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Would it be of help if I go back threw the forums and post links of the various threads where this subject has been repeatedly brought up and debated? (Lots of good ideas in many of those past conversations…smile

Assuming those older posts aren't clearly obsolete (i.e. already added to the game) or beyond our potential scope (e.g. dungeons), then reminders of previous threads would definitely be helpful.
We've talked about doing some things like this, and there are definitely existing systems we could take advantage of to make something happen with reasonable effort. It would still involve a fair amount of work though, and thus those ideas have tended to lose our regularly-scheduled priority battles in favor of things like enchanting.
It's always possible we'd get lucky, but I'd be surprised if it took us less than 6 months of focused work, and unsurprised if it took quite a bit longer. There's just too much stuff we did on top of the engine that would need to be rethought to make it compatible with Unity 2018. And all that work is just to get things working pretty much the same as they are now. Really taking advantage of the opportunities the latest version of Unity offers would require even more work, some preferably on the art side. On the positive side, it would set us up nicely for a number of improvements, but we'd be going a long time before we could deliver something noticeably better than the current game, and a long time before we could get back to working on other unfinished systems.
Unfortunately, even the work we're already aware of in upgrading to the latest version of Unity would require investing a significant amount of time and resources. Throw on the uncertainty inherent in any major engine upgrade and it's unlikely we'll be able to look into upgrading any time soon with our current resources.
Bob can you clarify the dates when we need to upgrade structures to +3, +4 and +5 in order to maintain level 20 training?

The start date is May 1, and the number of "months" is calculated as the number of days since May 1 divided by 30. So, starting on the following dates, a structure at the listed upgrade will operate like a +5 (in terms of facility rating and trainer level) as long as the settlement level is at the listed level:

May 1: Structure +2, Settlement Level 19
May 31: Structure +2, Settlement Level 20
June 30: Structure +3, Settlement Level 19
July 30: Structure +3, Settlement Level 20
August 29: Structure +4, Settlement Level 19
September 28: Structure +4, Settlement Level 20
October 28: Structure +5, Any Settlement Level

A lot of the reasoning behind adding this soon is that we have a lot better luck holding on to new players who get really involved with a company/settlement, and this feature should make it a lot easier for companies/settlements to get their new members more involved. Messages could remind new members to sign up on guild web sites, help organize times for everyone to log on, suggest escalations for members to work on, remind members of particular resources to focus on gathering, and just generally make it easier to provide purpose for your members.
Here's what we're thinking for this:

On the Company Window, after leaders click on Edit, the pull-down menu on the UI for Vault Permissions, Settlement Access and Taxes would have 1-2 more options added. All company leaders would have a Company Message option, and leaders of founding companies would also have a Settlement Message option. Under each of those options, leaders can set a text message and a number of hours (maximum 72) for that message to be shown to members. Clicking Save Message will switch the company to that message and start the timer. If a message was set previously, the window will start off displaying that message and its original duration, as well as the amount of time remaining (if any).

When the message is set, any company/settlement members online will see the message in chat. Members will also see this message displayed in chat when they first log in while the message is still active. We also hope to display the message over each character's head briefly, though we'll have to do some work to shorten the overhead message enough to display nicely, and to make sure the message doesn't disappear before newly-logged characters can see themselves.

Hey Bob. Have you made a call on which social feature you will throw on the workbench first? smile

We have indeed just come to a conclusion on that, based on feedback (here and elsewhere) and some internal considerations like implementation difficulty, dependencies and crossover with other needed work. We may be able to get to more than these before moving on to enchanting, but here's what we want to tackle first:

In-Game Company/Settlement Messaging to Members: Previously referred to as Message of the Day or Daily Messaging, the important point here is providing a way for company/settlement leaders to create a message that all members will see each time they log in, and immediately if already logged in. We want to tackle this first partially because it's the easiest one to get done quickly, and we'd like to roll it into a 15.1 with some other fixes we've already worked up. I'll start a separate thread for crowdforging the specifics of this.

Friends List: Clearly a popular request, and easier to implement than Social Companies. We'll tackle displaying Online Status as part of this, and may include Also Plays As if we have time (since that makes it much easier to manage Friends Lists across multiple characters, and makes it easier to find your friends if they're playing on an alternate character). I'll start a separate crowdforging thread on this after we nail down the specifics on Company/Settlement Messaging.

Forum Private Messaging: Once the other two features are finished up, we'll take a look at this and see how feasible private messaging is. There may be an add-on to the third-party forum code we're using, or there may be some easy adjustments we can make ourselves. If it's more complicated, then we'll just leave this until we're able to look at integrating with the forums.
As an aside, when I stated that it's okay for certain builds to be significantly more effective under certain circumstances as long as other builds are significantly more effective under other circumstances, I was somewhat understating exactly how asymmetric our balance is intended to be. From a purely PvP perspective, our design goal is to have clerics generally defeat fighters, who generally defeat rogues, who generally defeat wizards, who generally defeat clerics. There are variants that play around with that, but overall that results from whether a build dishes out more physical or energy damage, and whether a build better resists physical or energy damage. A side-effect of this is that rogues will generally feel like fighters are overpowered if they meet them in PvP regularly, wizards will feel the same about rogues, and so forth.

This carries over to PvE in that clerics will generally do much better against fighter-style mobs than will others, and particularly better than rogues. For any given mob type, some builds should do better against it than others. In turn, we expect that players with a build that's particularly effective against certain mobs will actively seek out those mobs. As a result, other builds watching those builds regularly do well against those mobs may feel that the build is overpowered, but they might just not be seeing how badly that build does against other enemies because the player is avoiding those other mobs as much as possible.

If a particular build defeats every other build in PvP, that's a problem. Same if it's better against every type of mob than any other build. However, it still seems like most of these potentially problem builds still have plenty of situations they're much less effective in, both for PvP and PvE, and find themselves regularly dying under those circumstances.
On a slightly unrelated note can we at some stage get a scripted shutdown that broadcasts a 3 minute warning or some such in general.

Definitely something we plan on doing at some point, just need to fit it in with all the other priorities. Of course, squeaky wheels and all that, so I'll bump this up a little bit.