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All posts created by Bob

FYI, this is fixed in 14.3.
FYI, this is fixed in 14.3.
Now can we talk about Lodestone and having a 100%, bottomless lodestone hex right near Ozem's Vigil? It seems that is not one of the things that you guys are not going to change without being asked. smile

Interesting, I hadn't noticed the number of T2 resources that had at least 1 super-abundant hex. Not the majority of them, but more than I would have thought. I was expecting to see some high percentages for the T1 resources, since they're super-abundant in the T1-only hexes, so the high numbers didn't stand out all on their own, only when you look at them in comparison to tier. I'll file a bug report to look at limiting that, or having it happen more often/evenly, or more likely some combination of both.
In fact, many times things get changed when zero people make a request, which would be infinitely wrong if decisions should be made based purely on the amount of feedback we receive. However, it's not as much about the amount of feedback as it is about what we find when we look into that feedback.

In this particular case, the issue was pointed out to a compelling enough degree that I took a closer look at the demand curve for resources. It quickly became obvious that structures hadn't been added in yet, nor had enchanting. I figured out a way to add them in relatively easily, so I did and Pine was definitely underrepresented.

Another thing that had been mentioned was that Pine didn't seem to have any hexes where it was easily gathered, whereas most other resources tended to have at least some hexes where they were a good percentage of what could be gathered there from a particular node type. Since I was already adding more pine and a few other resources, I figured I'd tackle that distribution at the same time.

Also, all these fixes were purely content, making them safe and relatively easy to implement.
We've got an initial build of a 14.3 with increased Pine and some other fixes up on our internal server. If it looks like a Release Candidate after today's testing, we'll put it up on Zog later today. If not, we should have something ready for Zog by early next week. With a little luck, we should be able to release 14.3 to Live sometime next week.
Congratulations to Aragon and Fort Ouroboros for clearing the fifth and sixth Over the Crowns! Just 4 more to go and everyone getting +3 structures for clearing Stages 6 and/or 7 will get +4 versions as well!

In addition to the cleared Stage 7's, 1 more hex made it to Stage 6 and 2 more each to Stage 4, for a total of 5 hexes cleared.

There are now 3 days left to clear 10 Stage 7 escalations, which at this point only requires getting another 4 hexes through Stage 7. Alternatively, to clear 20 Stage 6 escalations, we'd need to get another 10 hexes through Stage 6, 7 hexes through Stage 5, and 2 hexes through Stage 4. Today's the last day that's technically possible, and it would be quite a challenge to actually clear 19 high-end hexes in 3 days.

Here's the total numbers that made it to each stage:

  • Stage 1: 36
  • Stage 2: 31
  • Stage 3: 26
  • Stage 4: 23
  • Stage 5: 18
  • Stage 6: 13
  • Stage 7: 10
  • Finished: 6
Sure would be neat to have a central monster hex that was a constant progression hex with this same idea and a 1 week cycle…..

or even a random "floating location" for each spawn of such a hex.

Had some related thoughts, and will throw some feature requests into our database to look into it when we have a chance. Would definitely require a bit of code, as there's nothing in our system right now to launch escalations in any particular order, but there are probably some options that wouldn't be too difficult.
It was in the original plans to be able to check prices on AH's all over the world. Ryans argument was, that if this was not possible through in-game means, it would not be long before an out-of-game app/website would be developed where you could check prices (once the game would have gotten enough traction).

It was even said that you could actually buy remotely in another AH: after all, abadar credit is a global virtual (and unstealable)currency anyway. It is the transport of the actual Goods to the place where they are needed, that is supposed to be the vulnerable part of trading. As in danger of PvP.

There was talk of how buying remotely could be a function of a high level AH or a high level Crafters skill: that sort of thing. That would be a feature that is more difficult to emulate in an out of game app.

All still stuff we'd like to do eventually. If we do eventually allow remote purchases, likely we'd just treat them like we do bids and have the purchased goods automatically moved to the bank. That way the goods themselves would still remain in the hex they were sold in, only the Abadar credit would transfer magically.
So you are saying that even though the original calculated Bulk totals (+ any extra brought in through times when the "ring" is technically broken) are used up then the Building Destruction Phase begins. However, extra Bulk(uncountable for progress calculation) may be there and still count for Settlement upkeep at Target Settlement level or as close as can be maintained?
In other words, the settlement may reach the Building Destruction Phase but may still be of higher level(for this phase) than a settlement without remaining Bulk reserves… ?

Am I grasping that right? smile

That is correct.
All right, looks like this is finally pretty well nailed down, so I'm scheduling Settlement Warfare to start after Daily Maintenance on Monday, January 22. I've edited the original post to reflect that, and I'll get a blog post up with the final rules soon.

I've also made some minor edits to the last bit about claiming the settlement after defeating it. There had been a TBD phrase in there suggesting that you'd have to holding the neighboring hexes with holdings and outposts for a certain number of days, but I've streamlined that so that claiming a settlement, whether abandoned or recently defeated, always simply requires a group (can be more than 1 company working together) having 1 active holding and 2 active outposts in each of the neighboring hexes. The victors from a siege get 1 week where they're the only ones that can build in those hexes, so they have a distinct advantage on making that claim.

Also, if the victors don't manage to claim the settlement within 2 weeks (or just decide not to), then the buildings to be destroyed will be chosen at random, but I'll leave the other buildings in place so that anyone claiming the settlement later can choose to repair them for the same 1 gold coin each, or can just let them fall down.

All that's reflected in the original post and will be included when the blog post goes up.