I could also just write more into the backstory about a mysterious drought that started recently.

What I'm particularly interested in is the "why" part for things that folks feel would make the game more "Pathfinder." Understanding that makes it possible for me to think about other ways of meeting that need that might be easier to implement or more appropriate for our style of game.