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Everything is looking good for deploying EE 15 to Live tomorrow. That will mean big changes for all the player settlements right after Daily Maintenance, as their keeps disappear and all their existing structures change appearance down to the actual +0 versions (generally similar to those in Marchmont and other small NPC settlements). Be prepared!
Question about Fees/Taxes. We will have the tools to set these at certain percentages but even if set at 0%, will there still be existing minimal Fees/Taxes? If so will this be universal for all types of Fees/Taxes, just some, or not at all?

Taxes always go on top of any existing fees. For example, the original 5% sales fee at auction houses still exists, and the money spent on that fee still disappears into the void. If you add a 7% sales tax on top of that, then the seller will turn over 12% (5% + 7%) of the proceeds of the sale. However, 7% of the proceeds will go to the settlement, and 5% will simply disappear. The same goes for training costs. The original coin costs are still there and still just disappear, and the training taxes are paid on top and now go to the settlement. The mule and crafting taxes are new, so the only charges there are the taxes, and they go to the settlement.

Of course, at NPC settlements, the taxes effectively just disappear, since they're just going to NPCs.

Our plan is basically to only give cost controls to players where the resulting coins are meant to go to those or other players. For example, you set the price of items you put on the auction house (since you get most of the money back), the settlement sets the tax rate (since they get to keep the taxes), and we devs set the sales fee (because that disappears into the void). We do plan to add more taxes over time for players to control, and probably more fees for us to control as well.

If a tax is set to 0%, then no tax will be collected. But again, if there are existing fees like sales fees and training costs, or if we ever add new ones, those will still be collected as coin sinks regardless of the tax rate.
The Final Candidate is dead, long live the Final Candidate! The new build is up and running on Zog and everything is looking promising so far. If our luck holds through another day of testing, we'll deploy to Live on Friday.

Correct. I called them mentors at the player housing to draw a distinction between them and the regular trainers since they don't always offer the same feats as similarly-named trainers.
We've got a new build up and running on our internal servers and I'm testing it thoroughly right now. Several bugs were fixed, and we also took advantage of the additional build to get in taxes at holdings. Many of the fixes didn't require mentions in the Preliminary Release Notes because they just made things already listed work correctly, but I did edit the OP to reflect the new holding taxes, a new start date of May 1 for the settlement level structure bonus calculations, and a quick fix that made mentors accessible at Spellcrafter's Studios.

Assuming this build does well on our internal tests, we still plan to deploy it to Zog this afternoon, and then hopefully to Live after Daily Maintenance on Friday, April 20 at 9-10 AM Pacific.
I've been contemplating some changes to the production values that would help with both mixed-resource hexes and with outposts that pull from multiple resources. As part of that, I'd already been thinking it's okay for outposts that pull from multiple sources to add up to more than 100% since it's really mathematically impossible produce resources efficiently if they're restricted to a 100% total. Just have to find the right numbers to keep that from being too efficient. However, I'll need to make some decisions about the system as a whole before spending too much time making adjustments that I might have to rework if additional changes get made.
Back in the dim distant past when melee range was tweaked it was indicated we would also likely see a corresponding increase in the range of ranged weapons especially 20m weapons like wand, focus and shortbow.

(currently a spear using melee fighter can pretty much charge any ranged user give or take a few meters and is only a few steps away from attacking a 20m ranged weapon user without bothering to charge)

Stephen Cheney
It's probably worth looking at increasing standard 20m ranges a bit, given the increase in melee range. But that will likely come with a corresponding increase in creature perception range (which is also currently 20m).
Is this still on the list of things to look at or has this been abandoned.

I think that was just something Stephen was keeping in the back of his mind for upcoming balance passes. Since you brought it back up, I've added a feature request to our database to remind me to give it some consideration when I have some time.
Sooo … just to clarify.

The changes will allow a sanctified attack to be trained at DEX or STR of 18, depending on the attack type, once you have WIS 20?

Traditional attacks on the same weapon however will still need STR or DEX at 20?

For example a WIS 20 STR 18 character will be able to take his Firewhirl (sanctified attack) up to T3/level 6, but will still not be able to train Whirlwind (non-sanctified normal attack) to T3/level 6 until they get STR 20.

That is ultimately correct, though I only changed the requirements on the Proficiencies, which I did because the related sanctified attacks were already set to STR/DEX 18 and WIS 20 at rank 6. Since they also required the related Proficiency, they wound up requiring STR/DEX 20 unintentionally.
We need to roll out another Final Candidate, but Cole's been out with the plague and hasn't been able to make the necessary fixes and prepare a build yet. However, it looks like he's finally recovering and will be back in the office Monday, so I'm tentatively scheduling us for Zog on Wednesday, April 18 and then for Live on Friday, April 20. I'll edit the Preliminary Release Notes to reflect that.
Heavy Blade, Light Blade, Hammer and Polearm Proficiency 3 allow STR/DEX 18 and (STR/DEX 20 or WIS 20), as appropriate, to meet their ability requirements.

So, this means you can have these combinations (as appropriate) to meet the requirement:

STR 18 and DEX 20
STR 18 and WIS 20
DEX 18 and STR 20
DEX 18 and WIS 20

Not quite. Each proficiency only mentions one of either STR or DEX, so if you're using DEX 20 you ignore STR, and if you're using STR 20 you ignore DEX.

To be more explicit, here's the requirements for the specific proficiencies:

Heavy Blade, Hammer and Polearm: STR 18 and (STR 20 or WIS 20), logically equivalent to STR 20 or (STR 18 and WIS 20)
Light Blade: DEX 18 and (DEX 20 or WIS 20), logically equivalent to DEX 20 or (DEX 18 and WIS 20)

To look at it more like your list, here are the combinations that work, some of which aren't so much combinations as just single ability scores:

STR 20 (Heavy Blade, Hammer and Polearm)
STR 18 and WIS 20 (Heavy Blade, Hammer and Polearm)
DEX 20 (Light Blade)
DEX 18 and WIS 20 (Light Blade)