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All posts created by Bob

If it's devil fever or demon flu, better ask for Iomedae for the job of removing it.

At this point, an other-worldly origin is becoming more and more likely. Best to just call on all the deities and hope one of them can deal with it. Then again, they probably don't want to catch this either, so it all depends on what they can do from a safe distance.
Apparently Sarenrae hasn't seen fit to intervene on Cole's behalf, or perhaps Urgathoa decided to intervene in the other direction, hard to tell with these fickle deities. Once he's recovered, it should only take a day or two (fingers crossed) to put together another Final Candidate and deploy it to Zog. I hesitate to make any predictions on when that will be, since whatever crud is going around these days has knocked some others out for a week or more, so I'll just say that the deployment dates to Zog and Live are TBD for now.
Perhaps there should be a "Stand and Deliver" rogue expendable that essentially 'stuns' a character. A high Recovery score (I believe that would be the appropriate counter) or some spell or feat that would 'shrug off' the effect would counter the effect.

Maybe this already exists. I really haven't explored the rogue expendables. Just a thought.

We were thinking very much along these lines. I don't think anything quite right exists at the moment, but there are some definite possibilities here.
Unfortunately, we found a particularly bad bug on Zog this morning, so we'll need to deploy a second Final Candidate for more testing before we can go to Live. I've updated the OP to say that we're shooting for Wednesday on Zog and Friday on Live. However, there's some added uncertainty here because Cole's out today with some form of plague. Hopefully it's just a minor plague and he'll be back in to fix the problem tomorrow. This year's been pretty nasty disease-wise though, so any of you in Sarenrae's good graces might want to put in a good word.
Another quick edit to the OP, this time clarifying that upgrading a structure doesn't allow 4-for-1 trades, so you need to have the exact bulk resources available. This is only about upgrading a structure that is currently below its max. Updating the max provides a free upgrade, avoiding the issue, and settlement-wide upkeep still does 4-for-1 trades both during weekly upkeep and during pro-rated upkeep to re-activate a shutdown settlement.

We'll look into adding 4-for-1 trades here when we get a chance, but this will usually involve fairly small amounts of resources, at least on a settlement scale. If you're that low on a resource, you'll be burning through a lot of something else when the next weekly upkeep payment hits, and are probably better off waiting until you have at least a bit of that resource available anyway.
I certainly agree that it's too easy right now to just run into a High Security hex and avoid combat that a person opened themselves up to by adventuring in a lower-security hex. Some way of recognizing that a character (or an encounter with that character) was previously under lower-security circumstances could help.

We could potentially add a "Just left an X security hex" flag to a character and have it last a certain amount of time. That would work best if the goal was to make the character vulnerable to everyone else for a little while.

Alternatively, we could add a "Just left an X security hex while still in combat" flag to a character and have it last until the character exits combat. That would be most appropriate if the goal is just to maintain vulnerability while combat lasts.

If part of the problem is that pursuit makes it difficult to maintain the combat state, or even to apply a combat state in the first place, then we could look at some relatively simple ranged crowd control utilities that made it easier to keep someone in that state, perhaps something that triggered the combat state to last another 60 seconds instead of just 12.

Flags like those, with timers or other conditions for applying and removing the flags, aren't too hard to implement. It's just a matter of coming up with the right rules for the flag and making sure that they really solve the underlying problem.
What is the timer to exit combat and does it stay in effect when crossing a High Sec border? Having thought about it, maybe it is a good answer.

It takes about 12 seconds to exit combat after the last hit or attack (or any other event that refreshes the combat state). I'm pretty certain it is properly preserved when switching hexes.
I edited the OP to reflect any additional/adjusted changes between EE 14.3 and EE 15. There were several other bug fixes made that would only be meaningful for those who encountered bugs (or just less polished features) while checking out the original EE 15 build that went up on Zog last week.

Here are the main edits to the OP:

  • Placing Infrastructure or updating its maximum will immediately generate DI. However, upgrading Infrastructure will not generate additional DI until the next Daily Maintenance.
  • Building Management Windows will close automatically when upgrading, downgrading or updating the maximum on a building.
  • Listed various ways that structure were edited during this pass.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes required a character to set a map pin before being able to place Player Housing.
  • Clarified that the Auction House temporary mitigations only affect the tier/upgrade restrictions. The auction duration is set purely by the structure's upgrade and gets no temporary benefit from a higher settlement level.
We've deployed the Final Candidate for EE 15 to Zog. I'll be updating the Preliminary Release Notes shortly to reflect any changes we've made for this build.
Just changing the base trainer/support level from 8 to 9 would probably be pretty easy. There'd probably also be some work figuring out other things that affected, like parts of the tutorial quest that currently tell players they need to go to player settlements for trainer level 8 feats, which might require a little reworking to really make sense. Still, all in all not likely to be a huge amount of work.

Of course, a new player doesn't currently have to join a settlement to get those feats. They just need to go to a player settlement that allows unaffiliated characters to train, and they have to pay a small surcharge for training beyond their support level. However, since those would only be at most one rank beyond what they have full support for, they'd still get to round up to support those new ranks. That said, they do have to leave the safety of Thornkeep.